Alexi Ashe: Early Life, Career, Children Of Seth Meyers’ Wife

Alexi Ashe is a human rights lawyer in the United States. She works as a service provider and advocates for survivors of gender abuse, including domestic violence. She is the wife of famed comedian Seth Meyers, in addition to being a career woman. Alexi is proud to serve as co-chair of the New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition. She also serves on the Human Rights First board of directors.

Alexi Ashe


Alexi Ashe Early Life

Alexi Ashe was welcomed by her parents, Tom and Joanne Ashe, on April 1, 1983, in New Mexico. She had a sister, Ariel Ashe, and was not raised as an only child. Ariel is a co-founder of Ashe + Leandro with Reinaldo Leandro and is an interior decorator. Alexi attended Occidental College in 2002 after graduating from high school in Albuquerque.

Alexi Ashe earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government from the College. She graduated in 2006 after successfully completing her course. She began her legal studies at Southwestern University School of Law in 2009. She completed her studies in 2011 and was awarded a Doctorate of Law in International Human Rights.

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Alexi Ashe’s Career

Alexi has had a fascinating work life. She had the opportunity to work as a policy and research analyst from March 2007 to April 2009 before enrolling at Southwestern University School of Law. This happened at the City Attorney’s office in Los Angeles. Her tasks at the office included, among other things, assisting with the establishment of gang prevention curricula for middle school children, hosting community presentations at local police precincts, participating in the child abuse death review panel, and holding truancy hearings in LAUSD.

Alexi Ashe started working as a legal intern at the Somaly Mam Foundation in April 2011. Her job was to lay forth legal rules for lawyers to follow when dealing with adult workers in a civil action. In June of the same year, she completed her internship.

Alexi Ashe came from Los Angeles to New York in 2011 to work as a pro bono assistant district attorney for the King’s County District Attorney’s Office. Preparing materials for memoranda of law and legal motions was one of her responsibilities at the office.

In the Trafficking Unit, Alexi Ashe was also expected to supervise investigations into long-term complex criminal charges. She was hired as a refugee advocacy legal intern at Human Rights First in December 2011. She conducted interviews with both attorneys and clients at the institution. The goal of these interviews was to document their experiences with the asylum process in the United States.

Alexi Ashe also conducted research to determine the international protection measures that are in place for victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking. In February 2012, she departed Human Rights First.

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Alexi Ashe was engaged as a legal counsel and compliance officer by AC Investment Management, a New York-based investment firm, in April 2012. In December of that year, she quit the company.

Alexi Ashe continued to look into the many possibilities available in her field and eventually obtained a job with the World Wide Orphan Foundation in New Jersey. She worked as a legal intern and grants writer at the foundation.

Alexi Ashe flew to Haiti while working with the foundation to thoroughly investigate new program ideas, as well as host fundraising events and draft grants. She was named to the advisory board of Journeys in Film in January 2013, which focuses on teaching people via film.

Alexi Ashe was appointed as an assistant district attorney at the King’s Country District Attorney Office in Brooklyn, New York, in July 2013. She worked in the Human Trafficking Bureau and the Special Victims Bureau at the Office. She eventually left the position.

Alexi moved on to Sanctuary for Families, where she worked as an attorney. She was elected to Human Rights First’s board of directors in January 2018. She has also been honored as one of New York’s most renowned New Abolitionists for her dedication to the battle against human trafficking.

Alexi Ashe

Alexi Ashe Husband and Marriage

Seth Meyers was born in Evanston, Illinois, and grew up in Okemos, Michigan, from the age of four to ten, and then in Bedford, New Hampshire. Seth Meyers was born to a French teacher mother and a finance father. Josh Meyers, his younger brother, is also an actor.

Seth Meyers was a student at Okemos Edgewood Elementary. In New Hampshire, he attended Manchester High School West. He received his bachelor’s degree in 1996 from Northwestern University in Evanston, where he joined the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. Peter Grosz, an actor, was his college roommate.

Film and television production were his majors. He was the Grand Marshal of the homecoming procession in 2011. He gave the commencement speech at Northwestern University’s graduation in 2016.

Seth Meyers worked as a hot dog vendor while attending Northwestern University. As a member of the Northwestern University improv sketch group Mee-Ow Show, he began doing improv comedy around this time.

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Seth Meyers continued his career as a cast member of Boom Chicago, an English language improv troupe headquartered in Amsterdam, where his brother was also a cast member, and at ImprovOlympic with the group Preponderate.

Saturday Night Live talent scouts noticed him when a Boom Chicago play he devised was staged in Chicago, and he was called to audition.

Seth Meyers supports the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Penguins, Northwestern Wildcats, and two soccer teams, the Dutch National Football Team and West Ham United of the Premier League.

He is a comic book aficionado, and one of his favorite series is Joe Hill’s supernatural comic book series Locke & Key. Some of the replica keys that IDW Publishing had licensed were given to him.

Seth Meyers said that he tested positive for COVID-19 on January 4, 2022. Seth Meyers proposed to his five-year girlfriend, attorney Alexi Ashe, in July 2013. On September 1, 2013, they married in a Jewish ceremony at Martha’s Vineyard.

Chris Kattan’s wedding brought them together. Chris Kattan is one of NBC‘s Saturday Night Live’s longest-serving cast members. Ariel, Alexi’s sister, and a designer invited her to the wedding as a guest. Who’d have guessed she’d meet the love of her life at the party?

The wedding, however, may not have gone as planned because Alexi Ashe Meyers had food sickness during her rehearsal dinner. She ate a nasty oyster, which sent her to the hospital for treatment right away. Despite the horrific event, they went on with the wedding as planned.

Alexi Ashe

Alexi Ashe and Seth Meyers Children

Ashe Olson Meyers, their first child, was born on March 27, 2016, at Lenox Hill Hospital. Axel Strahl Meyers, the couple’s second son, was born in the foyer of their apartment building on April 8, 2018. During Late Night’s Corrections segment on November 24, 2021, he revealed the birth of his daughter, Adelaide Ruth Meyers.

Alexi Meyers, Seth Myers’ wife, gave birth to their son Axel in the foyer of their apartment. Seth had just dialed 911 for immediate aid, but the baby was already out in a matter of minutes. While they waited for the fire department and the New York Police Department, their neighbors stepped in to help.

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Seth Meyers told Jake Tapper on the December 4, 2018, broadcast of Late Night with Seth Meyers that while he is not Jewish, his wife is, and their children are being raised as such. Their kid Axel is named after his wife’s Holocaust survivor grandparents.



In New York City, being a lawyer usually comes with a good income. While Ashe’s actual net worth is unknown, her career has earned her an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $3 million. Seth Meyers, on the other hand, has a net worth of $26 million and a $5 million annual paycheck, according to Celebrity Net Worth.






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