13 Websites That Are Best For Cat Lovers Of All Ages

There is a sizable population of people that adore cats. There are several websites available for you to explore your obsession.

Are you a passionate cat lover who is always seeking out fresh cat-related information? Don’t look elsewhere. You should provide yourself with the information and resources necessary to provide your cat with the finest care because owning a cat is a significant commitment.

You can obtain that information online, whether you’re looking for fundamental knowledge about caring for cats or you have minor worries about your cat that don’t need immediate treatment.

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These websites cover every aspect of cats, and they are all listed in this article.

1. The Cat Site

cat website

For cat lovers and cat owners, The Cat Site is a must. This website is devoted to advising cat lovers on how to provide the best care for their cats. A variety of subjects are covered, including information on cat feeding and health as well as cat behavior.

You can join a community of cat lovers who share stories and images of their cats on this website in addition to getting tips on how to care for your cat.

2. Feline Forums

cat website cat lover

This forum offers a fresh perspective from the cat memes and lovely cat images that are common in many cat communities. There may be a few articles where users introduce their cats, but this website is a useful resource where users share practical advice and in-depth knowledge on cat care.

There are different categories in the forum. By selecting one of the topics, you will be able to see exactly what kind of talks you will encounter. This website caters to all varieties of cat lovers, whether you wish to participate in articles on general cat information, health, fostering cats, or off-topic information that is solely for enjoyment.

3. CatForum.com

website for cat lover

Discussions about cat breeds, cat care, food, and other cat-related topics can be found on CatForum.com, a community of cat lovers. It’s clear that this network benefits a variety of cat owners and lovers have given that it has more than 56,000 members.

Peer review is the best feature of the material on this forum. Members engage with, read, and uphold accuracy in forum messages. Additionally, CatForum.com employs a group of moderators who keep an eye out for spam, false information, and other unsavory activity. As a result, cat lovers can continue to trust and feel safe using this platform.

4. The Community Cats Podcast

website for cat lover

This website is ideal for you if you’re passionate about working with community cats. Creating a secure community for cats is the goal of the community cats podcast. A weekly podcast on various cat welfare-related issues is available on the website.

The podcast’s conversations aim to inform and enlighten listeners about the problem of cat overpopulation and provide them with the tools they need to care for cats in their neighborhood. The website also offers a blog with information to assist you in making your home a humane place for cats.

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5. PetKeen

website for cat lovers

On the website PetKeen, pet owners can find advice. Various subjects are covered in articles on cats. You may search through a database of over 8,000 postings on PetKeen, so you’ll probably discover some information that will assist you to provide your kitties with the care they need.

The site to locate a 24-hour vet’s advice can also be used to get professional guidance on any cat-related worries you may have. It’s crucial to understand that this platform is not intended for emergencies. Contacting your neighborhood veterinarian is advised in case of an emergency.

6. Catster

websites for cat lovers

This website is for you if you want to find out more about anything cat-related, including lifestyle, cat behavior, health, and diet. You can read a range of interesting and instructional articles on the Catster website.

The cat photo booth, where you may register and upload images of your cats, is one of the website’s distinctive features.

7. Cat Friendly Homes

cat lovers


This website is perfect for you if this is your first time taking care of a cat. A website called Cat Friendly Homes is operated by veterinarians who specialize in caring for cats, and it is dedicated to providing cat owners and lovers with the greatest knowledge possible.

It provides educational information on topics like “how to feed a cat” and “how to handle and pet a cat.” So, there is nothing wrong with being a beginner on this platform.

You’ll also find fundamental grooming advice to support you in creating a regular grooming regimen if you’d like to be more hands-on with your cat’s grooming.

8. All About Cats

websites for cat lovers

This website provides information about cats, as corny as that may sound. You may learn how to take the best possible care of your cat by using the expert-reviewed tips on this page.

The site’s cat name finder is a distinctive feature. So, this function might be useful to you if you recently adopted a new kitten or cat and are still trying to come up with a name. The name finder is divided into many sections, including breed, name styles, color, and markings.

9. The Fluffy Kitty

cat lovers

Do you enjoy traveling and would want to bring your cat along?

Look nowhere else. A couple who have visited seven nations with their pet cat and started the blog The Fluffy Kitty.

For cat parents who want to travel and live an eco-friendly lifestyle, The Fluffy Kitty offers advice. You can learn how to train your cat to adapt to an adventurous lifestyle, among many other important tips.

There are companies that create toys, cat bowls, and other items for cats that are bad for the environment. Fortunately, you may find instructions on this page for how to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle for your cat.

10. PetMD

cat lovers

The equivalent of WebMD for animals is PetMD. Since 2008, veterinarians have been writing it, making it a fantastic resource for pet health and care. But be careful not to fall into the typical WebMD pitfall: Checking your pet’s symptoms frequently could make you think they’re always ill when they might just be having a bad day. If you have any specific concerns regarding the health of your cat, call your veterinarian.

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11. Cat-World

cat lovers

It shouldn’t be surprising that Cat-World is a website dedicated only to felines. This website contains a ton of care subjects, from the finest goods to buy when you’re introducing a new cat to your home to what to expect behaviorally from your kitty. It also includes breed profiles, which are quite beneficial for understanding your cat, especially because many people are infamous for not knowing what kind of cat they even own.

12. Little Big Cat

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Dr. Jean Hofve, a holistic veterinarian, and Jackson Galaxy, a cat behaviorist from the television show My Cat from Hell, developed this website. Little Big Cat is all about assisting people in taking care of their cats so they won’t abandon them or, worse, allow them to become stray animals. Everything from instructions on behavior to advise on nutrition and health may be found here.


websites for cat lovers

The ASPCA is a nationwide organization for animal welfare that was founded more than a century ago with the intention of stopping animal abuse. Hopefully, your house cat doesn’t require rescue, but in addition to offering assistance to animals in need and listing pets for adoption, the ASPCA website includes a wealth of useful advice and materials for pet owners.

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