15 Amazing Cross Tattoo Designs For Men & Meaning

cross tattoos

Many Christians choose the sacred cross as their cross tattoo design. It stands for the heart of the religion, the death of Jesus Christ on the cross for humanity. A cross tattoo can have new meanings when paired with other symbols and art forms. It is also spiritual and strong. Your cross tattoo symbolizes your religion whether you go with a straightforward design, a Gothic motif, or even a Celtic pattern.

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1. Jesus Cross Tattoo

cross tattoo

Many people decide to combine their cross tattoo with the image of Christ himself in order to really accentuate the Christian meaning of it. Jesus is the human race’s rescuer, making this kind of body art a potent and stirring declaration. To signify Christ’s crucifixion, suffering, and heavenly resurrection, a Jesus’ cross tattoo can also be coupled with other symbols like passion flowers, blood drips, or a halo.

2. Three Cross Tattoo

cross tattoo

A three-cross tattoo might mean two different things. The three facets of God that Christians believe in—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—can be represented by it, to start. Otherwise, it can represent Christ and the two other people who died on the same cross as him at Golgotha. The latter is a means for many Christians to recall the humanity of Jesus.

3. Rose Cross Tattoo

cross tattoo

Christian symbolism for roses includes purity, joy, and martyrdom. It should come as no surprise that so many Christians decide to ink their crosses among these lovely flowers. For English people, the rose and cross tattoo can also serve as a symbol of national pride. This is so because the rose is the national flower of England and the red cross on the English flag stands for Saint George.

4. Cross Flower Tattoo

cross tattoo

Flowers are widely presented at church services, as well as at weddings and funerals, and they have numerous symbolic meanings in Christianity. Tradition and biblical descriptions of the flowers serve as the foundation for what they are said to stand for.

The rose, which is linked to the Virgin Mary, is one of the most popular flowers that Christians choose for tattoos. White flowers such as iris, lily, and jasmine are also used to symbolize Mary. Investigate the significance of the flower you decide to include in your tattoo design.

5. Small Cross Tattoo

cross tattoo

If you want to subtly honor your beliefs, go for a modest cross tattoo. These tattoos, which express your faith in God, are incredibly unique and intimate. Nearly any part of the body is suitable for a small tattoo, but many individuals opt to get a cross tattooed on their arm or wrist so they can always see it. A little cross tattoo on your arm is very simple to conceal with a shirt.

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6. Cross Wings Tattoo

cross tattoo

Wings are a common motif for tattoo designs since they are connected to angels in Christianity. Wings can stand in for the wearer’s guardian angel or the spirit of a loved one who has passed away when paired with a cross. A winged cross also stands for the liberation that comes from accepting one’s trust in God.

7. Upsidedown cross tattoo

cross tattoo three crosses tattoo

Many people have the wrong idea about the upside-down cross. A lot of individuals think it symbolizes anti-Christian sentiments or even Satanism. As a result, metal music, Gothic clothing, and horror movies frequently incorporate them. But it has Christian roots, going all the way back to St. Peter, the first pope.

According to historical records, St. Peter asked to be crucified upside down at his martyrdom. He felt unworthy of dying in the same manner as Christ, which is the explanation offered. As a result, the upside-down cross has come to symbolize both humility before God and the Catholic faith.

8. Maltese Cross Tattoo

cross tattoo

The Maltese cross is a distinctive variety of cross tattoos. The 16th century is when the famous “arrowhead” design first appeared. It was initially employed by a knightly holy order located on the island of Malta. It has grown to stand for bravery and courage over time, and military decorations frequently feature it. Nowadays, a lot of firemen get tattoos of the Maltese Cross. If you are of Maltese descent or a part of the first aid team St. John Ambulance, you might also go with this design.

9. Heart Cross Tattoo

cross tattoo

A tattoo of a heart and cross connotes both love and faith. As a result, males frequently get it as a wedding tattoo. It’s not always romantic, though. The unending love of God for humanity is symbolized by a bleeding heart. The “Sacred Heart,” which has grown to be a popular tattoo option, is one of the most touching and historic religious designs. Along with a bleeding heart, it also features a crown of thorns, which symbolizes Christ’s crucifixion, and flames, which stand for the transforming force of God’s love.

10. Cross Finger Tattoo

cross tattoo

Try a finger tattoo if you want a faint cross-inking. It’s up to you which finger you use. Because it is more noticeable, represents commitment, and harmonizes with the wedding ring on their left ring finger, some Christian men choose to tattoo the cross on their right ring finger. The right hand is also connected to blessings, strength, and power in the Bible. The cross is a discrete tattoo design that can be used in conjunction with other side-finger tattoos to form a secret message.

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11. Cross Forearm Tattoo

cross tattoo


One of the most conventional and masculine areas to get a tattoo is on the forearm. It is timeless and won’t significantly change in size as you age. Additionally, this positioning leaves adequate room for a more complicated design, yet a simple design works just as well. Because they will always be able to see their cross, many Christian men chose this location for their tattoos. Since you can easily add a variety of additional symbols and designs to the cross, it can also serve as the first part of a sleeve tattoo.

12. Infinity Cross Tattoo

cross tattoo

The infinity tattoo design, which consists of two loops connected together to form one continuous line, has long been a favorite. That’s because it’s adaptable; when coupled with different designs, its meaning changes. The cross and the infinity sign are one of the most potent combos.

It stands for God’s limitless love, might, and knowledge. This tattoo serves as a reminder to many Christians that even when everything appears lost, their faith will never fail them. It also makes a lovely memorial tattoo that symbolizes life after death.

13. Cross Back Tattoo

cross tattoo

The back is a significant spot for a back tattoo, much as the chest. This area of the body is seen to be the ideal location for a religious tattoo because it is believed to reflect the basis of the wearer’s life. The wearer can always see the inking even though it can’t be seen without mirrors. Many guys choose to have detailed tattoo patterns on their backs because it is one of the largest and flattest body parts. But a straightforward cross works just as well.

14. Cross-Sleeve Tattoo

cross tattoo

A sleeve tattoo, which extends from the shoulder to the hand or wrist, makes a strong statement. So, for men who want to share their faith with the world, a cross-themed sleeve is perfect. Many Christians consider getting these tattoos to be a spiritual experience because they take a lot of patience and agony to finish.

Use other Biblical symbols and verses in your cross-sleeve tattoo to make it stand out. Popular options with significant meanings include the dove of peace, angels, and roses.

15. Cross-Arm Tattoo


Starting with the initial sailor tattoos, the arm has been a popular location for tattoos. It’s one of the least uncomfortable places to get inked, making it perfect for your first one. For many years, the bicep was in style; nevertheless, right now, the rear of the arm is.

If you want to share your beliefs with others, a cross tattoo is a wonderful choice for placement. Due to the right arm’s connotation with power and strength, many Christians decide to tattoo a cross on their right arm.

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