10 Best Spy Camera Apps for 2023

There are genuine reasons you might want to spy on others using your phone, such as protecting the safety of your children or pets, monitoring service providers, or apprehending burglars.

Once spy camera apps are installed on your phone, these covert camera apps can take pictures or videos without giving themselves away through visual or audible clues.

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Here are the Best Spy Camera Apps:

1. Alfred Security Camera

spy camera app

Two devices are needed for this app, which is simple if you have an old smartphone or tablet hanging around. When you install the software on both, the older device transforms into a “camera” that scans the area you wish to keep an eye on.

The other, a standard phone, serves as a “viewer” so you can see what the camera is capturing. Watch passively what is going on in front of the camera or capture certain scenes. Talk between the two smartphones using the walkie-talkie feature, or use it to frighten off strangers. It is free to download Alfred, but there are in-app charges.

2. Silent Secret Camera HD

spy camera app

This Android software was created for covert photography, and it may be used to capture images of your sleeping child, a quiet library, outdoor wildlife, or any other peaceful setting. The ability to take images on the fly while keeping your loved ones in the dark is made possible by the silent operation and secret screen settings. Free with in-app purchases is the Silent Secret Camera HD app.

3. Background Video Recorder

spy app camera

Background Video Recorder (BVR), one of the best Android video recording apps, records video and offers the option to turn off camera sounds so people nearby won’t know you’re recording. A recording might also be planned for a later time. You may utilize the front or rear camera, edit videos after you record them, store recordings, and set the maximum video recording length thanks to the app’s additional capabilities. With in-app purchases, BVR is free.

4. SP Camera

spy camera app

Use this app to covertly take photos and videos. To disguise the fact that you’re using it, it displays fictitious visuals on the screen, like a clock or a web browser. If you leave the camera in a specific spot (like a room in your house), it will capture every motion that occurs there. Alternately, program it to take pictures automatically every few seconds. In a folder that has a password on it, your pictures and videos are kept private. The cost of the SP Camera is around $9.99.

5. Presence

spy camera app

You may utilize an old gadget as your inside camera and your current one to monitor it with this home security solution. Set it up to receive real-time motion alerts and to keep an eye on household activity. For a more sophisticated security system than some of the others on this list, Presence is compatible with wireless sensors that can detect window and door entry, water leakage, temperature, and more. Additionally, the app can be configured to control other electronic gadgets in your home. The basic version of Presence is free; for more features, upgrade to Pro.

6. Cawice

spy camera app

Even if Cawice is less well-known than other apps, it nonetheless accomplishes its objectives. Cawice also transforms your outdated smartphone into a home security camera, just like every other app on the list.

Cawice requires the use of two devices. Both will be utilized as security cameras, with the first serving as a viewer. Numerous practical features are available, including two-way communication, motion and sound detectors, rapid alarms, automatic video recording, etc.

7. WardenCam

spy camera app

Another excellent spy camera app that you can install on an Android device is WardenCam. The application essentially transforms your Android tablet or smartphone into a home security camera.

Like many other spy camera apps, WardenCam needs two Android cellphones to operate. The first will be used to record the video, and the second will be used to watch it.

The benefit of WardenCam is that it works flawlessly with all types of network access, including WiFi, 3G, 4G, and LTE. You may also use it to upload your films to online storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

8. Third Eye

spy camera app

The app for recording videos in the background stated above and Third Eye is extremely similar. With this one, you have the choice to record videos with your screen entirely off. For individuals who desire to secretly capture videos, Third Eye can be the finest choice.

9. Faceter

spy camera app

A security camera may be installed on your Android smartphone using the Faceter app. Installing the app and setting the phone where you want to monitor is required. The video will be captured by the app and stored in the cloud.

The software is helpful, however configuring it could be difficult. Despite receiving many favorable reviews, the app is not as well-known as the other app on the list.

10. Security Camera CZ

spy camera app

An app called Security Camera CZ transforms your outdated smartphone or tablet into a house security camera. The program detects motion, but instead of recording videos, it instead takes a series of still photographs.

As of right now, there is no option to record detected motion as video. Smart motion detection, a scheduler for motion detection, configurable motion detection sensitivity, and other important characteristics of Security Camera CZ.

The spy camera programs we’ve provided can record both still images and moving pictures. If surveillance apps are legal in your area, you can use these apps.

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Benefits of Spy Camera Apps

There is a necessity to stay safe and secure given the increasing instances of insecurity. There are several ways to increase the security of their residences or places of work. Smart security camera apps, which are rapidly gaining roots worldwide, stand out as one exception. The majority of people are curious about everything that occurs in their houses.

1. Easily downloadable

Security camera applications are simple to download, just like any other program. On your smart devices, most, if not all, are free to download and install. But be careful not to download one that contains a virus that compromises your security by violating your privacy.

They are easy to set up. You can read and follow the setup instructions that are included with the security apps.

2. Watch recording surveillance from anywhere

The opportunity to view their houses at any time from anywhere is provided by security apps. Using smart security camera programs on your smartphone or tablet, you can quickly and conveniently access live surveillance of your residence or place of business whenever you need to. All you can do is connect your smart device to the security camera.

Make sure your children and pets are doing well at home on regular days. Not knowing what your children are doing or who is entering your home can be very unnerving. With smart security camera apps, you may have that peace of mind knowing that your house and children are protected. You can always see who is ringing the doorbell or carrying your mail.

3. Receive instant notifications and alerts

The ability to receive notifications immediately in the case of a break-in or intrusion at your home is made possible by having smart security apps. Also, you don’t want anyone to have access to any restricted locations in your house, such as the liquor or gun safe.

You can get notified when the camera detects motion by installing a security camera there and connecting it to your phone’s security app.

To find the individual who triggered the alarm, you can check from anywhere. Additionally, you can program cameras to alert the authorities when they detect something nearby.

4. Remotely make adjustments to your home

Adjustments can be made remotely with smart security cameras. When you monitor your home security system while at work, you discover a problem with the house. The backdoor may be wide open, the door may not have been properly locked, or the lights in the house may be on.

You may make adjustments using the app, such as turning off the lights, properly securing the doors, and setting the alarm. Additionally, the app can alert you when doors are not locked or lights are left on, causing you to take action.

5. Facilitate entry for visitors

Your children may be picked up from school while you are still at work. In addition, your dog sitter might visit your house while you’re away. To let them into the house, you don’t need to find a place for the keys to be hidden.

You can let them in using the smart security camera app. An alert will be sent to your phone, allowing you to verify their identities before disabling the security system and opening the front door to let them in.


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