The 8 Best 4chan Apps for iPhone and Android

For its fair debate threads, memes, and some of its contentious gray items, 4Chan is actually quite well-liked (almost sounds like The Happening). You won’t encounter any issues if you surf 4chan on a PC, however, 4chan is not recommended for mobile use.

4chan app

The community has created a lot of unauthorized apps that are specifically designed for mobile use even if there isn’t an official app. We discovered and compiled a list of the top 4chan apps for Android. The finest 4chan mobile applications for smartphones will be discussed in this article.

1. ThreadWatch 4chan App

4chan app

For 4chan, a straightforward thread watcher and notifier is called ThreadWatch. Every time a post is made to a thread you are watching, an Android notification will let you know. Never again will you be without knowledge of one of the numerous 4chan disputes!

An adjustable refresh rate, thread sorting, viewable thread statistics (including the number of replies, the number of images, the last post time, and more), and the ability to import and export threads between your various devices are just a few of the features offered by the program. The application is totally open source and available for free.

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2. Chanu F-Droid 4chan App

4chan app

Chanu, an open-source 4chan browser, merely seeks to provide you with the same content organized in a grid. All of the 4chan boards are automatically sourced by Chanu, which is often updated.

All of the apps have the NSFW imageboards toggled off by default, but you may turn it on in the settings. You can choose an imageboard from the list at the top, peruse the material that is currently trending on the board, and participate in the conversation by using the respond tool.

To start a new thread, simply hit the options button on the right and select “new thread.” Your favorite boards can be added to the list, and the program will notify you of its most popular articles.

I frequently visit 4chan to receive my daily dosage of memes, and most of the time it takes me a long time to climb back up. Chanu provides quick scrolling, which is fantastic. The volume button scrolling, which I had assumed was missing in newer phones, is even another incredible feature of this app.

The majority of GIFs can be played, and image files can be downloaded, but videos and WebM formats are not currently supported, therefore you should look at the following apps in the list if you routinely watch videos on 4chan.

3. Clover 4chan App

4chan app

One more of the top 4chan apps for Android is Clover. Clover, however, cannot be downloaded from the Play Store. As an alternative, you must install it from GitHub or F-Droid. It is one of many excellent F-Droid apps that are unavailable on Google Play.)

Inline answering, thread watching, notifications, different themes, and search filters are a few of Clover’s standout features. Other imageboards, such as 8chan, are also supported. Last but not least, Clover is open source and, more significantly for certain users, free. Clover comes highly recommended if you feel comfortable installing non-Google Play applications.

4. Omnichan 4chan App

4chan app

You won’t feel as though you are using an unofficial program and 4chan when using Omnichan. Additionally, 8chan, 420chan, Lainchan, and Wizardchan are supported. Adding boards is very simple; you can either type the name of the board or select it from the list. With boards from several websites, it now has the potential to cause confusion. As a result, each and every board has a tiny icon that can be seen in the top left corner.

Additionally, you may choose which boards to display so that they are arranged alphabetically or in list view, and you can alter the appearance by changing the theme. You can make a lot of adjustments to the app’s appearance, such as changing the text color, thumbnail size, post style, etc. Every time you use the app, you have power over how it appears and feels.

The most well-known posts are loaded when tapping onboard. The sort order can be altered, and you can view new comments or contentious posts, exactly like on the website. The comments and responses are displayed when you click on the post in nice, organized tiles. The number of sub-replies for each tile is indicated, and you can read them by tapping on them. Additionally, the program contains a well-done 4chan pass log that is specifically designed for it.

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5. Dashchan 4chan App

4chan app

Like the other 4chan Android apps we have examined so far, Dashchan is not as well-known, but it is still worthwhile to check out. Additionally, it supports more than 50 smaller specialist imageboards, such as 8chan, 55chan, and 410chan. Dashchans’ features include filtered searches, favorite boards, video capabilities, and in-line replies, just like many of the other apps. Unfortunately, WebM files aren’t truly supported.

Furthermore, Dashchan’s installation procedure is one of the other major drawbacks. For each imageboard you wish to view, an APK extension must be installed. It requires some effort to set up. The app’s inability to natively handle WebM playback means you must utilize your phone’s Chrome browser, which is a drawback that hasn’t been fixed yet.

6. Mimi 4chan Reader

4chan app

Chanu’s elimination has made Mimi 4chan Reader the second-best 4chan app available in the Play Store. It’s possible that some of its users prefer it to Omnichan.

The fact that the software is so simple to use practically makes it stand out. Using the tab layout, you can also group several topics together. Swipe on any thread to open it in the browser view, swipe left or right to navigate between threads, and choose from three standard layout styles.

You may alter the color of the text, toolbars, menus, and a ton of other things in Mimi, which is also very customizable. Other features include automated board refreshing, full-screen image galleries, and WebM support.

7. Imageboard Media Grab

4chan app

Imageboard Media Grab is the final 4chan app on our list. In addition to 4chan, it supports other message boards including 2chan, kohlchan, reinchan, arhivach, and 2ch. The app’s focus is on enabling you to download media files, as suggested by its name.

You can use it to categorize the media and download it as necessary. There includes a preview tool as well as support for thumbnail downloads. Other features include background downloading, content preview auto-updates, and traffic management.

8. Read Chan

4chan app

Read Chan is a different 4chan app accessible through Google Play. You may completely customize Read Chan’s user interface to make it function whatever you choose. You can make new posts, view the content, and reply to messages using it. Support is provided for archives, bookmarks, and secret threads.

Swiping is a function that enables you to reject pages, move between list and catalog views, and navigate between different boards. Even a built-in gallery for viewing and managing photographs you’ve saved from 4chan is included in the program.

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Does iOS have a 4Chan app?

The vast majority of 4Chan apps get taken down from the App Store due to Apple’s strict policies. In light of this, 4Chan iPhone apps are not available (unless you jailbreak). One workaround does exist, though. The iPhone’s Safari browser allows you to download 4Chan’s RSS feeds.

Simply open your favorite board’s RSS URL in Safari, touch “share”, choose “more,” enable “find RSS feed,” and then tap the “discover RSS feed” button in the final line. Any RSS program can import RSS feeds as an alternative. However, you will only receive the postings in the RSS feed rather than comments and responses.

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