10 Best Home Webcam

The top webcams have improved over time to satisfy the demands of a dynamic market. As more professionals work from home or adopt a hybrid setup and more students enroll in online courses, they have not only become a standard in every home, workplace, and dorm room but have also evolved into an essential tool for influencers, streamers, and content creators.

This implies that in addition to having many more possibilities, we will also find solutions that are fully equipped with cutting-edge capabilities for experienced users. There is probably a camera made for your unique need if you have a niche requirement. High frame rates, fixed focus, and wide views are great for streamers, and HDR is great for influencers.

Students on a budget can take advantage of the best low-cost webcams, regardless of how few features they may have, that nevertheless provide high-quality images. Finding the ideal camera at the ideal price is crucial as the back-to-school season gets underway.

Over the years, we’ve evaluated a large number of webcams, including 4K models and the newest models. And we are professionals at determining which webcam is best for which user type. You can choose the best one from our list of webcams below whether you’re looking for the best Logitech webcam or something for streaming.

1. Logitech C920


Logitech C920

  •  Full HD 1080P video
  •  Enjoy razor-sharp high def
  •  Capture natural sound on calls and record videos

Since its launch in January 2012, the Logitech C920 has dominated the webcam market, routinely outperforming competitors’ offerings that promise more affordability or enhanced performance. When cost, quality, and performance are all taken into account, the C920 is still among the best everyday webcams you can buy, despite being almost a decade old. It is a well-loved favorite across the full spectrum of streamers, content makers, and office professionals alike.

This fan-favorite webcam is still one of the finest performing ones available today, despite the fact that we believe the Razer Kiyo Pro will overtake it as the best webcam in 2022 thanks to its sharp 1080p HD resolution, outstanding lighting, and excellent color identification.

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2. Logitech Mevo Start

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Logitech Mevo Start

  • Live stream
  • Wirelessly control your Mevo
  •  Create broadcast-quality streams with multiple angles

The Logitech Mevo Start is an excellent option for streamers and can be used as a webcam if necessary, despite the fact that it is more of a streaming ecosystem with a superb camera module than a webcam.

The Logitech Mevo Start is wireless, unlike many of the other webcams on this list, giving you more flexibility when setting it up. You can utilize numerous Logitech Mevo Start cameras for different perspectives, and you can switch between them using the feature-rich app.

The Logitech Mevo Start offers functions that are just unnecessary for some users, making it an overkill device. The Logitech C920, which is ranked higher on this list, is a far superior option in such a situation. But for those who Livestream events, the Logitech Mevo Start is a wonderful investment.

3. Logitech HD Webcam C310

logi 2

Logitech HD Webcam C310

  • Works with Skype
  • Windows Vista
  • Built-in mic with noise reduction

Those who just cannot afford to spend a lot of money on a webcam might consider the Logitech HD Webcam C310. It’s ideal for anyone who merely needs to make a clean voice call on Zoom or Skype.

The C310 also has Logitech’s RightLight 2 auto-light adjustment technology, so you’ll always be seen in the right light even though it can only film in 720p. You may be heard clearly thanks to its noise-canceling microphone up to 1.5 meters or 5 feet away. Although it might not be a streamer’s #1 decision, this is a good option for someone on a tight budget.

4. Logitech BRIO 4K Pro

logi 3

Logitech BRIO 4K Pro

  • Ultra 4K HD resolution
  • Support work from anywhere with sync
  • Auto light adjustment
  • Noise-canceling technology

The Logitech BRIO 4K Pro may be the ideal webcam for your business’s video conferencing needs. It is a well-constructed one as well, brilliantly created for professionals and enterprises that require durable tools.

Of course, the visual quality is better than anything else you’d find on a standard laptop, including business models. In addition, the device’s three fields of view and omnidirectional microphones with noise-canceling technology are noteworthy features.

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5. Razer Kiyo

logi 4

Razer Kiyo

  • Full HD Resolution
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Convenient, Built-In Lighting

The Razer Kiyo is one of the best cameras available for streaming, which is incredibly popular in this day and age despite its peculiar appearance, which is a credit to Razer’s innovative ideas.

With the Razer Kiyo, Razer has removed many of the other features that more expensive cameras offer in favor of what YouTube vloggers and game streamers value most: good image quality and lighting provided by a “Light Ring.” You may start working right away after plugging in the Razer Kiyo without having to spend a lot of time setting up the stream.

6. Microsoft LifeCam Studio

logi 5

Microsoft LifeCam Studio

  • 1080p HD video recording
  • High precision glass element lens for sharp image quality
  • 720p HD video chat

Although the LifeCam Studio isn’t the most gorgeous webcam, it wasn’t really made to be attractive. Instead, with its 1080p recording, 720p live video calling, and wideband mic to produce crystal clear sound, it is designed for corporate conferences and presentations.

Even though it needs a powerful PC to operate at its highest settings, this serious peripheral doesn’t lack bells and whistles. It has features including 360-degree rotational flexibility and Microsoft’s TrueColor technology, which dynamically adjusts exposure to keep you well illuminated.

7. Lenovo 500 FHD


Lenovo 500 FHD

  • Maximum Frame Rate: 30 fps
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 30 fps
  • Host Interface: USB 2.0

For PC gamers seeking a dependable means to video chat with pals in party games or applications like Discord and Skype, the Lenovo 500 FHD webcam is a fantastic choice. For excellent picture quality, this webcam records and broadcasts video in full 1080p HD.

