10 Best Scavenger Hunt Apps

Scavenger hunt planning may seem like a difficult chore, but there are some fascinating new applications that make it simple. You can build the ideal treasure hunt for any event with the help of the scavenger hunt apps on this list, so do not be alarmed.

Mobile software programs called “scavenger hunt apps” enable treasure hunts or adventure games. These video games may be played on smartphones and tablets, and they frequently require players to travel to various locales. These apps are designed to promote user interaction with other players and their environments in order to provide a more engaging experience.

If you want to plan one or are just looking for something entertaining to do outside, here are some of the best scavenger hunt apps.

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1. Scavify

scavenger hunt app

One of the top scavenger hunt apps for team building is Scavify. The software asks users to accomplish tasks in a number of different ways, including uploading images or videos, completing forms, selecting the correct answers to questions, scanning QR codes, or checking in at specific locations.

Over specific times, participants can play according to their own schedules. Current scores are displayed on a leaderboard, and player photos are shown in a feed. Additionally, gamemasters have the ability to automate games, schedule challenges for periodic distribution, and notify players via push notifications.

The app tracks levels of interest and participation and provides game organizers with activity data in a convenient dashboard.

Scavify is appropriate for a variety of events, such as conferences and retreats, business outings, and group travel. The best feature is that it is simple to use remotely, allowing users to interact and enjoy the platform even when they are separated by great distances.

2. ScavengerHunt.Com

scavenger hunt app

One of the fastest and simplest scavenger hunt applications to utilize if you frequent or reside in a big city is ScavengerHunt.com. The software, developed by the team behind Let’s Roam, lets users mark secret sites and objects within a specified area.

More and more hunt spots are being added to the map as more users use the app and the community expands.

This scavenger hunt functions as a game of questions and answers. Your cell phone will ask you a question as soon as you go to one of the hunt spots. The solution is therefore in your immediate vicinity, which you must find. This could be a historical fact or a coded message.

Since there aren’t many possibilities for hunting in the countryside with this app, it would be best to save it for trips if you don’t reside in a big city. Additionally, you must purchase a search online so that you can receive a coupon code for the app. Only iOS is compatible with this software.

3. GooseChase

scavenger hunt app goosechase

A platform for DIY scavenger hunts is GooseChase. You have the option of starting from scratch or choosing a theme for your game from the “mission bank” that already exists on the app.

Participants use the app to submit images to fulfill tasks. The team (or individual) who accumulates the most points at the end of the game wins. Each mission has a specific point value.

If you use the game to plan a small team hunt, it is free; for larger parties or businesses, GooseChase provides premium packages. If you need help getting started, watch the video below.

4. TurfHunt

scavenger hunt app

One of the best DIY scavenger hunt apps is TurfHunt. The application is a completely customizable game of location-based treasure hunting. With a simple design and publishing tool, gamemasters can easily construct tests and courses. By inputting a unique code, players can download the app and join the hunt.

The game encourages players to travel to various areas and presents them with challenges that are triggered by GPS. The game also has an offline option that users can use. Additionally, the app features linguistic options that allow the game to be translated into many languages.

TurfHunt offers players a variety of game modes to amuse them. The program’s creator also provides a SmartGuide Tour app for additional educational opportunities.

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5. TwoDots

scavenger hunt appscavenger hunt app

Popular adventure-themed puzzle game TwoDots is recognized for its stunning visuals and zen-like gameplay. The game’s single-player original edition has leaderboards that list international participants on a weekly basis. You can often compare scores if you play on the same squad. The game can also be played on the Sparcade platform, which enables multiplayer competition amongst friends or coworkers.

TwoDots is calming in addition to being visually pleasing and psychologically stimulating. You and your team can continue to practice teamwork by playing the digital puzzles as the developers frequently release new adventure boards.


scavenger hunt app

GISH has committed to reinventing the classic scavenger hunt. The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt, or GISH, is what makes this program so useful for hunters all around the world.

You can communicate with local GISH members using the app. You can ask these people for help or team up with them to complete enjoyable challenges. The challenges are offered through the app and are continually changing.

GISH is extremely committed to its annual GISH Hunt in addition to the monthly scavenger hunt competitions that happen throughout the year. Every summer, you and your friends can form a team of GISH hunters, go on a week of scavenger hunts, and enter to win a free trip to an exotic location.

Download: iOS and Android

7. Adventure Lab

scavenger hunt

Try out Adventure Lab if you live outside a big city but still want to take part in entertaining scavenger hunts. Despite having a focus more on a geocaching-style treasure hunt, Adventure Lab offers so many varied experiences that we had to include it on this list.

An adventure path becomes a new option for other users to try when users construct and explore it. There are plenty places to pause, take pictures, and enjoy on each adventure. You may also read reviews and advice from previous travelers to make sure you get the most out of your trip.

If you’re already a geocaching enthusiast, you can link your account to keep accruing points for your score. A straightforward scavenger hunt is transformed into an exploration of your world by Adventure Lab.

8. Google’s Emoji Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt

You can play the entertaining little game Google’s Emoji Scavenger Hunt with little more than the camera on your phone. You will only have 20 seconds to find items Google tosses at you after the website loads and the game begins. When you hold something in front of the camera, machine learning will attempt to recognize it.

Even with the sound enabled, you can hear every item that enters the camera’s field of vision being identified. If you like this one and want to play some more entertaining Google games, take a look at these short games you can play on Google Search.

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9. Geocaching

scavenger hunt

Geocaching is a form of scavenger hunt where participants first create “caches” by stuffing them with objects and then hide them anywhere they like. The GPS coordinates are then published online for everyone to see.

An item of equal or more value may be used to replace a cache once it has been discovered, and you may then declare what you have discovered.

The size, distance, and level of difficulty of the caches vary. The ideal romantic holiday with your significant other could be a simple one.

Download: iOS and Android

10. CameraHunt

scavenger hunt

One of the simpler photo scavenger hunt apps is CameraHunt. Players have 60 seconds to locate and display as many objects as they can. Participants take pictures with cameras on their smartphones or tablets. Players merely need to display the things on screen; they are not required to take and upload images of them.

The game distinguishes and recognizes clues using machine learning, and players are rewarded with points accordingly. CameraHunt can be used as a brief icebreaker game or as a quick warmup for a virtual conference.

Download: iOS and Android

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