20 Best Hallmark Christmas Movies

Millions of spectators concur that nothing compares to the solace and happiness that these holiday movies bring, despite the fact that some people love to detest the formulaic stories you know, the one about the woman who quits her job in the large city to discover the meaning of life.

Every year, the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries pleasantly surprise and amaze us all by boosting their movie offerings, promoting diversity, and spreading holiday pleasure even more.

Nevertheless, despite everything that is new, I still find myself yearning to see old Christmas movies like “Countdown to Christmas” and “Miracles of Christmas.” In light of the foregoing, here is my wildly biased list of the greatest Hallmark Christmas films ever, starting in 2006.

Sure, there are a few obvious selections (anything with Candace Cameron Bure and Lacey Chabert), but this list also has a ton of undiscovered gems that made me cry, including the 2020 release Holly & Ivy, starring Janel Parrish and Jeremy Jordan.

All of these Hallmark Christmas movies, whether they are new to you or an old favorite, will make you laugh, weep, and view the holiday in a completely different manner. Therefore, since it doesn’t seem like you’re leaving anytime soon, you might as well take up residence on the couch right away.

1. Next Stop, Christmas


What may have occurred if Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca) had wed her ex is a regretful thought for her (Chandler Massey). She gets dropped off in 2011 as she rides the train home to spend Christmas with her family. Angie starts to realize what is really important in life with the help of the enigmatic train conductor (Christopher Lloyd). Lea Thompson, Lloyd’s co-star from Back to the Future, also appears in the film.

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2. Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing


For a further installment in the Christmas-themed series, it’s time to visit the town of Evergreen. Bells Are Ringing stars, Holly Robinson Peete, Michelle, who is getting ready for her Christmas wedding, and Rukiya Bernard’s Hannah, who is thinking about her own relationship.

3. Christmas Everlasting


Christmas Everlasting is more of a tearjerker than Hallmark’s other films, but it serves as a poignant reminder to face life head-on, even if it means coming clean with your secrets and fears along the road. Tatyana Ali steals the show in the role of Lucy, a hotshot lawyer who is forced to face her past after the death of her sister.

4. A Grandpa for Christmas


Since there are all kinds of different love stories. This time, it centers on the unwavering affection a grandfather (played by Ernest Borgnine) has for his granddaughter (played by Juliette Goglia). The Christmas performance at her school forges a lifelong friendship between the two, who at first are just strangers.

5. On the 12th Date of Christmas

hallmark christmas movies

As an effort to spread holiday cheer, a couple of outcast video game designers collaborate to develop a scavenger hunt. They eventually find what they were looking for all along in one another when their game unites the entire town.

6. Christmas She Wrote

hallmark christmas movies

Kayleigh, a relationship expert for a magazine, is played by Danica McKellar. Unfortunately, soon before Christmas, her column is terminated, leaving her jobless. She returns home to find comfort in her family, but the publisher (Dylan Neal), who had ejected her, calls her back to the city.

7. The Christmas Card

hallmark christmas movies

After receiving an anonymous Christmas card while serving abroad, Cody Cullen (played by John Newton) searches out the sender in one of Hallmark’s earliest films, which is still one of their best (played by Alice Evans). When he first meets her, he realizes that both of them might be exactly what the other is looking for.

8. Christmas at the Plaza

hallmark christmas movies

This movie may not have the same big-name stars as some of the others on this list, but it has a vintage vibe that seems particularly fitting over the holiday season. Elizabeth Henstridge’s character Jessica accepts a position at The Plaza in New York City only to discover that she will have to work with and perhaps even fall in love with Nick, the hotel’s longstanding decorator.

9. A Royal Christmas

hallmark christmas movies

Emily Corrigan (Lacey Chabert), a seamstress from a small village, adores her lover Leo  (Stephen Hagan). Leo explains that he’s been keeping a secret: He’s the prince of a small European nation, which knocks her for a loop and surprises her. His royal parents, who appear intent to ruin their romance, receive the pair for Christmas.

