10 Best Coloring Apps For Adults

What at first seems trivial could quickly become your favorite activity. Yes, people do experience that kind of change as a result of using adult coloring apps. Above all, they are affordable, inventive, and stress-relieving.

You’ve arrived at the ideal location if you love the arts and find great joy in coloring, drawing, and painting. Additionally, don’t just leave right away if you’re none of the things we just said. How come adult coloring books are such a big deal?


When looking through Instagram and Facebook causes us FOMO and worry, we don’t always want to stay in touch or be updated; sometimes, we just want to get away. Adult coloring apps can be useful in this situation. You can relax, focus more, sleep better, deal with stress and anxiety, and have superior vision and motor abilities thanks to them.

Apps vs. Traditional Coloring

These are the main aspects of the apps that I have observed:

  • Unlike traditional coloring, I don’t need to get the books and colored pencils out. I don’t always appreciate having materials all over the place.
  • Compared to books, pencils, markers, etc., it is significantly less expensive. All of these applications have a free version if you’re searching for a cheap hobby. I discuss how some reviews are better than others in each.
  • When you’re bored and don’t want to use Facebook or another app, these apps are ideal for waiting rooms, DMV lines, and other situations.
  • They STILL calm me down. Yes, it’s on a screen, but I can still close my eyes.

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1. Happy Color

Although it’s referred to as a “color by number” “game,” this is more of a “choose the color and then fill in the relevant region by tapping it” exercise. However, that shouldn’t detract from the opportunity for mindless coloring provided by this game.

Sometimes you want the colors chosen for you rather than choosing them yourself. Just fill up the spaces as needed. And using this software, you’ll do just that.

There are 15,000 free designs available in more than 15 categories, including mandalas, animals, flowers, places, and more. Disney, Marvel, and a few more well-known characters are also present.

Additionally, it extends beyond simple hues. You’ll occasionally color with ombre, and other times you’ll color using a pattern. There is no need to think about it because the software will decide it for you. It’s quite calming.

I looked around the program to see where I might pay, but the only option I could see was to remove advertisements for $7.99. When I went into different coloring pages, there were a few full-screen adverts, but they weren’t too annoying. If you don’t mind advertising, I believe this program to be free given how much you get for nothing.

2. Pigment

This is the closest thing to actually coloring that you can get, and this adult coloring app is great. By swiping your finger over the screen, you may select brushes that let you *really* color, unlike any other apps.

If you wish to, you may choose an eraser to remove some of the color as well as a coloring “brush” that provides you the actual coloring experience in addition to filling in regions as the other applications do.

There are many palettes available for free, and each palette has nine colors. You can choose from a large number of colors thanks to the at least 20+ free palettes that are available right now.

A free seven-day trial of premium access is available. It costs $4.99 per week or $59.99 if you sign up for a full year. You’ll have access to more than 6000 pages, expensive brushes, premium color schemes, and fresh books every week. You must have a premium subscription in order to remove the watermark from your artwork.

3. Chroma

This app has so pleasantly surprised me! Numerous apps have, as I previously stated, evolved into color-by-number games. Although I also adore it, this is one of the purist coloring apps that I adore.

There are currently 18 free pages available, and a subscription will give you access to hundreds more. But here’s the thing. The pages that are offered for free appeal to me.

They provide you with a link to inspiration in a gallery as well as a brief recommendation for how to color an image as soon as you open it. However, that isn’t the best aspect.

The fact that you have seven tools and brushes, which is now difficult to find in any other software, is the nicest aspect. As part of it, you have a freehand marker that you may use to draw or highlight wherever on the coloring sheet, not just where the app instructs you to.

There are backdrops and templates you may color and draw freely over. You can even import your own artwork (and I could color on those without paying).

You’ll need a subscription to access the real delights, but this one is the most affordable and offers the best value of all of them.

A subscription costs just $.57 a week ($29.64) if you join up for a full year. You will receive a ton of new pages, many colors, the ability to create and save your own palettes, and more special material for that fee.

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4. Coloring Book for Adults

This app will be welcome if you’re looking for a free coloring book. Only occasional adverts are there; there are no subscriptions or in-app purchases. In comparison to some other apps, it’s not awful. In order to access some photographs, they additionally request reviews.

I adore this app since there are a ton of pages within each of its over 30 categories of free pages. Mandalas are beautiful, and there are many of them.

A decent balance of straightforward and intricate designs is included. So in theory, this would be a nice app if you wanted to color some pictures yourself and then have your child do the same.

The colors of this software are one of its main drawbacks. The palette (which is free) has 168 colors, however, it lacks fancy brushes, tools, and other extras. Which is fine for some folks. This will be a fantastic alternative for you if all you want to do is fill in some places with color and don’t go wild.

None, for the subscription. not through apps. It is entirely free.

5. Coloring Book

This was like a breath of fresh air after reviewing so many coloring book apps! The little French bulldog emblem in the app store is what initially caught my attention to it. When I opened it, I saw how stupidly easy it was.

