10 Best Gym Bags For Men

gym bag for men

One easy way to make exercise less of a bother and more of a delight is to begin your routine by packing one of the best men’s gym bags.

A nice gym backpack is more than just a functional hold-all for lugging sweaty gear around town. The best gym bags are made to make your workouts easier, more effective, and more pleasant.

A reliable exercise bag can make the difference between an average and excellent workout session, regardless of whether you’re training for your fifth triathlon of the year, trying to become a professional bodybuilder, or following the Couch to 5k training plan.

If you have a pocket designed specifically for your protein bars, you are much less likely to forget them. Or perhaps a compartment for towels and a padlock so you won’t have to pay extra when you get there.

The greatest way to keep that post-workout high is to take a nice hot shower and put on new clothes. In order to keep clean clothes and your tracksuit separate, you need a bag with a space for each.

Here are the top 10 gym bags for men, ranging from hard and durable to expensive and luxurious. Additionally, there are several affordable choices that are ideal for taking to work or school.

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1. Monarc: Overall Best Gym Bag For Men

gym bags for men

The Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack features a chic style and incredible functionality, and best of all, each bag is manufactured from 50 recycled plastic bottles. If you’d rather carry this duffle workout bag on your back, it can be transformed into a backpack. It has a special shoe compartment if you prefer to keep your sneakers somewhere else and is completely water-resistant.

The Monarc Settra’s practical design and adaptability earn it the title of best men’s gym bag overall. Since the bag has TSA approval, you can use it as a carry-on duffel bag when you travel. You may, if you like, move directly from the gym to the office thanks to the dedicated 17″ laptop pocket, additional padding, and anti-static materials.

If you wish to use personalized compression packs, laundry bags, or pouches to organize your daily necessities, Monarc also provides special discount prices.

2. Harber London: Best men’s luxury sports bag

gym bag

Reconsider your belief that gym bags cannot be fashionable. This expensive leather workout bag from Harber London is a brilliant example of how to dress up a practical tool. If you sweep through the door with this over your shoulder, 90% of the gym will be staring at you.

This luxury gym bag, which comes in black and chestnut brown, will get your endorphins pumping even before you start working out. A huge double pocket and a zippered pocket are also present inside.

The same excellent full-grain leather that the company is known for is used to create the bag in Spain. If you desire complementary accessories, take a look at the exquisite quality men’s wallets or Apple Watch straps from Harber London.

Its 27-liter capacity is ideal for holding your gym gear and grooming necessities. Its small size allows you to bring it with you to work or client meetings outside of the office without it obstructing your personal space. The bag is cabin-friendly as well, so you could use it on rest days to go on a getaway weekend.

3. Alpha Industries Crew Duffle: Best Small Gym Bag For Men

gym bag

In the market of small gym bags, Alpha Industries’ nylon duffle bag is setting the standard. For those who want a training companion that won’t cause any issues on public transportation, the lightweight gym bag is the best option.

This bag, from the company best renowned for producing some of the top bomber jackets for men, can easily change from a traditional duffle bag to a backpack without pausing.

Although the Alpha Industries Crew Duffle is compact and streamlined, you can still fit your gym clothes and a small laptop inside. You can store any necessary items, like gym and ID cards, in the external zipped pocket for quick access.

The bag can be neatly packed away for storage at home because it is constructed entirely of nylon, a durable and lightweight material.

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4. Montblanc Sartorial Duffle Bag: Most stylish gym bag for men

gym bag

People who care about fashion should be able to exercise without giving up on cutting-edge style. It’s all made possible by Montblanc’s Sartorial Duffle, one of the greatest high-end gym bags.

This bag will enhance your appearance, fit seamlessly into your workout routine, and may even inspire you to exercise more regularly thanks to its cross-grain leather corners and jet-black exterior.

It reflects a level of quality and craftsmanship that is unmatched, just like everything Montblanc makes. Combine with a set of luxurious headphones, and you’ll discover that you actually look forward to perspiring. Yes, we also didn’t believe it was feasible.

This classy duffle bag’s fabric is water- and scratch-resistant, so you can be sure it will survive for a very long period when carrying a hefty load.

Ready to head to the cocktail bar now that your workout is over? Add your favorite bomber jacket and some jeans and a casual roll-neck to the ensemble. You spent the previous hour panting on the treadmill, but nobody will ever know it.

The Sartorial is arguably one of the most fashionable gym bags and is properly titled. And it would be negligent of you to pass up the chance to take it out again during a last-minute vacation or business trip.

5. WolfWarriorX: Best large gym bag

gym bag

The WolfWarriorX Gym Bag rises to the occasion. A company with a name like WolfWarriorX can be trusted to produce a tough and unfussy carry item. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this is one of the best men’s workout bags.