10. Chateau Christmas

hallmark christmas movies

Margot (Merrit Patterson), a well-known pianist, visits Chateau Newhaus, where she was raised, over the holiday season. Jackson (Luke Macfarlane), her ex-bandmate and ex-boyfriend, is eager to reunite the group for one final performance when he learns that Margot is back in town.

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11. A Christmas Melody

hallmark christmas movies

The romance between Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliot is a gift to all of us. The couple wowed in this Christmas classic, which Mariah Carey herself directed, months after they warmed our hearts in the first All of My Heart film. The Queen of Christmas herself makes a special appearance if you can see past Lacey and Brennan’s on-screen chemistry.

12. A Gingerbread Romance

hallmark christmas movies

Some people believe that the kitchen is the center of the house, and this beautiful film demonstrates why. Before Taylor Scott (Tia Mowry-Hadrict), an architect, departs for Paris, her boss assigns her the task of building a life-size gingerbread home. She seeks assistance from a neighborhood pastry maker, played by Duane Henry, and along the road discovers the key to a contented existence.

13. Christmas in Rome

hallmark chrsitmas movies

Before the holidays, Lacey Chabert, an American tour guide living in Rome, loses her job. She experiences a lucky break when she runs into American businessman Oliver (Sam Page), who is trying to buy an Italian ceramics company. She leads him through the streets of the historic city as they learn more and more about one another.

14. Memories of Christmas

hallmark christmas movies

A word of caution: Don’t mix business and pleasure. Let this movie serve as a reminder. To organize her late mother’s home, Noelle (played by Christina Milian) goes back home. She attends the lodge’s annual Christmas charity gala to fulfill her mother’s wish, and there she meets Dave (played by Mark Taylor). She finds out that the cherished lodge is being sold there, and it’s a touch too personal for her.

hallmark christmas movies

Noelle (Candace Cameron Bure), who had had a fight with her family, isn’t too depressed about spending Christmas Eve unintentionally stuck inside a shoe store. Things start to become strange when a mystery woman who identifies herself as her guardian angel emerges, and the two go to Christmases past, present, and future. Family is the most crucial thing, and Noelle eventually learns.

16. Five-Star Christmas

hallmark christmas movies

Bring the family together for a festive laugh. The Wisden family’s B&B is visited by a travel writer, so the kids play pretend to make the writer believe they are also visitors in order to get a favorable review. Naturally, a few family members falter under pressure, and laughter follows.

17. Christmas Waltz

hallmark christmas movies

With this one, Hallmark really went all out. There is excellent dancing (even a Dancing With the Stars pro appears), stunning landscapes, and plenty of romance. The waltzing attracted my attention, but it was the narrative that affected me: Avery (played by Lacey Chabert) must develop trust in her partner in order to progress in her life, both on and off the dance floor.

18. A Bramble House Christmas

hallmark christmas movies

A miscommunication that initially develops into a memorable romance. Finn (played by David Haydn-Jones) sets out on a quest to retrieve his family’s money after finding that his father left $50,000 to Willa (played by Autumn Reeser), the nurse who cared for him. Before he meets Willa and discovers that his father had a scheme right from the beginning.

19. Switched for Christmas

hallmark christmas movies

Ever wished you could trade lives with someone else? If you have an identical twin, it isn’t as difficult. By switching places and organizing each other’s Christmas parties, the two sisters aim to mislead their friends and family throughout the holidays. They get a deeper understanding of one another as they struggle to maintain the façade.

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20. Miss Christmas

hallmark christmas movies

Miss Christmas tells the story of a woman (Brooke D’Orsay) whose task it is to select the ideal tree for the lighting of Chicago’s Radcliffe Christmas Tree. She gets a letter from a young man claiming to have the ideal tree in his yard, but his father (Marc Blucas) won’t give it up. Can she use her charm to persuade the father-of-one to grant her wish?

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