Adin Ross Net Worth, Age, Parents, Sister and Bio

Being engrossed with video games, especially at a young age, is one thing that would constantly have parents screaming at the top of their lungs. Adin Ross not only loves playing video games, he also wants others to watch him play, having the experience that they are in the same room with him. He is an American twitch streamer, who has no problem with voicing out his thoughts, to whoever needs to hear them. Who is Adin Ross? What is Adin Ross net worth? Is Adin Ross in a relationship? 

Adin Ross net worth
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Adin David Ross is popularly known for streaming, ‘Grand Theft,’ ‘Auto V,’ ‘Roblox,’ and ‘NBA 2k.’ He has played with several popular personalities and has a very close relationship with his sister. Continue reading this article and find out all you need to know, and even more than you think you already know about Adin Ross. 

The Early Life of Adin Ross 

The handsome 21 years old will turn 22 on October 11. He was born on October 11, 2000, in Boca Raton, Florida, United States. He attended Woodlake Union high school. Adin Ross has a clear interest in streaming, and made it absolutely obvious when he completely ditched his high school prom to stream a game. Although there is not much information about his family, and the names of his parents are not known, his father is a businessman, and his mother is a housewife. He has a very close relationship with his sister, Naomi Ross. 

Personal Life and Relationship

Growing up Adin Ross went through a very sad time. At age 12, he was brutally stabbed in his sleep by a relative. The relative was sent to jail, but after finding out that the relative was mentally unstable, the fellow was moved to a mental hospital. Due to that sad incident, Adin Ross has to live with nine stitches on his arm.

His sister, Naomi Ross, is one favourite person in Adin Ross’ life, as she has been a major support in his career. He publicly recognizes her as the woman who helped him become one of the top creators in the world. They have a close relationship, and often play pranks on each other. A recent one that shook fans and families for a while was when Naomi kissed YouTuber Zias at the content house in New York, and that was the exact time Adin Ross walked in. 

Adin Ross has been in a few relationships, and enjoys a private life, but one event that threw the media in a frenzy, was when he kissed Corinna Kopt during a live stream. Unfortunately they publicly came out to say they are just very good friends. 

Adin Ross net worth
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Adin David Ross Career

He began streaming in 2019 while living with his favourite person, his sister. Then he joined a NBA 2k group, ‘Always Excelling.’ It was through that group he met Bronny James, and that made him climb the popularity ladder fast enough, as he also started competing in NBA 2K20 with other streamers and YouTubers. This turn of event was the beginning of Adin Ross net worth growth.

In the early months of 2020, Adin Ross joined Twitch, and streamed with Bronny James, while LeBron James was one of the viewers and commentators. In November 2020, Adin Ross started getting tired of playing NBA 2k, and started a hashtag on Twitter, #make2kfunagain. In 2021, the gained popularity affected Adin Ross net worth, and in the same year, he became the first creator to be in the collective clout gang 2.0. Later that year he got the opportunity to move into the content creator house with FaZe Banks, Mike Majlak, Sommer Ray, and other creative minds.

Adin Ross net worth
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It did not take long for his Twitch viewers to grow to 3million viewers, while still having about a hundred live viewers per stream. He started his own show in April, ‘e-date,’ where people compete to get a date over discord. On April 10 2021, Adin Ross was banned from Twitch, because YouTuber Zias called him a faggot, during a game, he wasn’t present at. The ban on Adin Ross angered his fans into starting a hashtag, #FreeAdin. The affectionate display of his fans proved effective as Adin Ross got unbanned two days after. 

Adin Ross Earnings

Adin Ross net worth is greatly affected by his income from his viewers, donations, supporters and advertisements. His annual income from YouTube is about $3 million, while his income from Twitch is higher than that, based on the number of viewers he gets per stream. 

What is the Gamer’s Net Worth?

Adin Ross net worth is currently $2 million, earned from YouTube and Twitch. 

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