16 Best Balding Men’s Haircuts

Whether you’re privileged, you won’t start losing your hair until later in life, but many balding men start experiencing this issue as early as their twenties. Therefore, if the top of your body is beginning to thin out, don’t jump to the conclusion that you are approaching your golden years. You may grow bald gracefully, believe it or not; all you need to do is pick a hairdo that complements your receding hairline.

1. Razor Shave

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If you have bald spots or a splotchy hairstyle, the razor shave is the best option. Although a full shave may seem intimidating, it looks much better than losing your hair gradually patch by patch. Your clean-cut, distinguished appearance will be maintained, along with your masculine sense of style, with a razor shave. Additionally, you won’t even need to bother with your hair.

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2. Slicked Back

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Many men turn to the slick back as their go-to haircut because it has grown in popularity. It is an excellent strategy for deflecting attention from your thinning hairline. Simply use a comb and some styling product to smooth your hair from the front of your head to the back. To prevent the hair from looking greasy, set it with a little hairspray and take care not to use too much of the product.

3. Buzz Cutt

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Try the traditional buzz cut instead of a full shave if it still seems a little daunting. If your hair is starting to thin around the crown and hairline, this simple, manly haircut looks terrific. Directing attention back to your face helps to lessen the appearance of a widow’s peak or a receding hairline.

4. Comb Over

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The comb over hairstyle is great for balding guys because it makes use of the hairline’s receding line as the lowest point in the natural section of your hair. Your hair appears heavier and thicker as a result of this. Have your hair cut with a front that is a touch longer. Comb your hair to one side and back with a small bit of styling product, then set it with hairspray.

5. The Roger Sterling

balding men

Consider adopting Roger Sterling’s hairdo. For men who still have some hair on top but have a receding hairline, this is a terrific style. Get it trimmed short on top, but leave enough length at the sides for you to be able to comb a section of it. The sides are cinched. Ensure the barber tapers the edges so they match the top beautifully.

6. Very High and Tight

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You can still get traditional barber cuts if your hair is thinning. In the case of a high and tight, the height and degree of tightness you achieve may help conceal bald spots and general thinning. According to Paster, the sides can be cut extremely close to the skin if someone is balding on the back of their head, for example, blending into the bald spot. To make the blending work, be prepared to display some skin on the sides, this is known as a skin fade.

7. Messy Push

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If you’ve noticed that your hairline is receding, a style like this is especially recommended. Wherever your hair is thinning, that’s the direction you want to arrange it so you can slightly conceal it and make it appear larger and thicker, advises Paster. Keep the top a touch longer and ask your barber to add texture. Then, muck it up with your hands and push it forward using a lightweight item.

8. Faux Hawk

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A faux hawk is a stylish and young hairdo that is excellent for deflecting attention away from your thinning hairline. Keep it quite short at the top and accomplish the height by spiking it up with a little product, but don’t go overboard with the length. Keep the hair neatly pulled back in one direction or faded at the sides.

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9. Regulation Cut

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A classic army haircut that gained popularity during World War 2 is another influence on the regulation cut. The hair is either tapered or totally shaved off at the sides to achieve the desired style. The top of the hair is nearly combed over but is maintained tighter. Similar to many comb-over styles, the regulation cut uses your hairline as a feature of the part to include your hairline into the style.

10. Spiky Hair

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Spiky hair may give your hair volume and is great for adding structure. The present version of this styling strategy is more wearable than the one that was fashionable in the 1990s. Today’s spikes are less distinct and rigid, giving the appearance of disheveled, natural hair. Because lengthy hair can be more difficult to manage and needs more grip, spikes work best with short hair. This is a terrific method to use if you want to conceal hair loss or a receding hairline with the way you style your hair.

11. Caesar Cut

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One of the most traditional and adaptable hairstyles for guys is the Caesar cut. The short fringe is its defining feature, and it is cut so that the top, back, and sides appear to be almost the same length. The fringe will deflect attention from the top of the head and put it on your facial features, which is an amazing approach to hiding thinning hair.

You have more styling options if you still have some length and volume in your hair and the balding is more of a receding hairline. The low-maintenance Caesar can be a fantastic choice. It is a haircut that looks good on men of all ages and can be customized to your preferred hair texture and length.

12. Short Curls

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One of the most popular hair textures is curly hair due to its abundance of movement. Keeping your curls short can make them easier to manage and style while also hiding balding. Curls can be quite attractive and are excellent for softening features. In order to give the hair structure and make the top look larger, you can also want to style them with a fade. Working with your barber to select the appearance that best suits your hair type and face shape will help you get your preferred look with short curls.

13. Undercut

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Shaved sides and back, along with length on top, define the undercut. Almost all hairstyles can incorporate it. This fashion is perfectly suited to all events due to its adaptability and popularity for producing a polished and sharp image. Thick hair can be made lighter by an undercut, but it also draws attention to the contrast.

The length discrepancy between the back and sides and the crown in balding males might give the appearance that the top of the head is thicker than it actually is. You can style it with a sleek back to hide a receding hairline. For individuals who prefer to preserve the length near the hairline, the comb-over is an option. Numerous choices make it simple to choose the appearance that best matches your requirements.

14. Brushed Back Hair and Fade

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Simple, brushed-back hairstyles are created by moving the hairline away from the back of the head. This is an excellent method for giving the top of the head volume and fullness. The brushed-back style can assist to cover up crown thinning if you have any.

This haircut can be given structure and contrast by combining this look with a fade. The degree of drama you want in your fade is up to you. The overall idea is to gradually cut the sides and back of the hair while leaving the top long. This may give the impression that the top hair is bigger and thicker.

15. High Skin Fade

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You must combine your hairstyle with a high skin fade for a current, trendy look that will look good on you and give you confidence. On the sides and back of the head, a skin fade keeps the length on top while reducing to skin level. One of the more striking fading styles, it stands out and contrasts the top hair, giving it a broader, thicker appearance. It’s a terrific technique to give your hair structure, give it a finished appearance, and still allow you to play around with different hairstyles.

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16. Soft Crew Cut

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If overall thinning is a problem for you, the length might visually change how much you appear to have. The more strength you push into the top, the shorter you buzz down the sides. It’s not necessary to go overboard when adding a little extra length to the top to give the impression that you have more hair. A small adjustment like this can make a huge effect.

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