Top 10 Airline Flight Tracker Apps And Websites

Data from airline flight tracker apps can help you save time and money. Here are the top websites and mobile applications for real-time flight tracking.

It can be useful to get the most recent tracking data regarding when an aircraft will depart from or arrive at an airport. Airlines tracking software can save you time and possibly money, whether you’re attempting to make a flight connection or are waiting to pick up someone from the airport.

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1. FlightStats

flights airline flight tracker app

One of the top live flight trackers is FlightStats. Start by using a specific flight number, route, or airport to track an aircraft anywhere in the world. The results of any flight searches are saved on the My Flights page for easy access later.

A live map with a real-time flight tracker is one of the app’s greatest features. The location of the airplane is shown on the map precisely. The flight plan, the actual flight path, the weather radar, and more can all be chosen from a variety of levels. Directly from the app, the flight details may also be rapidly shared.

Anyone with an Apple Watch may check flight information on the wearable device’s tiny screen while they are on the go. Users can even add a widget to a certain Apple Watch face that will display information without opening an app.

2. Planes Live – Flight Tracker

flights airline flight tracker app


The next app on the list is Planes Live, a versatile flight-tracking app that allows you to track biplanes as well as commercial aircraft throughout the globe. This app will help you if a friend or a member of your family is coming to visit you.

If you have enabled notifications, Planes Live can notify you of changes to the flight schedule. Instead of wasting time scanning the globe, the program enables you to filter search flights by type of aircraft, airline, arrival airport, departure airport, etc.

Similar to most other flight trackers, you can see the speed, altitude, and distance of the plane you’re tracking. Additionally, the app has weather overlays that by default display the cloud cover as viewed from space; if you’d rather have a thorough forecast broken down by type of precipitation, you may switch to the precipitation overlay.

The app has very few functions and is available for free with advertisements. Therefore, you must purchase Planes Live Premium, which costs $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year, in order to take use of everything it has to offer and to remove the advertising.

You’ll see a subscription offer with a free 3-day trial when you use the app for the first time, but you can decline this and keep using it for free.

3. FlightAware Flight Tracker

flight tracker

FlightAware Flight Tracker can track general aviation flights including private and charter planes in the United States and Canada in addition to allowing users to view the status of any commercial airline flight throughout the world.

Users have the option of searching for flights by airport code, route, airline, flight number, or aircraft registration. The application offers a full-screen map with a radar overlay and all available flight data.

You can get push alerts for a specific flight’s departure and arrival times as well as any changes to the gate, delays, or diversions.

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4. FlightRadar24

flight tracker app

FlightRadar24’s main feature is a map showing airplanes in flight throughout the world, as you can guess from the name. You can choose a flight to view further details such as the route, anticipated arrival time, speed, altitude, and much more.

Additionally, it is simple to search for a certain flight using the flight number, airport, or airline. More details, such as the current weather and delay statistics, are displayed when a specific airport is selected.

Simply point your iPhone at the sky to see flight details and a picture of the real aircraft if you’ve ever wondered what flights are currently overhead. You can even see in 3D exactly what an airplane’s pilot is seeing right now. It’s a fantastic application of augmented reality in the real world.

The subscription plans offered by FlightRadar24 offer additional services like expanded flight records and more.

5. The Flight Tracker Pro​​​​​

flight tracker app

Try out The Flight Tracker Pro if you detest advertisements. Any flight in the world may be tracked, and departure and arrival information as well as aircraft details and seat charts can all be viewed.

The software instantly syncs with a TripIt account while you’re traveling, making it the ideal option for business travelers. The data can also be saved and then disseminated via a variety of channels, including text or social media.

You can build a departure or arrival reminder with push alerts for a number of situations, helping you to remember to pick up someone from the airport.

6. Flight Board

flight tracker app

Flight Board is a distinctive method for following an airplane flight. Nearly every airport in the world has an outdated arrivals or departures board that is updated each minute with current information. More than 1,400 airlines and 16,000 airports are covered by the data.

You can do a flight number, destination, or airline-specific search. Additionally, it’s simple to swiftly switch with a single touch between an airport’s departures and arrivals board.

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7. FlightView

flight tracking app

When using the FlightView website, there is no need to search. A box to track flights by number or route is front and center.

Users can get a live view to check the exact location of the aircraft as well as other details like speed, heading, and altitude in addition to all of the most recent information regarding the trip.

You can send any recent and upcoming flight itinerary emails to a particular email address after registering a FlightView account so that you can view them online. Additionally, you can easily access the information, rapidly share it with friends, family, and coworkers, and even get alerts on your mobile device when trip plans change.

8. Plane Finder

fligt tracking app

You should visit Plane Finder on a screen as large as possible. The home page features a globe with a real-time view of flight route maps throughout the globe, including both commercial and private traffic.

You can look up further details on a flight, such as the kind of aircraft, using the top search box. The same information is also available by clicking on any flight on the map.

The fun doesn’t end there, as the online flight tracker live map enables users to build numerous filters to see only planes by aircraft type, airline, and more. Even an animated map of the world’s flights in motion at a certain time and date is available on the website.

You can rapidly navigate to a particular airport’s traffic by using the bookmark option if you’re interested in that airport’s traffic.

Check out these intelligent luggage trackers for more trackers for your upcoming trip. When traveling by air, you never know when one of your baggage can go missing.

9. Flight Arrivals

flights tracking

When visiting Flight Arrivals, the top navigation bar is the ideal location to look first. You can choose from a variety of search categories, such as arrivals, departures, route maps, and others.

You can view seat configurations for a particular airline and type of aircraft on the website’s dedicated seat information area if getting the ideal seat is important to you. Even a specific seat can be chosen to get more details. The exit rows and over-wing rows will also be included on the map.

Before you board the plane and pull out your wallet, read our article about in-flight Wi-Fi to see if it’s worth the money if having Wi-Fi throughout your travel is also important to you.

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10. Google

flights tracker google

If you need instant information about a certain flight, you don’t need to rely on a particular flight tracking software or website.

If you know the flight number, all you need to do is type it into Google to get a short summary of its status before any search results. There is a link to more thorough information from Flight Stats if you require more details than the Google flight tracker can offer.

And speaking of affordable travel, you should understand how to use Google Flights notifications. For extra assistance, see our Google Flights efficiency tips.


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