15 Best YouTube Educational Channels For Kids

There are a ton of YouTube educational channels for kids that are made to keep them entertained while learning, whether you’re locked inside with your kids on a rainy day or need a few minutes of peace without turning on the TV.

We studied the top kid-friendly instructional YouTube channels and scored each one on interaction, content, quality, and attractiveness. The majority of these channels target middle school students and younger children, although several of them also have material appropriate for high school students.

Here are our top 21 selections for the finest kid-friendly educational YouTube channels if you’re seeking engaging, instructive, and entertaining content to supplement your children’s screen time.

1. Crash Course

youtube educational channel for kid

History and biology were initially taught to children through Crash Course, but soon chemistry, literature, psychology, physics, media literacy, and other subjects were added. The hosts are knowledgeable and entertaining, breaking down complex subjects for their audience in straightforward terms without ever patronizing them.

A set of videos produced in collaboration with Arizona State University are included in learning playlists for older students to teach both the subtle and specific components of writing well. With the help of this fantastic educational tool, kids can explore a variety of subjects, including engineering, artificial intelligence, and exploring digital information.

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2. NetFlix Jr

youtube educational channel for kids

The StoryBots and the Super Monsters, two of the channel’s favorite characters, are featured in a range of videos on Netflix Jr. Join the StoryBots as they walk you through the spread of a cold virus, or follow Dottie Culpepper as she demonstrates how to train children to become rangers. Even a seven-minute fitness DVD is available to keep the youngsters occupied while Mom works out.

For children in Pre-K through second grade, Netflix Jr. is a terrific channel. These videos might be interesting to third- and fourth-graders as well.

3. Kids Learning Tube

youtube educational channel for kids

A wealth of instructive videos, each of which focuses on a certain subject, may be found on Kids Learning Tube. Kids Learning Tube uses original sing-along music and animation to educate kids on topics like Earth Day, vegetables, and anxiety while fostering a unique and enjoyable learning environment.

More than 163,000 people subscribe to Kids Learning Tube, which now includes more than 140 videos in its library. To locate collections of carefully chosen films organized into categories like Earth Science, Famous Inventors, Motivational Songs for Kids, and more, select the Playlists option. Parents and teachers agree that Kids Learning Tube is a must-watch channel and a fantastic family resource.

4. Ryan’s World

youtube educational channel for kids

According to its parent company, Sunlight Entertainment, Ryan’s World, a kid-led kids education and entertainment channel founded by Ryan Kaji and his family with roots in toy reviews, has developed into an eight-channel media empire with more than two dozen staff animators, videographers, and other digital media specialists.

The main Ryan’s World YouTube channel contains science experiments, elementary chemistry, information about the animal kingdom, and scientist interviews, however, it takes a little digging to discover the most instructive videos because the channel still features a lot of toy-themed material.

Ryan travels the Milky Way and the Mars Rover to learn about space travel. He then tries horseback riding, skiing, and snorkeling to experience travel on Earth.

Older children (third to sixth grade) will probably find the instructional video interviews on Ryan’s World more engaging even if the online learning element of the content is entertaining and educational but the interview language is not always very kid-friendly.

5. Socratica Kids

youtube educational channel for kids

The Socratica Kids channel is best suited for preschoolers through second grade and is funded by the Socratica Foundation. The puppets muppets? here serving as the on-screen hosts are in charge of delivering everything from counting and phonics to science and storytelling. The channel hasn’t added any new videos in a while, but it still provides excellent timeless instructional content.

6. Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

youtube educational channel for kids

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, an organization devoted to assisting young people in developing their real selves with a focus on intelligence and inventiveness above fitting in, was founded by artist Amy Poehler and producer Meredith Walker.

Numerous programs are available on this YouTube channel, such as Women We Love and Making Math Fun with Danica McKellar. Composting, voting, participating in your community, and many other topics are covered as well. Even while this channel is essential for elementary and middle school females, boys will benefit much from the content as well.

