10 Best Free Word Processor Alternatives to MS Word

These open-source word processors can be a fantastic replacement for Microsoft Word. Using one of them will save you hundreds of dollars because several are free and contain features that are remarkably similar to those of Word.

Create, edit, and print documents using any of the free word processors listed here. Many of them allow you to open and edit Word documents, spell-check your writing automatically, use a variety of free MS Word templates, make tables and columns, and do a lot more.

The first options on the list are our best choices for free word processors. These offer the most features, so we advise looking at them first to determine whether they’ll meet your word processing requirements. The majority of them should be able to do almost everything that Microsoft Word can.

1. WPS Office Writer

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The WPS Office suite, formerly known as Kingsoft Office, has a word processor named Writer that is simple to use because of its tabbed interface, straightforward layout, and clear menu.

Spell checking is done automatically, as you would anticipate from a reliable word processor. The option at the bottom makes it simple to turn spell check on and off.

Writing in Writer is completely distraction-free because of its full-screen mode, two-page layout, and menu hiding option. Even a viewing mode that tints the page’s background a bluish-green tone is available to guard against eye damage.

Additionally, you may utilize built-in templates, add custom dictionaries, read/write to popular file types, add a cover page and table of contents, encrypt documents, and quickly examine all the pages of a document from a side window.

Since Writer is a component of the WPS Office software, you must download the entire package to access it. Windows, Linux, Mac, and portable devices can all use it (iOS and Android).

2. FreeOffice from SoftMaker

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A free word processor called TextMaker is one of the included tools in the office software suite SoftMaker FreeOffice.

You are presented with the option to choose the ribbon menu or the conventional menu layout as soon as you launch this word processor for the first time. You have a choice, and you can activate the touch mode feature as well.

Beyond the typical word processor functions, the menu is rationally arranged and includes choices for creating footnotes, chapters, and eBooks in addition to exporting to PDF and EPUB.

In addition to many other features, this free word processor allows you to preview documents before opening them, keep track of changes, write comments, add objects like Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides, and use shapes.

A wide range of document file types, including those from Microsoft Word, OpenDocument, plain text, WRI, WPD, SXW, PWD, and others, can be opened by TextMaker. This word processor exports to common file formats like DOCX, DOTX, HTML, and TXT as well as file types unique to this program when you’re ready to save (e.g., TMDX and TMD).

FreeOffice must be downloaded in order to use TextMaker, however during setup you can decide whether to install the entire package or only the cost-free word processor. Running on Windows Server 2008, Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7. Additionally supported are Linux, Android, Mac 10.10, and above.

3. OpenOffice Writer

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With all the functionality it needs, OpenOffice Writer can be found on any list of top word processors. Additionally, the program has a portable version that you may install on a flash drive to use when on the road.

A large number of widely used file types are supported, along with easy-to-use wizards for writing letters, faxes, and agendas. Additionally, automatic spell checking is incorporated.

You may rapidly transition between adding images from the gallery and modifying page attributes, styles, and formatting using a side menu window. You may even undock these settings to give yourself extra space for writing while maintaining easy access to crucial tools.

You must download the entire OpenOffice suite to your computer even if you’re only downloading Writer, similar to WPS Office, which tops our list. Even if you only want to utilize the Writer tool, the portable option requires you to remove the whole office suite.

4. WordGraph

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The majority of the functions you’d expect to find in a word processor are included in WordGraph, but it also contains some special tools.

WordGraph can create PDFs, make a table of contents and index, access data on cloud storage services like Dropbox, and add elements like graphics, charts, tables, and illustrations to a document.

Although a spell checker is provided, it cannot be used in live mode, therefore you must manually run it to check for errors.

Unlike some of these other word processors, WordGraph can be downloaded separately from the SSuite Office program to which it belongs.

WordGraph is compatible with Windows PCs, but it may also be used on Macs and Linux systems with the right add-ons.

