5 Best Free Photo Editing Apps

Making your phone or tablet photos even more spectacular than they currently are is possible with the aid of these free photo editing applications. You might even find yourself falling in love with them to the point that you no longer see much of a need for image editing software or online photo editors.

These apps have a ton of functionality, such as controls for changing colors, orientation, cropping, adding effects, framing a photo, adding stickers, removing red-eye, adding typefaces, and much more.

Photo Editing Apps

You’ll be happy to learn that nearly all of these apps are compatible with your device and cost nothing to download and use, whether you use an iPhone or an Android.

How does photo editing work?

Numerous tasks fall within the category of photo editing. However, it mainly entails editing the photographs you already have in some way. These pictures could be digital photos, drawings, prints, or film photos.

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Nearly as old as photography itself is the process of retouching photographs. Since the invention of photography, photographers have always worked at home to get better results. The standard photo editing methods used nowadays include:

  • cropping,
  • resizing,
  • adjusting brightness and contrast,
  • color corrections,
  • and others.

All of these chores can be readily completed by photo editing software, which will also enhance your e-commerce photographs.

The 5 best free apps for photo editing

1. Pixlr

Photo Editing Apps

Pixlr has 2 million free effects, overlay, and filter options and is simple to use. You can always see the before and afters before committing to an alteration, and all the menu options are conveniently located at the bottom of the program.

Crop, rotate, double exposure, common adjustments, auto fix, auto contrast, blur, smooth, sharpen, splash, heal, and red eye removal are some of the available tools. Brightening, darkening, pixelating, and doodling brushes are offered for fine-tuned control. Additionally, there are some cool effects, a ton of overlays, and options for stylizing like pencil and watercolor. Additionally, Pixlr allows text and frames.

When you’re done editing, you can choose to save the document as a custom size or one of the following: small, medium, or max.

  • Very simple to use
  • Several tools
  • Lots of options for overlays
  • supports collages as well
  • Shows an ad every time you save
  • Fewer font choices
  • Clumsy zoom controls

2. Snapseed

Photo Editing Apps

With Google’s Snapseed software, you can add some lovely effects and styles to a photograph, and doing so is quite simple with just a few finger swipes.

The looks menu is the first menu. Choose from preset looks like smooth, morning, or silhouette to apply it right away. The tools menu contains all of the other editing tools.

There are more than 25 tools at your disposal, including the following: tune image, curves, healing, glamour glow, HDR scape, black and white, retro lux, grainy film, head post, frames, selective, and drama. Additionally, frames and a text tool (with numerous styles) are easily accessible.

Swipe left or right after selecting a tool to have it have a smaller or larger impact on the image. The tool’s many parameters are toggled by vertical swiping. This image editor stands out from the competition because it offers such a high degree of control over a tool’s power.

To see how fantastic (or not so awesome) an edit will look when applied, simply press and hold at any time and compare it to the prior edit.

You can open modified photos directly from Snapseed into another app or save them with a custom name in any folder.

  • Loaded with high-caliber effects
  • Experimenting with non-destructive effects is enjoyable
  • Pleasant user interface
  • There are none
  • The learning curve for advanced tools may be steep for beginners
  • One must choose from photographs already on the device; one cannot snap a fresh picture with the app

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3. BeFunky

Photo Editing Apps

BeFunky is a really simple program to use because all of the editing tools are organized into categories that are simple to find and the buttons are simple and straightforward to comprehend.

With this app, you can do a lot, including standard editing tasks and touch-ups. There are gadgets for changing eye color, fixing blemishes, bleaching teeth, removing wrinkles, and applying lipstick and other cosmetics.

Additionally, there are a few frames, a text tool that supports layering and has a huge selection of font types, as well as a fun “goodies” menu where you can add things like hearts, stickers, speech bubbles, shapes, emoticons, and more.

The timeline-style undo list makes undoing changes extremely simple. It enables you to quickly go back a few edits at once to fix a series of errors. This holds true for redos as well, making it simple to compare the original image with all of your adjustments with just one swipe. Very cool!

If you sign in, you can save it to your account. Otherwise, you can use your device or social media.

  • Great for touch-ups on portraits
  • Collage creator and photo editor
  • An interface that is simple and clear
  • The text is challenging to align correctly
  • Too simple to unintentionally undo edits

4. piZap

Photo Editing Apps


You can edit photographs on your device or ones from your Facebook account with PiZap. Additionally, a built-in gallery of stock images and backgrounds can be opened.

The modify, effects, stickers, add photo, meme, crop, text, borders, cut-out, and paint buttons are among the menu’s ten buttons. You may alter hue and saturation, add textures and effects, add entertaining stickers like emojis and animals, and crop the canvas to fit your Facebook cover photo, among other things.

You can load more photos on top of the original since the software supports layers, and you can even move stickers and other elements in front of or behind other objects.

If you want to get rid of adverts and have access to more resources like fonts, stock photos, filters, stickers, and borders, you may test out the premium version for free.

  • Stock photos, stickers, and free filters
  • Suitable for creating memes
  • Support in layers
  • Supports collages as well
  • I can’t get much closer
  • No button to undo or redo
  • Inactive buttons

5. PicsArt

Photo Editing Apps

PicsArt is undoubtedly one of the more well-known free picture editing apps with over 500 million downloads. Probably because it is packed with features, some of which are totally unique to the other items on our list.

You can start editing by selecting a photo from your device or by using a template, backdrop, or stock image. With the click of a single button, you can instantly save the image back to your device. This is a terrific method to save many versions of the same image with different adjustments.

Here, you can use techniques like motion, dispersion, clone, and free crop, among others. Only a small number of the app’s many effects—including HDR, noise, film, and dodger—are free.

The tools in the Beautify area are used to edit portraits. Other options include blemish fixes, skin tone, hair color, detail, eye color, teeth whitening, reshaping, and red eye. There is also an auto fix, a smooth brush, and a face fix.

Sticker, cutout, text, add a photo, fit, brushes, border, mask, draw, lens flare, and more are among the other menus.

You can obviously do a lot of things here for free. Of course, like with most free apps, you’ll have to pay if you want additional options. A 7-day free trial is available.

  • Time-lapse, collage, effects, and stickers are among the top features.
  • Opportunities for strong social engagement with other artists.
  • Numerous inventive user controls.
  • Due to some mature content, children under the age of 13 should not view it.
  • must register for an account.
  • many demands for a “free trial.”

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6. PicLab

Photo Editing Apps

When you save a picture using the PicLab image editing program, a small watermark appears at the bottom of the image. If the other apps on our list didn’t do it for you, you might prefer this one. It contains a collage maker and an image editor.

Text, stickers, filters, adjustments, overlays, and crops are all available via the menus. They contain a lot less than comparable apps, yet they still have almost all the features you would expect from free software.

There are various sticker categories where you can find things like numbers, quotations, and themed stickers related to flowers, love, summer, fitness, and pregnancy announcements, as well as more than two dozen free font varieties.

Overlays are something you won’t find in all image editors. The entire image may be quickly enhanced with shapes, lighting effects, and textures, and the opacity can be changed to create a cool effect. Though it’s only a tap away, the outcome always appears to have taken hours to complete.

The watermark is removed, all of the filters, stickers, typefaces, and overlays are unlocked, and PicLab Pro offers more features with no advertisements. There is frequently a free trial available.

  • An entertaining, easy-to-operate app.
  • Fantastic for collages
  • Shares to social networking sites.
  • Shows many advertisements when saving with a watermark.
  • The free version doesn’t have advanced editing features.
  • Many functions require in-app purchases.
  • No, undo option.



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