10 Best Recipe Organizer Apps To Replace Your Cookbooks

Your cookbook can be a mess. To discover and organize recipes, toss it and give one of these top recipe organizer apps a try instead.

How many times have you written down a recipe on a piece of paper, only to misplace it right when you need it? You may become irritated by your cookbook’s disarray when it is filled to the brim with numerous sticky notes, loose-leaf papers, and old family recipes.

Fortunately, this difficulty can be quickly resolved by downloading a recipe management app to your smartphone. You can search, develop, and maintain all of your recipes with the aid of recipe managers. Without inputting each recipe one at a time, you can even preserve handwritten recipes.

Here are some of the top iPhone and Android recipe organizer apps that will tempt you to throw aside your cookbook completely.

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1. Paprika Recipe Manager

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Looking to try a new recipe? Use the Paprika app’s built-in web browser to locate recipes from the top cooking blogs for both amateurs and professionals. Simply tap to save a savory dish you find to the app. Paprika will sync all of your data to your phone, computer, and tablet if you install it on several devices.

Additionally, you can alter the recipes you’ve downloaded and even interact with them as you cook. You may check things off as you go, highlight your most recent action, add photographs, and even add bold or italic text.

When you have a recipe open in Paprika, your phone’s screen won’t dim, so you can stop using greasy or wet fingers to unlock it.

You can use paprika to plan meals, make orderly shopping lists, start timers, and convert measures in addition to helping with recipes.

Download: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

2. BigOven

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The BigOven app will provide you with ideas for your next meal as soon as you open it. Scroll through dozens of the tastiest recipes by selecting Recent Raves. If you’re looking for a specific recipe, type the dish into the search bar to browse among more than 350,000 home-cooking options.

Recall how we said that you can import handwritten recipes into some apps without typing them in. Scan a family recipe using BigOven’s recipe scanner and have it instantly replicated in the app.

Cooking is made social via BigOven. You can choose to follow your loved ones, other cooks who use the program, and your friends. In this manner, you can see what they’re preparing and gain some inspiration.

Additionally, Big Oven enables you to plan meals, organize shopping lists with other family members, and repurpose ingredients from previous dinners.

Download: Android and iOS

3. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

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You’ll love the Allrecipes app if you’re already familiar with the website. The food ideas on Allrecipes are so appetizing just to look at them. Recipes can be saved as favorites and arranged into folders of your choosing.

Over 50,000 recipes, along with a wealth of reviews, videos, and images, may be found on Allrecipes. The components for the dish can be quickly transferred to your shopping list when you’re ready to start preparing your meal. By displaying any price reductions at your neighborhood grocery, the Allrecipes app works similarly to the website in helping you save money on groceries.

Download: Android and iOS

4. Yummly

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Yummly makes it simple to locate a recipe you’ll enjoy. Because it is both an app and a desktop website, switching between your phone and PC is made much easier by this feature. Yummly learns your preferences after just a few searches and will start suggesting recipes.

Yummly may screen out recipes that contain items you want to avoid if you have a food allergy or any other special dietary needs. If you’ve been looking for a vegetarian or vegan meal planning tool, this is extremely useful.

Look up recipes from over two million categories that fit your requirements. When you mark a recipe as a favorite, you can either make it right away or schedule it for later.

Download: Android and iOS

5. ChefTap

recipe orgaanizer

When you’re in a hurry, ChefTap is still easy to use even though it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as Paprika or BigOven. Unfortunately, there aren’t many free services; for example, you have to pay to scale ingredients, organize your grocery lists, or copy recipes.

The best feature of ChefTap is clipping, primarily due to the fact that it is convenient and free. When you search for recipes online using ChefTap, it not only connects to your browser but also has a built-in browser. In other words, you can quickly import recipes from the web into ChefTap.

With the free edition, you can still alter your recipes, add your own touches, and get cooking inspiration from other chefs.

Download: Android and iOS

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6. Cookmate


ChefTap and Cookmate both offer some of the same features. Cookmate was once known as My CookBook. You can either manually enter a recipe or import one from the internet. Cookmate links to your browser similarly to ChefTap, enabling you to import recipes from a website into the program.

Based on your ingredients, you may also generate a shopping list almost instantly. It’s not necessary to make a shopping list that you’ll forget to bring to the store. You can even use the features in Cookmate’s free meal planner to make a menu for the full week.

You are only allowed to use 60 recipes and one shopping list in the free version.

Download: Android and iOS

7. Whisk

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Whisk is a multifunctional app that can be used to search and save recipes, make shopping lists and weekly menu plans, and more. You’ll probably feel overwhelmed by the number of options the app provides you as soon as you launch it.

You may either import your own from the internet or browse through the delectable recipes that Whisk users have shared. You may start saving recipes from your browser directly to the app by adding Whisk’s Recipe Saver extension to your phone or desktop browser.

Additionally, you might want to think about Whisk’s RecipeScan app, which enables you to scan and upload printed recipes from your existing cookbook. It will be automatically formatted by Whisk into a straightforward arrangement.

Whisk even lets you order goods depending on the shopping list you create in the app, which adds to its allure. You can already order your culinary supplies using the app from Walmart, Amazon Fresh, Kroger, Ralphs, Instacart, and more, and they will be delivered right to your house.

Download: Android and iOS

8. AnyList

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AnyList is useful for organizing your recipes even if it is primarily geared toward the grocery shopping side of cooking. You can import recipes directly from your mobile browser using this feature. The software provides all the necessary components and their quantities when the recipe is displayed in AnyList. After that, you can decide which ones to put on your buying list.

AnyList offers groceries advice after getting to know you. Make key necessary grocery goods your favorites so you don’t forget to pick them up on your next trip to the store.

Share this list with any other family members going to the supermarket so they may pick up the ingredients. It is considerably simpler to work together on different shopping trips when you can see any changes that other users make to the list.

The fact that you must pay to access features like ingredient scaling, themes, folders, and meal planning is AnyList’s lone drawback.

Download: Android and iOS

9. Tasty

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One of the best recipe apps overall, let alone as a recipe organizer, is tasty. No of your level of cooking experience, it gives simple-to-follow recipes; it’s a terrific app for new cooks. Each dish is, of course, broken down into manageable steps, but one of the best things about Tasty is that it also includes accompanying videos. This makes it simple for you to understand the process, apply it to your own meals, and assure consistency.

Recipes can be found using a variety of filters, including ingredients, speed, difficulty, cuisine, and more. Once you’ve found a recipe you like, hit the heart icon to add it to your cookbook, which is accessible from the My Recipes tab at the bottom.

Here, the categories in which your recipes fall, such as breakfast or appetizers, are automatically classified. Additionally, you can mark a recipe as made. If you enjoyed it, give it a thumbs up, and it will be added to your cookbook of things you should make again.

Download: Android and iOS

10. Basil


You can effortlessly organize all of your recipes with this straightforward but effective tool. You may find and add new recipes using this simple-to-use tool, make notes, and do much more.

You can make a shopping list and cross items off as you buy them. Directions based on time automatically convert to cooking time.

Download: Android and iOS

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