10 Best Free Online Courses for Adults in 2023

Free online courses can be a practical method to pick up new skills and sharpen ones you already have. In rare circumstances, they might even serve as a prerequisite for professional certification or academic degree. Online courses continue to be a valuable resource for distance learners who aren’t located close to an academic institution that provides the course they’re interested in and have shown to be especially helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is simple to acquire top-notch knowledge from business experts through free online courses without having to commit to a fixed schedule or pay university-level tuition. Due to the fact that many of them don’t have any official entry requirements, they are also a suitable choice for novices.

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What to consider in the Best Free Online Courses

Free online courses are a fantastic resource for studying, but it’s vital to pick the one that’s appropriate for you because they come in a variety of lengths and styles. We compiled this list of the top free online courses based on a variety of criteria, such as how long they take to finish, how flexible they are, and what prerequisites are needed. You might also want to take into account things like which mobile devices they are compatible with.

Popularity: Every course on the list has had a significant number of students attend it, many of whom have written excellent reviews. Over 1,000,000 students have registered for the most popular courses on our list, while other courses have at least a few thousand students.

Time to finish: The length of a course is a crucial consideration as well. We concentrated on courses that ranged in length from a few hours to a few months, and we shied away from programs that demanded more time than that.

Flexible timetable: You may learn at your own pace with free online courses, which is one of its most alluring features. You can study at night or on the weekends because we’ve chosen classes with flexible scheduling, and you’re not required to participate in live streaming or video conferences.

Prerequisites are necessary: We concentrated on programs without formal prerequisites. In some circumstances, previous knowledge of IT or computer programming is advised.

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Here are The 10 Best Free Online Courses For Adults:

1. SBA Learning Center

Free Online Courses

Through its SBA Learning Center, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) provides a plethora of information for aspiring, brand-new, and experienced business owners.

Three categories plan Your Business, Launch Your Business and Manage Your Business are used to classify this collection of no-cost online courses. In addition to more complex topics like how to sell your business and hire and keep staff, courses also cover more basic issues like how to draft a business plan and funding possibilities.

Find courses for you and your staff that will help you comprehend and develop the elements of running a successful business.

2. Coursera

Free Online Courses

Thousands of free courses from renowned and reputable colleges are available through Coursera. If you want to take college-level classes but don’t want to spend the money to enroll in a university, here is the place to go. Most of the time, these free courses don’t count toward degree requirements. These classes, however, are equally difficult and gratifying as those taken in a collegiate setting.

Coursera provides reasonable solutions whether you want to acquire an online master’s or bachelor’s degree in business, data science, public health, or another field.

You can choose courses to advance professionally, improve your resume, or move one step closer to your dream career in Coursera’s extensive course catalog.

3. Learnthat.com

Free Online Courses

Adults can access free online tutorials from Learnthat.com in the following four categories: technology, personal finance, lifestyle, and business. Learnthat.com offers a variety of video and text-based courses that teach useful life and business skills to assist you in reaching your objectives.

Although the tutorials tend to be quick in comparison to other course options, they are a wonderful place to start. For instance, business owners might research the benefits of incorporation or learn how to conduct performance reviews. You’ll find a good foundation of the website and social media marketing strategies on the technical side. Additionally, Learnthat’s personal finance classes are a terrific place to start if you’re just starting started with money management.

4. Learn 2 Type

Free Online Courses

The ideal spot to brush up on your typing abilities in today’s technologically advanced environment is Learn 2 Type. Use this website to assess your present typing speed and gain free access to typing instructions.

Beginners and those who can type but want to increase their speed and accuracy will find this to be an excellent resource. It features instructions for Learn 2 Type for Kids and Typing for Tots and is excellent for both adults and teenagers.

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5. YouTube Educational Channels

Free Online Courses

Rich learning resources may be found for free on YouTube, including curated educational channels and hidden treasures you could find when browsing the platform’s selection.

You may use the YouTube search function to find hundreds of results on any topic. Although you might have to sift through some dubious videos, the platform has many certified instructors and specialists. Find public speeches and lectures from colleges as well.

Crash Course, one of the top YouTube educational channels, has instructional videos on topics like entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, and World War II. Videos on the Ted-Ed channel simplify complicated subjects for viewers to comprehend. If you love the outdoors and the environment, you must watch the National Geographic channel.

For those with an interest in learning, there are countless educational alternatives.

6. Free Code Camp

Free Online Courses

Free Code Camp is a fantastic resource with a community of programmers if you’re interested in learning how to code. Build projects, gain certificates, and learn how to code. There are tens of thousands of videos, interactive coding classes, articles, and a vibrant community forum that provides project comments, career guidance, inspiration, and other things.

According to Free Code Camp, over 40,000 of its graduates have pursued jobs in technology with organizations like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Free Code Camp is an excellent place to start if you want to change careers.

7. Duolingo

Free Online Courses

Learning a new language is easy, user-friendly, and intuitive with Duolingo. You compete against the time as you complete projects, receive points for correct answers, and remain motivated with prizes thanks to its gamified instructional approaches.

34 hours of Duolingo training are equal to one semester’s worth of college language study, according to the company, providing evidence that its approach is effective.

It is free to utilize Duolingo on its website or through its iOS or Android mobile applications. If you want to get rid of the advertising, upgrade to Duolingo plus.

8. FutureLearn

Free Online Courses

Although FutureLearn’s offerings are comparable to those of Coursera, it is simpler to identify ways to advance your professional growth thanks to FutureLearn’s user-friendly design. To improve your management style, enroll in a leadership or communication course online. Take classes to boost your teaching abilities and profession. For better work possibilities in the medical industry, you could also pursue healthcare training.

It costs nothing to enroll in or use a course. To apply for course credits toward a degree or to receive a completion certificate, however, you will have to pay a fee.

9. Harvard Online Courses

Free Online Courses

Make your goal of attending Harvard University a reality. Anyone can enroll in Harvard’s excellent selection of online courses, many of which are free. With the help of the online education platform edX, free courses are offered.

Explore courses in Business, Education & Teaching, Health & Medical, Social Science, and other fields. You can select the options to take beginning, intermediate or advanced lessons, and the courses range in length from one to 12 weeks.

When you see a free course that piques your interest, click Take Course to sign up for the course and an edX account. If you want a certified record of your course completion, get a Verified Certificate. A variety of paid courses are available at Harvard Online Courses, with prices starting at $30.

10. Kadenze

Free Online Courses

Kadenze focuses on teaching math, science, technology, engineering, and the arts. A remarkable variety of courses are available, including topics like using machine learning in music and art, comic book creation, and museum teaching.

Create a free account to get started, then browse the course catalog by subject and skill level. Learn at your own speed by enrolling in a variety of courses for free, or upgrade to a premium membership for $20 per month to enroll in as many courses as you like, get grades and feedback, turn in assignments, and create a portfolio.

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