10 Interesting E-Girl Makeup Look

The e-girl makeup look is widely popular on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. This makeup look is simple to reproduce at home and was influenced by Japanese culture while being updated for 2022 fashion. Every style has distinguishing characteristics, including defining features like dramatic eyeliner, a blush across the center of your face, and, of course, phony freckles.

10 Interesting E-Girl Makeup Look

However, several looks and techniques can be found within this makeup subculture. The most stylish e-girl cosmetics trends are included in our guide. You never know, if you record the procedure, you might become famous.

How does E-girl makeup look?

The e-girl makeup look is all about big, extended eyes, charming blush around your cheeks and nose, and an overall youthful appearance. It is heavily influenced by anime and the Kawaii scene in Japan. Concealer, strong eyeliner, and minimal foundation make up the standard look. There are also a few touches of fake freckles to make it look like you’ve been taking a stroll in the sun.

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Here Are Cool E-Girl Makeup Look

1. Tiktok E-girl Makeup

Tiktok E-girl Makeup

Regardless of the fact that TikTok may not have given rise to the e-girl, the app has undoubtedly made the trend endure. Two-toned hair, streetwear, and traditional cosmetic features are just a few of the many diverse styles that make up this appearance. To give the appearance of being elevated, use liquid liner to draw a sharp cat eye and fluffier lashes on the outer corners.

Use a little strip of blush to cover the bridge of your nose and your cheeks in a delicate way. The light will be caught by a tiny dab of highlighter on the tip, and it also looks great in pictures. Add two little hearts—either stamped or hand-drawn—onto each side of your cheeks for the finishing touch.

2. Doja Cat E-Girl Makeup

Tiktok E-girl Makeup

Nobody in the world of celebrities is an e-girl like Doja Cat. This diva is the undeniable queen of TikTok and has perfected the art of an attractive appearance. She uses current trends to create a flawless blend of delicate eyeshadow and modern eyeliner. She adheres to the style by keeping her base spotless, but she doesn’t use blush to define her cheekbones; instead, she chooses classic bronzer for a more understated look.

By beginning with a darker lip liner and moving to a lighter one in the middle, she gives the appearance of having lips that are fuller by using several distinct lip liner colors. The colors will be unified and a more natural finish will result from adding a gloss on top.

3. E-Girl Makeup With Glasses

Tiktok E-girl Makeup

We’re here to demonstrate that wearing glasses should never prevent you from applying attractive makeup! You can include iconic e-girl components like blush all over the face, sharp eyeliner, and a soft but dramatic lip if you place more focus on a clean and neutral cosmetics look. The latest cosmetic fads, such as false freckles or too-dramatic eye makeup, should be avoided because they will smear or be masked by your glasses.

A statement feature, like a band-aid with a lovely pattern on it, can be added in place of the freckles. Focus more on eyeliner, which should be bold and prominent in the outer corner, and lift the face while emphasizing your stunning eyes.

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4. Soft E-Girl Makeup

Tiktok E-girl Makeup

The e-girl style has many various looks, but soft cosmetics are a fairly common option online. With its use of delicate hues like pink and purple, this makeup is delicate and excessively feminine. Apply a single shade with an eyeshadow brush to the entire eyelid, blending a paler shade along the browbone to open up the eyes. Make striking cat eyes with a touch of black eyeliner that moves upward.

To give the appearance of having larger eyes, add eyeliner to the bottom corner of the eyes and line it with white. Keep the base of your face fairly neutral; a BB cream or sheer foundation is a fantastic place to start. For a sun-kissed appearance, apply blush, freckles, and highlighter to your nose, cheeks, and chin.

5. Edgy E-Girl Makeup

Tiktok E-girl Makeup

Edgy looks today are a little different than they were a decade ago, just like the grunge e-girl vibe. The current edition features thick brows, dramatic eyeshadow, and heavy winged eyeliner. Don’t use too much bronzer, but feel free to add lots of brush along your cheekbones’ apple and the bridge of your nose. To capture the light, apply a cream highlighter to your nose’s tip, bridge, and highest points on your cheeks. If you use a non-traditional color, like blue, you get extra points. Apply a striking color all over the eyelid.