With 360-degree pan and tilt capabilities, the lens gives you a viewing angle of 75 degrees, allowing you to be properly centered in the frame. You can use it right out of the box because of its plug-and-play capabilities, which means you won’t need to install any additional drivers or video software.

For further security, while you’re away from your desk, it works with Windows Hello face recognition software for password-free log-ins to your computer and programs. A privacy shutter is also included to prevent unwanted surveillance. The Lenovo 500 FHD camera offers holes for tripod attachment and customizable positioning options in addition to a hinged clip for mounting on your monitor.

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8. Elgato Facecam

logi 6

Elgato Facecam

  • Studio quality f/2.4 24 mm all-glass Elgato Prime Lens
  • True FHD 1080p resolution at sixty frames per second
  • Fixed focus range keeps you in focus

This Elgato cam is a requirement if you want to produce streaming content for all different types of platforms, including Facebook live streaming and YouTube. It has a 1080p resolution, a fixed-focus lens that keeps an eye on what you are doing, interior lighting optimization, and a Sony sensor to sense the environment.

The software from Elgato is also excellent for making precise adjustments to brightness, exposure, white balance, zoom, and other factors, and it lets you save many profiles and switch between them depending on where you are or what device you are using. Because videos are created without compression, your computer will need to manage compression while you stream, so make sure you have a device that can keep up.

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What qualities should you check before purchasing a webcam?

You could feel a bit overwhelmed when browsing webcams to buy in this strange new world of home working because, after all, all of these inexpensive versions on Amazon seem to be the same. Because resolution and framerates are the most essential factors for most people to consider when purchasing a product, webcams are typically promoted with these features. However, there are numerous additional factors that determine whether a webcam is “excellent” or “poor.”

What you intend to use your webcam should be taken into account initially. Most conference calling programs, like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, limit your broadcast quality for office workers or working professionals to 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second in order to conserve bandwidth. Due to the fact that 720p is the typical resolution for built-in laptop cameras, Google Meet takes a step further and limits your quality to this level.

It makes no sense to purchase a powerful 4k webcam if you only want to use it for these business conversations because you won’t actually profit from it. However, the light and color detection will differ for each model, thus the recording quality will still vary depending on the webcam you choose.

A variety of potent webcams are available for content producers like YouTubers and streamers, with some capable of 4K resolution and 60 frames per second for buttery smooth video. These cameras are overkill for occasional use, but with features like an adjustable zoom and flexible field of view (or FOV), the additional money may be a worthwhile investment for your passion.

Choose the ideal webcam for your needs

The best cameras for laptops and PCs are now back in stock as the world begins to feel more normal. There are numerous options to choose from to upgrade your streaming or video conferencing, whether they’re manufactured by Microsoft, Razer, Logitech, or one of the less expensive companies whose goods deliver more than they promise.

It’s essential to have crystal clear zoom calls with friends and video conferencing sessions because more communication these days takes place online. You must therefore buy one of the top cameras for your computer setup. Although most laptops and all-in-one PCs already have webcams built in, having a separate one will provide you access to additional capabilities and higher quality.

Invest in one of these cameras designed for computers to ensure that your family and coworkers can see your shining face, regardless of whether you’re trying to stay in touch with your extended network, setting up the ideal work-from-home arrangement, or getting ready for back-to-school season.

We’ve compiled our top selections here, along with our price comparison tool, to help you get the cheapest price on everything from webcams that are great for gaming streaming to cameras that are great for Zoom.

How are webcams tested?

As camera quality is readily apparent, TechRadar does not benchmark them using any software. Instead, models will be compared against goods with comparable features and MSRP and run through a few scenarios to evaluate how they fare.

We evaluate the webcam sensor in both well-lit and low-light situations while maintaining constant lighting levels. When a subject is poorly illuminated, webcams with subpar sensors suffer, which causes background noise and a fuzzy interference that looks static. We evaluate the color accuracy of any captured video as well as the general sharpness of any webcam-shot images.

We also contrast software included with the product, frame rate, resolution, and field-of-view (commonly abbreviated as FOV). Although certain operating systems, like Windows 10, contain a camera application that can only make minor modifications to contrast and color, there are branded programs, such as Razer Synapse and Logitech Capture, that can more accurately adjust your footage.

Amounts of mounting flexibility and possible movement, such as a swivel ball joint or fixed location, will also be examined in the hardware itself. The clarity and background noise-canceling capabilities of any onboard microphone will be tested in the final step, but it’s important to note that most webcams on the market have subpar microphones compared to specialized headsets or USB mics.

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How to improve the look of your webcam

If you don’t consider your surroundings, even the most expensive webcam can seem ugly. An inexpensive 720p camera may appear virtually HD with the right lighting, and doing so won’t break the bank.

Recording in front of a window is preferable whenever possible since natural lighting is regarded by photographers as being superior to the majority of pricey studio lights. This will not only light up your features and help you stand out against the background, but it will also light up the background “noise” that appears when webcams attempt to record in low light.

If you work in dimly lit areas far from a window, you can easily accomplish this with studio lights. In a pinch, you may also use inexpensive desk lamps by aiming them against a wall to diffuse the light and lessen its harshness.

Make sure your background is always appealing. This doesn’t imply that you should go all out (unless you’re a streamer and have the money for some glitzy LED lights and gamer gear), but you should make sure that you’re the main subject of the video. Clean up any messes, avoid sitting behind an open door, and watch out for additional light sources. Your webcam’s light sensors may likely be thrown off as a result, which will lower the video quality.

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