10 Free Tetris-Like Games You Can Play Online

tetris-like games

Are you looking to play online Tetris-like games? Here are the top Tetris ripoffs available for free online play. Tetris is regarded as the ideal video game by many. There is a version of the game available for almost every gaming console, handheld, and operating system, as well as other hardware like calculators.

There are also a ton of different games like Tetris, with creators striving to reinvent the winning formula in their own unique ways. Many of these Tetris games are also playable online via web browsers.

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1. Tetris.com


What better place to begin than Tetris’ official website? This Tetris version, provided by The Tetris Company, is clear and uncomplicated. The game includes configurable controls and a few settings to customize your experience, and it can be played with a keyboard or mouse.

Although it isn’t particularly elegant, it is comforting to know that you are playing Tetris and not a copycat version.

2. Tetris Gems


Another version of the original Tetris game is accessible on the official Tetris website. In Tetris Gems, the bottom of the board has a few layers of rock. Instead of the entire row vanishing after a line is cleared, it splits into 10 separate blocks and falls down.

More lines below can be cleared by these pieces, resulting in massive combos. You’ll find gems that provide you useful boosts as you cut through the rock. It differs just enough from the classic Tetris game to provide enthusiasts with something new to enjoy.

3. First-Person Tetris

tetris like games

The Tetris games we’ve seen thus far have been rather standard, but this new Tetris-inspired game offers a new level of difficulty. The Tetris game is displayed in front of your eyes, but there’s a twist: every time you rotate a block, the entire screen turns as well.

When your view is spinning in a certain direction, it can be difficult to keep track of where your block will end up. Enabling Light Out on the menu will make everything dark save for the blocks, which will increase the difficulty. Your block will be zoomed in, making it difficult to see anything else, in Crisis.

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4. Tetris N-BLOX


With a few minor exceptions, this version provides an experience that is comparable to that on the official Tetris website. You can’t hold a piece, it doesn’t allow mouse controls, and you can only see one tetromino ahead of you rather than three.

Furthermore, the piece “lockdown” happens relatively immediately, making it impossible to juggle a block as it hits the stack. It resembles traditional Tetris more than more contemporary iterations because to all of these differences, such as the NES version.

5. Mario Tetris

tetris like games

This is what would happen if Super Mario Bros. was converted into a Tetris-style game. In it, you can alternate between playing as Mario in a traditional platformer and directing Lakitu to drop bricks in a Tetris-style configuration.

Use bricks intelligently to both clear obstacles from Mario’s path and build platforms for him to stand on. While playing Tetris, opponents can still harm Mario, so be careful.

Mario Tetris is a Flash game, which is a shame. You should learn how to download Flash games so you can play them offline because Flash is going away. enabling you to continue using titles like this one after it has been discontinued.

6. Tetris 3D

tetris like games

Tetris 3D is a puzzle game similar to Tetris that slightly modifies the rules. You’ll need to move pieces around a circle rather than a 2D board. Like in classic Tetris, it will vanish once you fill a line with all 15 blocks. This Tetris game also has some blocks on the field when you first start playing, unlike most others.

There are three modes available: Classic, Time Track, and Leveller. Despite the lack of visual appeal, you’ll still have a good time here.

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7. TenTrix

tetris-like games

This off-brand Tetris game is for you if you appreciate the concept but would rather play something slower-paced. Instead of pieces falling automatically, you have to drag blocks that arrive in groups of three onto a 10×10 board.

When a row is completely filled, it will vanish, however, the game is over if you are unable to insert a block. You’ll need to play carefully to avoid boxing yourself in because TenTrix contains several pieces that are distinct from the typical tetrominoes.

8. Jstris

tetris-like games

Fans of Tetris will find a lot to like on this website. It’s one of the best ways in particular to play multiplayer Tetris for free online. The website immediately drops you into a multiplayer game when you first visit. There is no rating system, so you could face novices or ardent experts.

You can send trash to your opponents in this multiplayer game by simultaneously clearing many lines. Jstris offers a lot to offer in both single-player and multiplayer modes if you’d like to play something different. See the Jstris Guide for a description of the services offered here.

9. Worldwide Combos

tetris games

Looking for a more challenging Tetris game? In this Tetris clone, you face off against a single opponent. By piling up their blocks to the top, you want to knock out your opponent more frequently than they do you.

Since it’s more recent than Jstris, there aren’t as many players, but it also has a rating system so you can play against opponents that are about on par with your level of expertise. To take full advantage of it, you’ll need to register for a free account, but it’s worthwhile if you want to get better at Tetris.

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10. Blockout


Blockout is a three-dimensional version of the famous Tetris game. As pieces fall from the top of the screen, you must steer and rotate them along all three axes. When fully filled in, a layer will vanish.

This is an excellent approach to test your skills if you believe that you have mastered standard Tetris but want to add another dimension. The DOS version can be simulated online, and Blockout II, an official remake, is available for free download.


In this article, we’ve looked at a number of Tetris games that can be played for free online, both classic and novel. Unfortunately, Tetris Friends is no longer available, and many Tetris-style games use Flash, which is quickly becoming obsolete. Fans of the timeless puzzler should, however, remain satisfied thanks to these games like Tetris.

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