15 Best Movie Download Apps

Despite the availability of numerous streaming services, many people still choose to download their preferred movies so they can watch them even when they are not connected to the internet. For more information, see the Best Movie Download Apps.

These days, quite a few Android applications make it possible for you to do so in a very straightforward and uncomplicated manner. If you’re unsure which ones you should download and install on your smartphone, you can always check out our recommendations for the best movie download apps here.

1. YouTube

movies download apps

Presently, YouTube is one of the best movie download apps for people looking for all kinds of content. Fortunately, this website also contains a ton of movies. You can download a ton of movies from Google Play Movies and watch them on your Android smartphone on the platform, which also hosts free independent and older movies.

We’ve got the best websites to download YouTube videos on our list if you’re unclear about how to go about downloading your videos. Additionally, we had to endorse it because the software is so simple to use. Download it by clicking this link to begin using it.

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2. Pluto TV

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With more than 100 channels, including new movie and sports channels, this app caters to everyone’s tastes. Finding streaming programs is made simpler by the interface’s resemblance to the ubiquitous TV programming grid we are all accustomed to. Customizing your channels is possible after signing up. Because it offers both on-demand and live streaming television, Pluto TV is a little different.

3. Crackle

movies download apps

The biggest distinction between Crackle and Netflix is that the majority of its material is available for free viewing. Crackle is a movie download app that is remarkably similar to Netflix. There are a lot of vintage films and television programs, as well as some more current productions and even some unique works.

It is also quite easy to use, and although there are some adverts, they are pretty infrequent. It’s undoubtedly one of the best resources for you to watch movies legally and for free. Download the app by clicking this link.

4. Netflix

movie download apps

While Netflix is undoubtedly one of the greatest movie download apps for watching movies and TV series, you can also download any content you wish to view so that you always have your favorite choices available. To get started, all you have to do is choose the movie or TV show you want to watch and download each episode individually.

Although not all of the content you find on the website is really accessible for download, Netflix has been progressively expanding support for more and more films and television shows.

5. Flud Torrent Downloader

movies download apps

Flud, a terrific option for torrenting nearly anything, is yet another excellent recommendation among the top movie download apps. You may use this program for nothing at all, and it has a very clear and simple UI.

It allows you to choose the files you wish to download, supports magnet links, imposes no speed limits on downloads or uploads, and even enables you to choose the priority of downloading within particular torrents.

6. ShowBox

movies download apps

One of the most well-liked movie apps for Android is ShowBox. There are thousands of pieces of content on there, both paid and unpaid. Be cautious, though, as some of these sources may not be totally legal.

You’ll need to sideload ShowBox onto your Android smartphone since Google Play does not host this application due to these potential concerns. Where you download the app is the essential thing to watch out for. Beware, some of the websites hosting this program may include dangerous spyware.

7. Google Play Movies

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Google Play Movies is a substitute created by Google, especially for Android that you may use to download a movie or a TV show. Some options are available for free, but the majority of what you’ll discover here is either for purchase or for rent.

The majority of the time, Google will email you to let you know when a movie is available for free or if you have a voucher to use to purchase your favorite films for offline viewing.

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8. CONtv

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CONtc is another extremely fascinating alternative you may find in any excellent list with all the best movie download applications for Android. You can watch a ton of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, anime, cult, and other types of films and TV shows on it.

You may always get a wide range of comics in addition to its wide variety of watchable content. It has a highly user-friendly layout, and its premium edition allows you to use Chromecast to view anywhere.

9. Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon Prime Video is unquestionably one of the greatest movie download apps for downloading movies. It is a service created by the e-commerce behemoth. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one of the Amazon Originals that you may watch, but you must pay for a subscription to do so. Chromecast makes it simple to watch on a TV, check all the information on IMDB, and do many other things.

10. CuriosityStream

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CuriosityStream is possibly the ideal spot to start watching if you enjoy being entertained and intellectually stimulated at the same time. The subscription plan is reasonably priced even if the free viewing library isn’t very big.

In addition to Android, the app is accessible on a number of other platforms and on a number of smart TVs. To discover the subject you wish to learn more about, the app contains numerous categories. Additionally, you can bookmark shows you want to watch later on a personalized watchlist.

11. TorrDroid

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TorrDroid is another relatively new app that offers a lot of wonderful resources for people searching for a simple way to download movies to their Android devices. It may be used for free and supports both magnet links and.torrent files, as one would anticipate.

TorrDroid makes searching easier by allowing you to do so without ever leaving the app. You can even play the files you’re downloading before they’re finished because it doesn’t limit your download speed.

12. tTorrent

movies download apps

Those who are accustomed to downloading torrents on Android frequently utilize the well-regarded program tTorrent. It includes all the expected fundamental features, but it also offers users considerably more extensive customization possibilities.

The most intriguing feature is that the program even encrypts all of the contents that pass through your phone, significantly enhancing security. It is available for free download and usage, but it also has a very affordable premium version that is ad-free.

13. Vimeo

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Vimeo hosts more than only buddy-made videos and is frequently referred to as YouTube’s younger sibling. There is a sizable selection of unusual cinema shorts and art films for the daring, and it’s a terrific location to discover up-and-coming creators. Similar to YouTube, Vimeo also allows you to upload your own videos, but it’s primarily geared toward professionals looking to break into the movie industry.

14. ByClick Downloader

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You can access practically any film on the biggest video-sharing network in the world with this incredible piece of software, not only movies. You simply copy and paste the URL of the video you wish to download into the ByClick Downloader program, which is incredibly easy to use and efficient.

It’s important to note that you can opt to simply download MP3 files, which is perfect for individuals who want to have a ton of free music available to them at all times. You can download movies from many more websites besides YouTube with the help of this program, including Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and many others.

15. PopcornFlix

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PopcornFlix is a free movie app with a wonderful variety of independent films. This program, which is supported by adverts, also offers a decent selection of foreign movies. Additionally, it features a kids edition with social media sharing and comments and is accessible across a number of platforms.

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There are a ton of apps and streaming services available today that you can use to search and watch your favorite films and TV episodes. Before selecting the best client for you, try addressing a few fundamental inquiries.

Are you seeking an app to download or view movies online? Which do you value more: the smooth interface, the quick download, or the video quality?

Go through our list of applications when you know what you want and consider trying a number of them before choosing the one you’ll use consistently.

Affiliate Disclosure: Purchases that are made using our links may earn us commissions from affiliate partners such as Amazon and other retailers.

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