7. Homeschool Pop

youtube educational channel for kids

Homeschool Pop’s animated movies are aimed at elementary-aged kids and expertly cover a variety of subjects, including Christopher Columbus, Elephants, Facts About the Human Nose, U.S. States, and more. Playlists are a useful tool for in-depth learning on a subject, and videos are arranged by subject and grade, making it simple to select a topic you want to learn about.

Homeschool Pop videos are a great and enjoyable resource whether you homeschool or not. These films are fantastic for children in kindergarten through roughly the fourth grade, but younger children with a keen interest will also enjoy them.

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8. Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids

youtube educational channel for kids

Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids is a fantastic educational resource with 3-D animated videos that make learning fun for children who need assistance with math and early learning topics. The videos are arranged by grade, making it simple for your child to select the ideas they wish to focus on.

Time, counting, addition, subtraction, division, and many other concepts are covered in the videos. Kids in kindergarten through sixth grade are the target audience for these films.

9. Rock ‘N Learn

youtube educational channel for kids

The best online learning video content from Rock ‘N Learn is available for students in kindergarten through fifth grade in its basic second language lessons. French, Spanish, and conversational Korean primers are available. English phonics, sight word, and digraph practice are beneficial for younger children. In addition to learning a new language, older children can try out multiplication rap or master fractions.

10. Ted Ed


Exists time, or not? Why are trees needed in cities? Why isn’t their feces all over the place? These and other frequently asked questions by kids are addressed in gorgeously animated movies on TED-Ed, the website that hosts the TED presentations. Look for TED-multi-episode Ed’s series, such as There’s a Poem for That and Think Like a Coder, and search the playlists for topics like “Love” or “Superhero Science.” The majority of preteens will enjoy this channel, but many of the videos are also suitable for younger children.

11. Mathantics

youtube educational channel for kids

The goal of the Mathantics website and YouTube channel is to assist children with their mathematical difficulties. Fractions, percentages, probability, geometry, algebra, statistics, and more are among the topics covered in the videos. Children starting in roughly fourth grade and going through middle school are best suited for mathantics.

12. National Geographic Kids

youtube educational channel for kids

Through its entertaining, even absurd, videos, National Geographic Kids aims to inspire youngsters to explore the world. You’ll find top-notch, interesting content, whether your youngster wants to learn about poisonous creatures or do a baking soda experiment.

Join Barbie on her adventures as she promotes imagination, expression, and discovery through play, or investigate oceans, deserts, and outer space with the Explorer Academy series. Although some older and younger children will also like many of these films, National Geographic Kids is excellent for students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

13. The Brain Scoop

youtube educational channel for kids

The Field Museum in Chicago created The Brain Scoop YouTube channel. For older children and tweens, it contains engaging videos. Videos explore a variety of topics, introducing odd animals like the camel spider and explaining why King Tut had a flat head.

14. PBS Kids

youtube educational channel for kids

View snippets and even entire episodes of some of the most well-liked and varied educational children’s programs on public television, including Arthur, Molly of Denali, Alma’s Way, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and many more. Join story read-along with well-known character actors and explore the subchannels for unique content like Black History Month films. The majority of web content is suitable for children aged 5 to 10.

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15. SoulPancake

youtube educational channel for kids

By enthusiastically exploring and celebrating the various ways people seek connection, love, hope, truth, and purpose, SoulPancake aims to open people’s minds and hearts. The YouTube channel that Rainn Wilson of The Office developed offers a variety of programs with a strong social scientific theme, such as history, philosophy, and psychology.

The channel covers subjects your child won’t find elsewhere, such as sober people discussing how they did it, what life is like for incarcerated women and the experiences of suicide survivors. The delivery of all the information is wise, cheerful, and encouraging.

The content on this channel is suitable for viewers in third grade and up, but parents should still keep an eye on it to make sure they and their kids are comfortable.

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