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The parents of Alexandra Lorex gave birth to and raised her in the United States. Alexandra lives a private life despite Mike Holmes, her ex-husband’s influence in the entertainment industry. Most people know little about her personal life and have questions such as, “Is Alexandra Lorex divorced?”

Alexandra Lorex

Alexandra Lorex and her husband, Mike Holmes, got divorced after 11 years of marriage. This happened as a result of the chronic economic recession in the 1990s. The 11 years gave the couple three children. Their names are Amanda, Sherry, and Mike Jr Holmes. 

You’ll find more details as regards the life of Alexandra Lorex: a wonderful mother of three and Ex-wife of Mike Holmes. Keep reading.

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Alexandra and Mike Holmes’s 11 Years of Marriage

Mike Holmes and Alexandra Lorex were teenage lovers, and they got married when Mike was 19, with Alexandra being younger than him. This happened in 1982.

They enjoyed a blissful marriage and were blessed with three kids before the chronic economic crisis started. This financial crisis shook things in the family as Mike’s business crumbled. The lovely couple had to split up and later filed for divorce. 

Although Mike Holmes moved on and he’s been in a romantic relationship with model Anna Zappia for a long time now, Alexandra remained unmarried. 

She devoted all her time and energy to taking care of their children. They’re grown up now and living wonderful life with their families. Alex is now a grandma to Sherry’s first baby, Cali Kay Holmes Steed. Sherry and her husband, Steed, had Cali on the 21st of April 2019.

Mike Jr followed in his dad’s footsteps, and he’s now a successful builder. Amanda and Sherry are also involved in the business.

The Biography of Alexandra Lorex

Alex didn’t give the media any information as regards her date of birth and parent, but she’s a Canadian-American citizen. There isn’t any specific information about her education except that she attended a prestigious university.

Alexandra Lorex boasts a net worth of $33 million. The Ex-wife of Mike Holmes works as a real estate consultant and manages a few rental properties, a significant boost to her net worth.

In addition, Alexandra gained much from her appearance on the TV show “Holmes on Homes“; she rose to fame because of her now ex-husband’s popularity.

After Alexandra’s painful divorce from Holmes, she stayed away from the paparazzi and media; she isn’t on any social media. You’ll only be able to catch her pictures from her children’s posts on social media.

Alexandra Lorex is 5’5 inches tall, and she weighs 55 kg, which confirms that she’s hale and healthy. She is a believer of Jesus Christ, and she’s a devout Christian at that. Lorex has blonde hair, which complements her dark brown eyes beautifully. Plus, she’s a devoted and lovely mother such that if she ever decides to get herself a lover, she’ll get lots of admirers.

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Alexander Lorez Children Amanda Holmes, Sherry Holmes, and Mike Holmes Jr.

Source: Alexander Kids, Amanda Holmes, Sherry Holmes, and Mike Holmes Jr.

Short Biography of Mike Holmes, Alexandra Ex-husband

Mike Holmes, whose full name is Michael James Holmes came out of his mother’s loins in Canada on the 3rd of August 1963. 

Mike grew up with his parents, Shirley & Jim, and two siblings. They lived in the east of Toronto, Ontario. He’s the middle child of three; he and his younger brother shared a room, while his one and only sister had her room. 

When Mike got tired of the lack of privacy, having learned a lot from his dad, a plumber, he decided to turn his closet into a bedroom. This act turns out to be one of his first-ever building projects.

Today, Michael is a contractor, builder, businessman, investor, and wonderful TV host. He’s $35 million rich and successful.

A few of the awards he got to his name include Holmes in New Orleans for the “Best Lifestyle/Practical Information Series.” Furthermore, he has the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and the Gemini Awards.

Furthermore, he has written many books, which include “Make It Right,” “Kitchens and Bathrooms,” and “The Holmes Inspection: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying or Selling Your Home.”

After divorcing Alexandra Lorex, he’s now dating Anna Zappia in what most people describe as a dramatic affair. Though Mike refers to her as his wife, he’s yet to take her to the altar.

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