5. AbleWord

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The architecture of AbleWord is really straightforward, and it enables editing and saving to a variety of common file types. It looks fantastic and is really simple to use.

The only thing that sets AbleWord apart from similar software is that you can use it to import text from PDF files into the document and that it is free of unused buttons and confusing features and settings.

Spell checking is built-in, however, you must manually utilize it because it does not detect mistakes on its own.

This program is still fully functional today as a free word processor even though it hasn’t received an update since 2015 and is therefore unlikely to do so anytime soon or ever.

If you have Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, you can use AbleWord.

6. AbiWord

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A free word processor with built-in spell-checking and standard formatting features is called AbiWord. The menus and settings are clearly labeled, well-organized, and easy to use.

Live, real-time collaboration is made possible by the ability to exchange papers with others and have the changes reflected automatically. AbiWord supports common file formats such as ODT, DOCM, DOCX, and RTF.

An equation editor, grammar checker, web dictionary, Google Search and Wikipedia integrator, translators, and file format compatibility for DocBook, OPML, ClarisWorks, and others are just a few of the optional capabilities that can be enabled or disabled during setup.

The print preview feature of this application differs from that of most other programs in that you must open the preview as an image in a photo viewer that is not included with AbiWord.

Windows users can still use AbiWord, but only through the download URL provided below because it is no longer accessible on the program’s official website. Linux users may also use it, but only through Flathub.

7. Jarte

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A tabbed design on Jarte’s free word processor keeps all open documents conveniently accessible on a single screen.

Common file types are supported, Jarte may be configured to save documents automatically every minute to every 20 minutes, and numerous word check dictionaries can be installed during setup.

When you launch Jarte, the previous file you were working on will instantly open. This is a convenient feature that most of the other programs on this list do not offer.

Unfortunately, the spell check function is not automatic, and it can be challenging to understand the program as a whole. Windows XP users can get Jarte for Windows 10.

8. WriteMonkey

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The purpose of WriteMonkey, a portable word processor, is to offer an interface with as few distractions as possible so that you may concentrate solely on writing.

Only when you right-click the document in WriteMonkey are all of the menu options displayed. From there, you may perform a variety of actions, like switching between focus and normal mode, copying all text, opening dev tools, and more.

Free word processing software for Windows, Mac, and Linux is called WriteMonkey.

9. RoughDraft

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RoughDraft is another free word processor that targets creative authors. You may move between different writing modes, including Normal, Screenplay, Stage/Radio Play, and Prose. It supports RTF, TXT, and DOC (from Word 2010-97) files. It also offers automated spell checking, and shortcut buttons for almost all commands, and supports writing in RTF, TXT, and prose.

The file browser that is available on the side of the software window makes it simple to open and edit files from your computer. You can keep up to 100 files open at once in RoughDraft because new files open in their own tab.

This word processor’s inability to receive new features in the future is one of its drawbacks because the creator stopped developing it after the release of the most recent version in 2005. Additionally, the file must have been created in Word 2010 or an earlier version, even though the DOC file type is supported.

10. FocusWriter

word processor

FocusWriter and WriteMonkey are comparable to each other in that they are portable and have a simple user interface. You can run the software in full-screen mode to block off any other program windows, and it automatically hides any menus and buttons to prevent them from being seen.

FocusWriter supports simple formatting options including bold, strikethrough, and text alignment. To create unique themes, you can also change the line spacing, color, page margins, and background and foreground text.

Documents can be opened and saved in well-known formats such as DOCX, ODT, RTF, and TXT. Rich text documents might import into FocusWriter as plain text, rendering them utterly useless.

FocusWriter has an alarm and allows you to set objectives for your typing, such as typing a certain amount of words or typing for a specific amount of time each day.

Because it is updated far more frequently than some of the other free word processors on this list, you can be confident that new features and/or security updates are made available as frequently as they should be.

Linux, macOS, and Windows all support FocusWriter.

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