10 Amazing Things Siri Can Do That You Probably Didn’t Know


Though many people don’t consider Siri to be very functional, it has grown to be one of the iPhone’s distinguishing characteristics. While some of this might be attributed to voice recognition’s limits, most iPhone users are unaware of all the numerous things Siri is capable of.

It’s simple to think that Siri is only useful for phoning contacts and obtaining directions, but nothing could be further from reality. Here are some of the most unexpected Siri uses that can elevate your virtual assistant experience.

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1. Determine the Tip


Due to its integration with Wolfram Alpha, Siri can solve a variety of math issues. Simply tell Siri what issue needs to be resolved, then wait for it to respond with the solution.

Therefore, simply ask “What is 10 percent of 500 dollars?” if you want to calculate a 10 percent tip on a $500 payment. Additionally, you might specify different currencies or even convert between different currencies.

However, Wolfram Alpha enables Siri to perform tasks other than simply calculating tips. Siri can handle almost any math problem you throw at it as long as you know how to ask it. This involves calculating a number’s square root, drawing exponential graphs, or even figuring out a basic shape’s volume.

2. Identify individuals based on your relationship with them


Everyone is aware that Siri may be used to calling people, but using someone’s full name when you often refer to them as Mom or Dad feels awkward.

You might be shocked to learn that Siri can be taught your interpersonal relationships. After that, you may make advantage of those connections to give Siri more conversational voice commands, such “Hey Siri, call my dad” or “Hey Siri, call my boyfriend.”

If you don’t inform Siri, it won’t know who your father or lover is, which could be the reason why Siri isn’t currently able to locate those connections.

However, all you need to do is tell Siri, for instance, “Hey Siri, Jay Brown is my father,” and she will add that information on the pertinent contact card.

You must have a contact card for yourself on your iPhone for this to function. My Card should be visible at the top of the Contacts app. If it doesn’t, add a new contact card and personalize it by going to Settings > Siri & Search > My Information.

3. Find a Restaurant and Book a Reservation


When you use Siri on your iPhone to search for meals, she can recommend nearby eateries based on your preferences. Simply ask Siri to locate an Indian restaurant, takeout, Italian food, or any other type of meal you’re craving.

Afterward, instruct Siri to reserve a table by saying, “Hey Siri, book a table.” After confirming that reservations may be made at the restaurant, Siri will offer to place your reservation over the phone.

Siri can even book reservations for you via the OpenTable app. To test this out for yourself, download OpenTable from the App Store and create an account. The next time you want to reserve a table at a supported restaurant, Siri can handle everything without you having to interact with live humans.

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4. Play trailers and check movie showtimes


Maybe everyone believes it would be fantastic to see a movie after having supper with pals. What, though, should you watch? To find out the showtimes in your area and learn about your movie alternatives, ask Siri what movies are now playing.

Siri can even play movie trailers for you if you’re still having trouble deciding what to watch. Requesting the movie’s trailer through Siri. Siri will immediately locate and play the trailer if the movie is relatively recent.

If there are no trailers available on the websites Siri obtains them from, the voice assistant won’t be able to find any either. Even before choosing a movie to download on your iPhone, you might use the trailers to make your decision.

If going to the theater is not an option or you just don’t want to leave the house, this is a wonderful substitute.

5. Keep Your Commands Private


Speaking to Siri in public can be a little uncomfortable if other people can overhear your entire back-and-forth exchange with your iPhone. You might even receive more sour stares for doing it than for wearing Bluetooth headphones in a crowded elevator.

Don’t worry, though; Siri also allows for covert communication. Your iPhone’s Siri is set to Automatic by default for Spoken Responses, which means it will utilize the device’s internal logic to decide when to talk. Going to Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Responses > Spoken Responses will allow you to verify this once more.

However, you can enter Silent mode and prevent Siri from speaking aloud by using the Mute button on your iPhone. Additionally, you can maintain confidentiality by using the Type to Siri option, which can be accessed by navigating to Settings > Accessibility > Siri.

6. Search for Particular Websites


You’re probably aware that Siri has a web search feature. When Siri is unable to interpret your initial command, it frequently tries this. However, you may ask Siri to specifically search the web as well, saving you from opening a web browser and manually entering a search query.

You can tell Siri to look up [your search phrases] online. You might also say “Search Bing for [your search terms]” if you’d want to utilize a certain search engine.

Specifying the specific website you wish to search for is another technique to reduce the number of results. Your default search engine results are displayed when you type in “Search for the American Revolution.” However, if you say “Search for the American Revolution on Wikipedia,” the precise Wikipedia entry will appear in its place.

Furthermore, this strategy is not limited to Wikipedia. You may search many more websites as well, however, Siri might ask for the precise URL for some less popular ones.

7. Learn how to pronounce Your Name Correctly


Although Siri is always becoming better at picking up new phrases and commands, she may still have problems correctly pronouncing people’s names. To be honest, actual people also frequently pronounce names incorrectly. Siri at least has a permanent memory for the correct pronunciation, which is more than we can say for the majority of people.

Ask Siri to learn how to say your name by saying “Hey Siri” or try teaching it another person’s name. Once you’ve said that person’s name, Siri will mimic your pronunciation of the name. Each time, you have a selection of a few alternative pronunciation possibilities, making it simple to fine-tune Siri’s voice.

Once you’ve taught Siri how to pronounce someone’s name, it will always remember that pronunciation. By saying, “Call me Mr. Goodie,” or any other monikers you favor, you can also use the same approach to change what Siri calls you.

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8. Roll a Die With Any Number of Sides


Whether you’re playing Dungeons & Dragons for the first time or you lost the die in your favorite board game, Siri can make rolling dice much simpler than doing it yourself.

Because this command is so thorough, it’s one of the most unexpected things Siri can perform. Depending on what you need, you can ask Siri to roll a standard die, a 3-sided die, a 20-sided die, or any other size. In comparison to flipping a coin, Siri will respond promptly with the answer.

This command can be used to facilitate board game night or to support you in making tough choices. The more conventional approach for the latter choice, though, maybe to ask Siri to flip a coin.

9. Discover a Song Using the Lyrics


You undoubtedly already know that you can ask Siri to play particular music, but did you know that you can also ask her to find a song without giving it a name? If you can only recall a few lines, using this method will save you time compared to manually entering the entire song’s lyrics into Google Search.

Additionally, Siri does all the work for you, including playing the music in the Apple Music player, in a fraction of the time, making this method far superior to utilizing lyrics to search for a song on Apple Music.

Simply ask Siri to “play a song with the lyrics,” then speak the lyrics that come to mind. For instance, asking Siri to play a song with the words “I got my peaches out in Georgia” will cause Siri to play Justin Bieber’s Peaches.

Just in case it didn’t exactly understand your request, Siri displays more choices below the player that might be relevant to your search.

10. Search for Tweets


Nowadays, reading through your Twitter feed is one of the most popular ways to stay current with international events. It goes without saying that you can achieve it in a matter of seconds because the method is extremely simple.

However, occasionally you might want to check Twitter when you’re cooking or distracted by anything else. Fortunately, you can tell Siri to look for you.

Siri will display a list of pertinent links to tweets if you simply ask it to search for someone or something. To open them on Twitter, simply click on them.


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