Next, instead of creating a cat-eye shape with the eyeliner, draw it in from the middle of the eye, facing outward. At the highest point of the brow arch, make a tiny cut in your brows with a tiny bit of concealer.

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6. Gothic E-Girl Makeup

10 Interesting E-Girl Makeup Look

This gothic e-girl aesthetic, which draws inspiration from traditional goth and other subcultures, is a fresh way to express yourself. Other e-girl styles emphasize having lots of shine and skin that look like glass, while this trend emphasizes angles and sharp edges. Utilize neutral hues like pink and brown to get the makeup look you desire. Draw an oversized cat eye with liquid eyeliner, bringing the flick closer to the wing of your brow than usual.

You can draw tiny symbols, like a star on your cheek, with the same pen. This is a reference to the 18th century, which post-punk bands like Adam and the Ants frequently draw influence from. Bronzer can be used sparingly to contour; blush is not necessary. For a sun-kissed appearance, use a light eyebrow pencil to apply artificial freckles, and for the finishing touch, apply black lipstick.

7. Subtle and Light E-Girl Makeup

10 Interesting E-Girl Makeup Look

There are numerous various techniques to get the appearance, as every e-girl is aware. This fresh and dewy look is the definition of subtle and light, despite the fact that makeup can occasionally look heavy or too complicated. Apply blush all over your cheeks and nose, not just the apples, in a sweeping motion. Keep it only in the center of your face; don’t put too much on the forehead or temples.

Apply wispy lashes to the outer borders of the eyes to prolong the lifting look after creating a natural cat eye with eyeliner and flicking it upwards. If you want to add some faux freckles, an excellent alternative is an eyebrow pencil. Use them sparingly to look as genuine as possible. For a glass skin sensation, add a cream blush to complete the look.

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8. Simple E-Girl Makeup

10 Interesting E-Girl Makeup Look

A stunning e-girl style doesn’t need to be extremely intricate. Understanding the fundamentals is crucial for producing this straightforward makeup. There is a sense of natural skin and sunkissed skin across the entire e-girl look. Use concealer under your eyes to give yourself a fresh-faced look while using less foundation. The secret to achieving this style is to add blush to your cheeks and across your nose; this will make you look innocent, cute, and as though you’ve spent some time in the sun.

Applying a few synthetic freckles where the sun would naturally touch your skin will take it a step further. The angular and edgy eyeliner is another component of this trend, which is matched by the delicate and delicate eyeshadow. Although you can choose whatever hue you like, pink, purple, and blue are the most common options.

9. Light Pink E-Girl Makeup

10 Interesting E-Girl Makeup Look

The all-pink e-girl vibe is a fun makeup trend to explore. The same colors are used for the eyebrows in addition to the eyeshadow, blush, and lip colors! Like Jean Shrimpton or Sharon Tate, the eye look is reminiscent of 1960s fashion. Depending on the tint you select, this can be distinguished from other pink makeup looks. This indicates a preference for a paler shade that has a more endearing and natural feel. On your cheeks and the bridge of your nose, use an eye or lip liner to create hearts and freckles.

Apply the majority of the color to the center of your lips and evenly spread it outwards using a lip stain. Apply a little blush to the tip of your nose to continue the e-girl trend, and reverse the freckle trend by adding a few white eyeliner specks to counteract the pink in the previous sentence.

10. E-Girl Makeup Without Eyeliner

10 Interesting E-Girl Makeup Look

While black eyeliner might come to mind when picturing e-girl makeup, this isn’t always the case. In actuality, you can achieve gorgeous e-girl makeup looks without liner. The key to achieving the trend is obtaining the aesthetic components. Under the eyes, a little concealer is used as a base, along with a thin foundation.

Apply a modest quantity of bronzer on the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline, which are three important facial features. For a sweet, sun-kissed appearance, soften it with a dab of blush on the highest points of your cheekbones and add some to the tip of your nose.

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In order to create a dramatic impression, softly smudge the outer corners of your eyes with a brown or gray shadow rather than paint precise eyeliner on them. Your natural glow will be enhanced and the e-girl effect will be instantly completed by adding cream highlighter.

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