10 Best White Noise Apps

When you are fatigued and try your hardest to sleep but are unsuccessful, it is the worst feeling. Please believe us; we’ve been there. We put three white noise apps that create loops of various ambient noises to the test to see if they may help you fall asleep more quickly.

White noise can be used to block out distracting noises as well as to help individuals fall asleep, according to research (think: doors slamming, dogs barking, cars beeping). So that you can perhaps get the much-needed rest you require, download our top recommendations from the list below.

1. White Noise Ambience Lite

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White Noise Ambience Lite, which has been lauded as the best “Nap app” and has been featured in numerous international newspapers, offers a selection of 40 different white noise noises that are each accompanied by a high-resolution image to help you unwind.

If you’d prefer, you can also set it to run in the background, giving you the freedom to continue using your phone as normal while enjoying the calming sounds of various kinds of white noise.

A premium version of the program is also available, which eliminates the advertisements, doubles the number of noises and graphics, and adds new clock styles.

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2. White Noise HQ Sound Machine

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White Noise HQ focuses more on nature than any other app, and it can be just as peaceful as any synthetic white noise. It offers a variety of calming sounds from the natural world, including more than 75 high-definition sound recordings of waterfalls, ocean waves, nighttime crickets, blowing wind, and others.

Since there is such a large variety of sounds available, you won’t run out any time soon and you can always combine up to six of your favorites to make something fresh and intriguing. However, you cannot install any extra sounds of your own.

3. Dark Noise

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With this white noise software, there are over 40 different noises to choose from, plus there are a ton of personalization choices! You may tweak the widget for even faster playback, use your own icon, and change the app’s playback.

A MacStories editor gushed about the app’s superb design, wonderful animations, and engaging noises. We like that it was made to function with the iPad as well!

With this white noise software, there are over 40 different noises to choose from, plus there are a ton of personalization choices! You may tweak the widget for even faster playback, use your own icon, and change the app’s playback.

The iOS integrations of Dark Noise set it apart from the plethora of other white noise apps. This allows you to quickly set up Siri shortcuts to play various noises or move the playing from one device to another.

For example, if you’re listening to a soothing rain sound while reading a book on the couch and you start to feel drowsy, you can easily send the music to your bedroom smart speaker.

4. myNoise

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Despite not having the most noises on our list, myNoise has some of the most distinctive. It is a free app with 20 distinct noises, including white noise in addition to sounds of the rain, the ocean, thunder, and a cafe.

Make use of the special soundtracks Irish Coast, Gregorian Voices, Japanese Garden, Calm Office, and Old Mansion. For those science fiction aficionados, there is even a Warp Speed.

They are intended for a range of activities, such as work, school, sleep, unwinding, and meditation. Additionally, they are programmable with 10 color-coded sliders that let the app change particular frequencies to offer optimal noise reduction.

Over 10 octaves, noises are presented in the 20 Hz to 20 kHz audible frequency range. During the calibration step, noises are also adjusted to your unique hearing for a soundtrack created just for you.

5. BetterSleep

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BetterSleep, formerly known as Relax Melodies, is one of my personal and many people’s favorite sleep-related apps. 91% of users of the BetterSleep app report sleeping better as a result of using it. Create a personalized playlist that you can listen back to at any moment by selecting from a huge selection of free or premium sounds.

When combining numerous sounds, you can adjust each sound’s loudness, making some softer than others to get the ideal balance. Choose from a selection of pre-made meditations that are accessible for different objectives, such as sleep or relaxation, if you don’t feel like creating.

Additionally, the BetterSleep community’s favorite playlists may be found in Community Melodies. Whatever you decide, there are over 52 distinct sounds and melodies that are all available for free. Additionally, you may purchase to have access to more sounds there are more than 300 available and more noises.

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6. Atmosphere

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More than 100 different sounds can be selected from and cycled through in the Atmosphere app. They range from binaural noises, which can help with anxiety and headache relief, to beach sounds, forest noises like birds tweeting or raindrops on a tent, and city noises like the sound of a passenger train and the chatter in a coffee shop.

“Countryside Stream” and the numerous rain variations were our favorites. Even better, you may bookmark your favorite sound combinations and play many sounds at once. To prevent your phone’s battery from dying, the app also lets you set a countdown. Just be aware that the bottom of your phone screen will display adverts for this free software.

7. Calm White Noise App

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Calm is now widely recognized as a meditation tool, so it seems sensible that it would also be fantastic as a white noise app. The goal of the software is to encourage mindfulness and meditation, both of which can significantly enhance productivity, lower stress, and improve sleep.

A sizable collection of guided meditations is included, but there are many more as well. There are also breathing exercises and stretching routines, as well as music, specifically chosen to promote relaxation and reduce tension.

Check out one of the Sleep Stories told by real celebrities like P!nk, Stephen Fry, or Matthew McConaughey to help you go asleep. Additionally, there are relaxing sounds like babbling brooks, campfires, and beach waves to make falling asleep even easier.

8. Noisli

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One of the few sound programs without a free version is Noisli. But in our opinion, this app is worthwhile. It features the clearest and most user-friendly interface of any of the apps we examined. Simple graphic symbols on a plain background with softly changing colors give the design a serene feel.

You can set a timer, make combos, and play one or more sounds at once. Numerous sound selections are available, including those for rain, thunderstorms, wind, forests, streams, campfires, crickets, trains, and coffee shops. There are also white, pink, and brown noises if you want simpler sounds.

9. Relax Melodies

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This program has been downloaded more than 50 million times, so there must be a lot to appreciate about it! Users of Relax Melodies have the option to combine 100 noises and calming music to produce the ideal atmosphere for sleeping.

The app features white noise, nature sounds, guided meditation, and breathing exercises. We value the many customizing choices it offers customers so they can design their own special soundscapes.

A wide variety of soothing sounds, like wind, rustling leaves, crackling fire, and calm bird chirping, are available in its enormous library. The hum of an airplane, fan noises, and even the sound of a faraway vacuum cleaner is among the more unusual sounds. Rain, the ocean, sluggish waves, and lapped water are all examples of water sounds. An alarm clock and a section for your favorite mixes are both included in the app.

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10. White Noise Generator

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White Noise Generator is a great alternative if you want the finest white noise app to create your own noises, even though it may not be as well-known as Calm. Choose from a variety of sounds in addition to white noise, such as rain on your window, thunder, cars, wind, leaves, night, and the ever-dependable fan.

Additionally, you have the option of picking a cafe, a creek, an ocean, a railway, or a forest. You can choose from a variety of sounds to seamlessly customize your ideal day or sleep soundtrack because every sound is available and was specially chosen for its mixing potential. This software is designed primarily to deliver white noise, unlike other apps that could become weighed down by other kinds of material. To use it, all you need is an Android.

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