It’s also the best large gym bag on our list, making it perfect for anyone who needs to transport a lot of accessories like jump ropes or resistance bands. Two side pockets with zippers are available for storing items like phones, keys, and even an iPad.

Following that, there are four main storage compartments for all of your workout attire as well as an additional side section that can be expanded to hold dirty clothing or shoes. If your preferred form of workout involves a lot of muck and filth, this is ideal.

It looks quite sleek, especially when it’s in tan or camouflage. a bag made for men who power through endurance exercises without even breaking a sweat.

Prepare to feel the burn by improving your performance with the WolfWarriorX. Additionally, it will work flawlessly as a travel bag when you spend weekends fishing or camping.

6. Nike Brasilia: Best value gym bag

gym bags

Nike’s Brasilia Duffle Bag is one of the best-value men’s gym bags. Thanks to its generous size, dependability, and comfortable handle, this champion of the workout hold-alls exceed all other gym bags.

This gym bag, which comes in medium and large sizes, offers enough for all your belongings, including a swimsuit, goggles, and a huge assortment of toiletries for refreshing yourself after a strenuous workout.

It is constructed of strong, machine-washable polyester with a weather-repellent coating that blocks wind and rain. Therefore, this bag won’t let you down even if the weather does.

You have a number of zipped pockets on the outside for easy access to necessities, and inside there is a sizable compartment for your clothing, equipment, and shoes in addition to two extra pockets for added organization. Every all-star athlete is aware that without organization, you won’t succeed. A variety of colors, including black, navy, and grey, are offered for the bag.

The perfect training companion for men, this bag lightens the load so you can maintain your active, healthy, and happy lifestyle. You’ll be strolling into the early morning exercise session like it’s nothing at all.

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7. Tom Ford: Best Leather Sports Bag For Men

gym bag for men

Tom Ford, an American luxury brand, always strikes the ideal balance between elegant design and edgy statement items. With two leather top handles, a removable shoulder strap, and premium zip closures, this Buckley Holdall leather duffle bag is a stunning leather gym bag. With excellent genuine leather, the bag is manufactured in Italy.

8. Adidas Alliance II Sackpack: Best School Gym Bag

gym bag

You need a gym bag that is affordable and not too bulky if you want one for school. While in class, the Adidas Alliance II can fit under a desk and still have room for all of your training equipment and a water bottle.

We must admit that the elegance of this bag initially drew us to it. One of the originals, this workout bag is recognizable. Additionally, there are numerous color schemes from which to choose.

Additionally, this bag satisfies all practical requirements. It has a mesh water bottle compartment, sturdy cord straps that make it simple to unzip, and an external pocket with a zipper where you can put your phones, keys, and ID cards.

This bag will work well whether you intend to use it for cycling equipment, football gear, or simply tote a pair of stylish sneakers for after school. It can easily fit beneath the front seat of an airplane as well as inside a locker.

The Alliance II is the ultimate low-maintenance workout bag, and elite athletes frequently use it. It’s time to focus some elite energies.

photo01 97

adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack, Almost Blue/Onix Grey, One Size

  • Easy cinch opening with durable cording
  • Zippered valuables pocket to hold your phone and small stuff
  • Bold 3-stripe brand read

9. Bellroy Transit: Best New Design For Gym Bag

gym bag

The modern gym goer requires a bag that is just as future-oriented to assist them to stay focused on the goal. The Bellroy Transit Work pack is a bag that completely embodies modern style.

The bag has enough room for all of your training gear, a Dopp kit, and your laptop. It has two pouch pockets, a front zipped pocket, and an inside zipped pocket and these features. Additionally, it has a dedicated, top-mounted, soft-lined sunglasses pocket that is away from the crush zone.

You may fully open the main compartment for simple access to your exercise attire and equipment. Additional meshed compartments are inside for organizing your belongings. The backpack comes in three sizes, so you can choose the one that works best for your training schedule.

The Transit Workpack is comprised of tough, water-resistant woven fabric manufactured from recyclable materials and fine, environmentally certified leather. Consequently, you will be pleased with your purchase.

The best part is that this backpack can serve as both a carry-on bag and a casual accessory for social occasions. The ideal day-to-night backpack.

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10. AmazonBasics Sports Duffel: Best Affordable Gym Bag For Men

gym bag

This Men’s Gym Bag from AmazonBasics is ideal if you’re looking for a cheap gym bag.

To transport your exercise equipment to and from the gym, choose this wallet-friendly gym bag. There is enough room for both your typical training equipment and street clothing. The ventilated laundry pocket can contain your training shoes or be used to store sweaty items.

After your workout, you may refresh with a water bottle, and there is also an interior zippered pocket for your phone and keys. A cushioned adjustable shoulder strap allows for quick and efficient carrying. Additionally, the bag can withstand commuting about town thanks to its robust and abrasion-resistant bottom and side panels.


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