12 Sexy Sternum and Underboob Tattoos For Women

underboob tattoo

One of the best spots for a woman to get an underboob tattoo or on the side of the breast. This placement, favored by stars like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, is ideal for everyone because it can either appear delicate and feminine or make a strong statement. The underboob is excellent since it can be quickly covered up and is located close to your heart, making it a perfect location for body art that is especially meaningful to you.

However, getting inked there is also among the more painful options. The area is delicate, and depending on your design, you can feel really uncomfortable. But don’t let that deter you because this is a beautiful and adaptable spot for your next tattoo; read on to get inspired.

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Does Sternum Tattoo Hurt?

One of the most painful areas to get a tattoo is on the sternum, which rates a nine out of ten on the pain scale. Here, the breastbone is immediately over the tattooed area, which can be extremely uncomfortable due to the bone’s close closeness.

There is no cushioning since the area has thin skin, little muscle, and low levels of fat. Although getting inked here can be uncomfortable, it is a common choice, especially for very personal body art because it is kept near to your heart. Additionally, you may quickly cover it up, making it a flexible place.

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1. Rose Underboob Tattoo

underboob tattoo

One of the most lovely and symbolic flowers, the rose also makes for intriguing and significant body art. Although it is frequently linked to romance, beauty, and new beginnings, the significance of this flower can vary according to the hue you choose. For instance, the colors red and black are associated with love that never ends and passion, respectively.

Various other images, such as a clock, skeleton, or butterfly, can be tattooed alongside a rose tattoo or as a filler. It is a terrific option for underboob or sternum artwork since it may appear delicate and feminine or make a bold statement.

2. Underboob tattoo of a lion

underboob tattoo

The underboob or sternum is usually not the best place for your first tattoo. However, nothing should prevent you from having a large tattoo if you are aware of the discomfort associated with obtaining a tattoo and believe you can withstand it in this delicate place.

When tattooed here, it may make a statement and looks really cool and feminine. This is the place for you if your ideal piece is elaborate, intricate, and important to you. It’s because of how small the space is. It is also large enough to choose a design with shading and features, but this will cause more pain and cost more money.

3. Small Underboob Tattoo

underboob tattoo side boob tattoo

Although underboob body art looks wonderful, it may also be excruciatingly unpleasant, so many women choose a smaller design instead. But more than only the pain aspect plays a role in this choice. Because they can seem elegant, are simple to conceal by clothes, and have just as much meaning as larger tattoos, small tattoos are becoming more and more popular. The greatest tattoo designs to choose from are those that are straightforward. Additionally, your inking will be less expensive and result in a quick tattoo session that is finished in only one sitting.

4. Simple tattoo on the underboob

underboob tattoo

Simple tattoos have a certain appeal, and they are ideal for someone who takes a more relaxed attitude toward body art and wants to concentrate on the purpose behind their design. You might consider the symbolism when the design is simplified.

Simple tattoos can also be tattooed practically anywhere on the body because they frequently lack excessive amounts of shading, color, or texture. Although these parts come in a variety of sizes, the smaller the better because the underboob can be extremely sensitive.

5. Quote Underboob Tattoo

underboob tattoo

A quote tattoo is an excellent alternative if you’re seeking more than one word. This might be a line from your favorite book, song, or poem that has stayed in your head. It can be anything that makes you feel something.

Quote tattoo is a great option for ladies of all ages and looks great as a tattoo on the underboob. There are many other alternatives as well. You can cover up your body art when you want or choose to reveal it to anyone you trust in this setting because it is private.

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6. Lavender Underboob Tattoo

underboob tattoos

The shape of the sprig makes a lavender tattoo a popular choice for an under-the-boob design. However, it is more just a pretty pick because the plant stands for innocence and tranquility. The purple colors enhance the overall beauty and meaning of this design, which looks best when inked in color because purple is frequently connected to royalty and luxury. Lavender is often associated with passion, unending love, and devotion.

7. Lotus Underboob Tattoo

underboob tattoo

The lotus flower is not only a stunning bloom, but it also holds a great deal of significance. Many people consider this as a metaphor for their own challenges because it emerges from murky waters and grows under what may seem to be unfavorable conditions. How unexpected beauty might appear, or how we can recover from a trying time in our life.

The flower can be tattooed by someone who is on a spiritual journey or going through a transitional time in their life. It also symbolizes the divine, rebirth, purity, and enlightenment. This might be equally crucial when choosing where to hang your paintings. Women have a private and functional area in the underboob and sternum.

8. Unique Underboob Tattoo

underboob tattoo

There are popular, gorgeous, symbolic images that you can choose from while getting a tattoo, but there are also unusual tattoo options. These might have been created with you in mind or else have significance to you. Consider why you want this ink before consulting with your preferred tattoo artist.

You may use this to create something that expresses a feature of your personality or gives you comfort and delight. It might be a catchy slogan, a modernized mythical image, or a drawing you made yourself.

9. Word Underboob Tattoo

underboob tattoo

The most profound tattoos are occasionally the most straightforward, and a word tattoo may be a remarkably significant design. A word that speaks to you or the name of a loved one who has passed away could be your choice. Perhaps it serves as a reminder to be brave or strong.

Perhaps it might be something you strive to be, like content, liberated, and joyful. Give some attention to your inking and find something that moves you because there are so many alternatives and languages to choose from.

10. Underboob tattoo of a flower

underboob tattoo

The underboob is one of the best places to get a gorgeous tattoo. This is because the location is quite private, making displaying it a very individual choice. Additionally, it contains sensuality and is one of the most feminine, attractive, and lovely regions of a woman’s body.

Although there are many alternatives, your design choice should reflect your personality. Your inking could be big and vibrant or delicate and simple, like the outline of a flower. Your confidence and the setting contribute to the sensuality.

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11. Henna Underboob Tattoo

underboob tattoo

Perhaps a henna tattoo is the best option for you if you aren’t quite ready to commit to permanent body art. The artwork can be extremely symbolic and profound and is frequently used in traditional Indian weddings. There is no pain involved in applying henna because it is a plant-based ink or paste. They will also deteriorate over time.

It often complements the majority of skin tones and comes in a variety of colors, including red, orange, brown, and a bluish-black shade. Henna can include paraphenylenediamine, so you should be cautious about the brand you choose and the person who applies it to your skin (PPD). Some people have been reported to experience allergic reactions to the substance.

12. Cool Underboob Tattoo

underboob tattoos

Regardless of where you get tattooed, it will probably be a cool tattoo. This particular positioning expresses femininity and sensuality while highlighting one of a woman’s most private portions of her body. There are many different styles to pick from, ranging from delicate and understated pieces to bold and vibrant pieces that stand out. Consider your motivation for getting tattooed here as well as the words or images that have special value to you before choosing what to acquire

You can draw your own design for your tattoo. Alternately, engage with your tattoo artist to design a distinctive and fashionable piece you’ll be happy to display. If you display it, it will surely spark a discussion.

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