With more than 25 free pages, you’ll have access to a wide range of brushes and colors. Although there aren’t many photographs, this software is genuinely free. Nothing can be purchased at the moment. And you’re free to color as much as you like.

The best technique for selecting colors is to use a color wheel, of which there must be over 100 to accommodate whatever hue you require. Although there aren’t many fancy effects, this is what makes it appealing. It is completely free and rather simple. I did state that it is absolutely free.

No subscription service is currently available. Although few, there are advertisements.

6. Color Therapy

Of all the adult coloring apps, this one has the artwork I love the most. The categories—Classic, Seasonal, Animals, Art, Fashion, etc.—appear straightforward, but the drawings are seriously fantastic.

There are also words, holidays, peacocks, sea life, famous paintings, cityscapes, women, and dreamcatchers. These resemble pictures you may see in a real coloring book very much.

You may choose to color each free drawing either “freehand” or “by number”; the choice is entirely yours. Both the Basic Solid and Basic Gradient palettes come with a ton of free colors to use as a starting point.

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Along with featured recolors by artists, there are voting-based challenges and competitions. This app has a lot going on, which is one of the reasons I like it so much.

If you subscribe to VIP All Access, you receive 8000+ more designs, colors, brushes, and other things in addition to getting rid of the commercials. $5.99 a week, $9.99 a month, or $59.99 a year are the prices for this.

7. Super Color

The same problem I have about many of these coloring applications applies to Super Color, a fantastic color-by-number app: there are much too many adverts. If only you’ll view a few advertisements, you can access pretty much whatever you’d like to attempt.

Having said that, I enjoy looking at the pictures. I particularly enjoy the categories that feature images of nature, animals, flowers, mandalas, mysteries, foods, and even some quotes. I enjoy coloring phrases, and the pictures that come out are cute!

You can alter the effects of your shading and save your work. Additionally, you may disable “auto pick color” so that YOU choose the colors rather than the program. The color choices they’ve made have me feeling generally pleased.

Many users claim that this is the only color-by-number software they would pay for in the comments and ratings.

You can subscribe for 1 month at $9.99, 3 months at $23.99, or 1 year at $69.99 in order to acquire the Premium. With the exception of hints, all images are unlocked (which annoys me a little). When sharing, the watermark will also be removed.

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8. Adult Coloring Book Color Page

Okay, there is only one free drawing in this app. And to receive it, I had to view a video ad. But the art in this app is the main reason I’m including it in this review—I adore it. It has a strong anime influence.

You’ll get a ton of outstanding artwork if you decide to activate the membership. Because the illustrations are so intricate, you’ll be able to color for many hours. This is the app I would choose if I had to choose one to subscribe to.

With the best tools of any app, there are hundreds of hues. There are many things you may do to customize and individualize the drawing since you’ll receive a variety of brushes. You may add galaxy effects, ombre your hair, etc. I’m awestruck.

You must pay $4.99 weekly, $7.99 monthly, and $49.99 annually to get the delights. With this, you may import as much as you like, erase the watermark, and get rid of all the advertising and effects. Start with a seven-day trial and let me know your thoughts after that.

9. Adult Coloring Book

This adult coloring app is intriguing because it is made to resemble small coloring books inside the app.

There are a few free designs in each category (Flora, Mandala, Fauna, Holiday, Animals, etc.), and a ton more are accessible with a subscription.

Additionally, a complimentary daily design is accessible for 24 hours. I appreciate how each “book” has a link that says, “Get Inspired,” which leads you to a gallery where you can see how other people have colored that particular design.

In case you get stranded, it’s nice. Additionally, you can color a design numerous times and save it in your book (as shown on the left). The way they present it is quite intriguing, and I enjoy it.

You’ll begin with a basic palette of 24 colors termed “Essential” in terms of color scheme. It’s clearly insufficient, so you need either subscribe or go through the hassle of downloading a few extra palettes (you can like the app on Instagram, share drawings, etc). Sincerely, I still feel that they do not provide me with enough freebies.

You must pay $4.99 per month or $22.99 annually to join Adult Coloring Book Plus. You can choose to take a free weeklong trial.

10. Recolor

Since my initial assessment, this software has undergone significant changes. The entire purpose of this app is to persuade you to join up for a premium subscription. Let’s talk about the artwork first before we discuss that.

There are several options, some of which are extremely basic and some of which are quite detailed (words, mandalas, people – and some odd ones like a rabbit being pulled out of a hat).

The color schemes are lovely, and depending on the drawing, you have the option of gradient hues, but here’s the catch. Every time you want to access a free page, you have to view a movie beforehand. I abhor it. The only other choice you have is to subscribe.

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As a result, I would only suggest this program to dedicated colorists. The cost of the subscription is high.

There is a 7-day free trial for Recolor Premium. You can pay either monthly ($29.99) or annually ($89.99). You have access to more than 5000 photographs with this subscription, plus fresh ones every day. Also included are no advertisements and access to all palettes and effects.

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