15 Beautiful Purple Nail Designs You Should Try

purple nail designs

The beautiful appearance of your nail designs would be enhanced by the deep shade of purple, which is frequently linked to aristocracy, refinement, and authority. It blends well with a wide spectrum of hues, including more subdued hues. If you want a dramatic appearance, you can choose light or dark shades.

From lovely pastels that are simple to wear to striking neons, there is something for everyone. Furthermore, it is a shade that works well with a variety of styles, including sparkly and ombre looks as well as nail art like butterflies. People who want something lovely and symbolic should definitely go with it.

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1. Purple and Black Nails

purple nails

A stunning and opulent color combination for nails is black and purple. The deep colors complement each other beautifully and are both linked to strength and authority. This is a simple method to declare your femininity and show the world that you are a boss.

The combination can serve as a reminder of the beauty of nature and also evokes images of the night sky. You must be self-assured to pull off this manicure, but you won’t regret it. These hues may be used in a variety of ways, which is one of their most appealing qualities. Use nail art, stickers, glitter or shimmer polish, or polish with a matte finish to express your creativity.

2. Dark Purple Nails

purplr nail designs

Dark purple nails are appropriate for someone who doesn’t mind standing out from the crowd. Although less intense and simpler to wear than black polish, they are nonetheless rich and will make people notice your hands. You can have fun by adding your own unique touches, such as painting a feature nail a different shade of purple or adding small diamantés.

The color fits with nails of all shapes and lengths. Use a complementary eyeliner or lipstick color for a dramatic and vampy look. Enjoy the attention this lacquer will attract by wearing it with confidence.

3. Light Purple Nails

purple nails

The color purple is so stunning that people are drawn to it. Your nails may seem opulent and it conjures up images of majesty and authority. However, wearing deeper lacquers is not for everyone and is frequently inappropriate for daily wear. Choose light purple nails instead if you want something more understated.

Being less intense and more manageable to wear, this washed-down color is a lovely and feminine option. One polish color can be chosen for each finger, or you can have fun and experiment with other hues.

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4. White and Purple Nails

purple nails

Purple polish has the unique advantage of being incredibly adaptable and mixing well with other colors. You won’t want to take your eyes off the manicure created by white and purple nails since they are light and contemporary. White is a color that conjures up images of purity and cleanliness, but it is also a timeless and traditional option. The neutral tone is simple to match and mix, and you may be creative with how you pair these two hues.

Perhaps you want to go with stripes, a feature nail, or a more delicate look by painting white blossoms on your nails. You may wear floral nail art in a variety of settings, from casual to somewhat more formal, and it is a popular and feminine choice.

5. Ombre Purple Nails

purple nails

Dreamy and elegant, purple ombre manicures are a great option for any woman. Combining two hues, one light and the other deeper results in a stylish appearance and is a fun way to wear several hues. Light purple and nude-colored lacquers are a terrific choice for a very delicate approach, and solid, neutral colors like white or even black are ideal for something a bit bolder. There are countless color combinations you can use, so pick one that most accurately matches your personal taste.

6. Blue and Purple Nails

purple nails

A wonderful nail color combo is blue and purple. Since the hues are so similar, this combination is one of the more understated ones and looks good on most skin tones, all fingernail lengths, and nail shapes.

You can choose from light or dark hues and experiment with matte or sparkly finishes. You can choose an ombre technique, paint one shade over the other to create your desired effect, or combine the two colors with creative nail art.

7. Purple Glitter Nails

purple nails

Look no further than purple glitter nails if you want to add a little sparkle to your life. Purple nail polish looks amazing when combined with glitter, which is a terrific thing. Even the most simple manicure is intriguing because of the glitter.

However, some people are apprehensive to use glitter or believe that it should only be used during the holidays. Get imaginative with your placement to make sure neither of them is the case; you’ll often discover that less is more. You may achieve this by choosing to utilize negative space or only painting your tips.

