7 Best Free Police Scanner Apps

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You may hear live broadcasts from police and fire agency feeds by using a police scanner app. Police scanners that access the internet are accessible to anyone with the appropriate app or website link, in contrast to classic police scanners that require a radio to be in close vicinity.

With free apps, you may use your phone as a radio scanner to listen to emergencies wherever you are and for any reason. With one of these applications that connect you directly to live police feeds, you can stay up to date on breaking news or simply learn what’s happening in your neighborhood.

One prevalent misunderstanding is that all police scanners are forbidden. That is not true. According to an ITL attorney, “It is lawful in almost every state to use a police scanner inside of your home to listen to police radio conversations.” Nevertheless, some states forbid utilizing these scanners when traveling without a license. Always check your local laws to stay out of trouble with the law. Instead of wasting half a day at the police station attempting to explain oneself, it would be preferable to spend a few minutes online reading boring legalese.

Here are the 7 best police scanner Apps:

1. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner

Police Scanner

The 5-0 Radio Police Scanner app is one option to obtain a free police scanner. Although it occasionally forces you to watch advertisements, it gives you access to a large number of streams from all around the world and displays police scanner numbers alongside the feed.  More than 5,000 police, fire, rescue, and other radio feeds are sent to you via your mobile service or WiFi by the 5 0 Radio Police Scanner.

One of the nice features of this one is the ability to use network triangulation and GPS to discover channels nearby. You may access newly added feeds instantly, save your favorites, and listen to them in the background. You can simply locate the scanners nearby thanks to the geographic data provided. Overall, the software is simple to use and navigate.

For additional police feeds, no adverts, a sleep timer/alarm, a siren noise maker, weather feeds, and other features, you may purchase the pro version of the app.

Access to online radio stations is also provided through this police scanner.

With iOS and Windows 11/10/8, this scanner radio is functional.

2. Scanner Radio

police scanner

The Scanner Radio app differs from the other police scanners on this list in part because you can configure mobile alerts to receive notifications when many people are tuning in to a particular feed, which typically denotes higher activity on the scanner.

This one has a straightforward and user-friendly interface. It’s tidy, easy to navigate, and incredibly simple to find your local feeds. You may listen to live audio from more than 7,000 police radio scanners, radio fire scanners, and amateur radio repeaters throughout the world by using Police Scanner Radio. Although most of them come from the United States, you can also find some from Australia and Canada.

Police Scanner Radio can display all of the top radio stations, but you can also conduct a search for stations in your area.

3. Broadcastify

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At Broadcastify, you can access more than 7,000 live audio streams, including feeds from public safety, airline, rail, and marine vehicles in addition to police radios.

To make it simple for you to find what you might be looking for, live broadcasts are divided into groups like Top 50 Live Audio Feeds, Latest 50 Feed Additions, and Official Feeds. You can also search for nearby police scanners on the Browse by Location page.

These features are also included in Broadcastify:

  • The option is available for users to broadcast their own stream.
  • You can listen in a variety of ways, including through your web browser, a phone, or iTunes.

Scanner radio communication streams can be found on Boardcastify, which proclaims itself as the largest source in the world. The channels are updated in real-time. Similar to Scanner Radio, Broadcastify’s app gives Broadcastify Premium Subscribers complete access to up to 6 months’ worth of audio archives, along with the option to use the app without advertisements.

4. Police Scanner

police scanner

This police scanner app allows you to record what you hear and play it again later in addition to connecting you to over 50,000 feeds.

Here are a few salient features:

  • The user interface can be altered (e.g., changing the background image or hiding buttons and labels).
  • By URL, users can add their own police scanner feeds to the app.
  • Others can listen via a web browser by using the feed URL that you can give to them.

This FREE app is any vigilante’s go-to tool for keeping up with what’s happening in the neighborhood or other provinces, states, or even nations. It includes public safety, air traffic, maritime, and amateur short-wave frequencies.

Based on GPS and cellular triangulation, the app can automatically decide which channels are closest to you. When new channels are found, all users can access them right away. Listening in the background while using other applications is the only significant function that requires an in-app purchase.

Users using the iPhone and iPad alone can use Police Scanner for free. If you want extra features like no ads, bonus material including weather and airport feeds, local police codes, and more, you may get Police Scanner +.

5. Police Scanner X

police scanner app

Police Scanner X is cutting-edge police and fire scanner for Android with a star rating of 4.5 stars. It has the potential to eventually overtake all other scanners in the Play Store in terms of downloads. The software is based on a specially created stream player that has been designed from the ground up to be as power-efficient as possible. We like that the so-called ten codes, which are employed by law enforcement to indicate typical phrases in voice communication, have a table of references.

6. Scanner 911

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Scanner 911 is yet another recognized police scanner. The app’s main events are primarily focused on law enforcement and emergency medical services, as suggested by the name. Thanks to its cutting-edge user design, which follows Google’s Material Design guidelines, this top scanner software stands out. Although this design technique, known as skeuomorphism, feels archaic, many other scanner applications attempt to emulate the appearance and feel of actual police scanners.

7. Citizen: Nearby Safety Alerts

police scanner app

The Citizen, is one of the top radio scanner apps for your iPhone, with a rating of 4.7 on the App Store from over 22.4k users. This software is effective and provides you with immediate access to real-time alert data regarding incidents nearby. It serves to safeguard users and keep them secure by keeping you conscious of your surroundings. You can enter many neighborhoods and regions to keep track of the circumstances in the areas where your family resides. A free police scanner app is also available.


There are many top police scanner apps available for Android and iOS that are free. Although we have only begun to scrape the surface of what is available, we believe that these seven are among the best products available right now.

Every app has a different feature, so depending on your preferences, you may pick the one that suits you the most. Please use these radio scanner apps carefully as it is sometimes against the law to use a police scanner. Before downloading any of these apps, make sure to verify your local regulations.

Please post any other suggestions you may have for us regarding this subject in the comments area. Adding some new fascinating alternatives to this list will undoubtedly aid users.



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