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8. Matte Purple Nails

purple nails

Your next trip to the salon should include matte purple nails. Because the polish doesn’t shine, it provides an intriguing and understated finish. Purple is an eye-catching color, but the matte finish gives it a more subdued aspect. This makes it simpler to put on and looks stunning on all nail lengths and shapes.

It’s completely up to you how you want to paint your nails. You can choose to use several hues or just one, concentrate on the nail’s tips or paint the entire surface, or experiment with negative space.

9. Neon Purple Nails

purple nails

Neon purple nails are the manicure for you if you enjoy vivid hues. Neon lights are quite striking and conspicuous, and they will probably make you grin. Although you can experiment with various nail art styles, painting your fingernails with only one color of polish would be a fantastic option depending on your own preferences and how dramatic you want your look to be. You can make a fashion statement with less effort by wearing this, which is simpler to wear.

10. Purple Butterfly Nails

purple nails

In the 1990s, butterflies were a popular trend; in 2021, you’ll see them everywhere once more. These lovely avian animals can be made in a variety of hues and forms, and they have served as an inspiration for nail art, tattoos, makeup, and hair accessories. Any woman who wants a lovely and meaningful manicure should consider purple butterfly nails.

Since insects are symbolic of metamorphosis and development, they are the ideal gift for anyone going through a time of change or growth. The ring finger is a popular option and a chance to highlight important jewelry like a wedding or engagement ring. You may make your artwork appear to be flying across each fingernail or concentrate on a focal nail.

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11. Pastel Purple Nails

purple nails

When it comes to nail art, pastel hues are a timeless favorite. Because they are so comfortable and easy to wear, they never go out of style. There are many different hues available as well, ranging from charming pastel purple nails to baby blues and sweet pinks. You’ll adore this selection because it’s gorgeous and simple to wear. It will complement the majority of nail shapes and lengths and lend itself well to a range of settings.

Put on pastel apparel to give off a girly impression. Or, for a more subdued appearance, stick to wearing solid, neutral colors, which will make your manicure the focal point of your presentation. Neutral colors, especially white, are enhanced by pastels.

12. Pink and Purple Nails

purple nails

Pink and purple nails are a color combination that is simple to wear and attractive, despite the stunning and uncommon nature of some color combinations. No matter if you adore long talons or prefer shorter nails, it works well for nails of all lengths and shapes. Pink nail polish is a timeless and classic choice, but you might feel like you’ve seen it before.

This is a way to modernize your standard pinky manicure. The two colors look good together and give off a delicate, feminine image. However, if you like something more striking and vivid, you might choose richer or more vibrant colors like dark purple and hot pink.

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13. Purple Tip Nails

pink nails

Choose purple tip nails if you adore the French manicure but want a more vibrant and contemporary take on this style. The white polish around the tip is what distinguishes this manicure traditionally, however applying purple will modernize your nails.

You can be really creative because of the intriguing color use and negative spacing. For a pleasant and playful appearance, you can make the polish appear to be dripping or get design ideas from candy or ice cream cones.

14. Yellow and Purple Nails

purple nails

Yellow and purple nails are an uncommon but eye-catching pairing. The combination of the two hues creates an unexpectedly vivid and dramatic manicure. While yellow is one of the most bright colors and is frequently tied to happiness and hope, purple is a color that is associated with wealth, refinement, and power. Even the most straightforward manicure will be intriguing thanks to the combination of these two colors, which is certain to make you grin.

Try experimenting with various designs and possibilities when wearing these hues. French tips are a basic example, but there are also more complex things like checks and line art.

15. Holographic Purple Toenails

purple nails

Purple nail polish can be great for your toenails as well as your fingernails. What better way to make sure your feet look their best than with a holographic purple pedicure if you want to wear shoes during the warmer months? Because of their reflective appearance, holographic nails have been a longtime favorite.

It’s simple to see the high-shine lacquer, which is produced by mixing in a unique pigment. It will have a wonderful appearance when they catch the sun and looks great on nails of all lengths and shapes, even toenails.

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