8 Best Ways Not Being An Alpha Male

We define an alpha male as someone calm, confident, and attractive. They walk with a swagger, sound firm but tender, and make ladies drool with our acts. If something goes wrong, they use their presence of mind to remedy it. A natural leader who is always striving to develop. However, it is human to make mistakes. They develop behaviors that demonstrate they aren’t normal guys.

8 Best Ways Not Being An Alpha MaleWhat does it mean to be an alpha male?

The alpha male is the archetype that commands the highest level of social and sexual prestige, and he is the man at the top of the sociosexual hierarchy. He’s a natural leader with a lot of charisma. He’s the kind of guy that other guys admire, and he’s the kind of guy that women naturally want. Here are telltale signs that you’re not an alpha male;

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1. You Lie Without Justification

We understand that telling the truth isn’t always the best choice, but lying to your job, friends, or girlfriend for no reason demonstrates that you haven’t yet arrived.

An alpha man is a straight-shooting straight-shooting straight-shooting straight-shooting straight-shooting straight-shooting straight-shoo He doesn’t make excuses and instead relies on transitory lies to get out of trouble. He employs common sense and deftly handles every scenario.

2. Gossip

You enjoy pointing out other people’s flaws and inadequacies while laughing at their expense. An alpha male will never betray his pack, but he will also not degrade others. He doesn’t need to boost his ego by pulling others down.

3. You Take Action Before You Consider

Although an alpha guy can act quickly, he always considers before acting. He never dashes to the corner and scatters in all directions; he understands that well-considered acts, not knee-jerk reactions, yield beneficial consequences.

4. In a crisis, you panic

Change is a natural factor for an alpha male. For him, rapid change is simply a fascinating challenge. He enters a peculiarly icy, almost detached condition, quickly sums up the issue, performs due diligence if time permits, and responds fast and decisively based on prior experience. His heart rate may rise somewhat, but he is unconcerned.

5. You’re never sorry

Simply apologizing for your error demonstrates that you have no qualms about accepting responsibility. And it’s because of this that you’re sexy. It’s a lot easier to fix an issue if you just say, “I was wrong, so I’m sorry.”

6. You Obey Leaders And Seek Their Approval

Nobody sucks up to an alpha dude. He is the leader in most instances. When he isn’t, he is polite but not hesitant to speak his opinion when the situation demands it. He advances by hard work and effort rather than by currying favor with the appropriate people.

7. You can persuade her to foot the bill for dinner

An alpha male will never take advantage of the compassion of others. He works hard to support himself and does not enjoy owing money to others. If his date offers to help, his initial reaction is to calmly accept the check and say, “Let me get this.” According to recent research, 77% of people in straight partnerships believe that the man should pay on the first date.

8. You Place the Blame on Others

An alpha male is self-aware and accepts responsibility for his actions. He doesn’t manufacture excuses to make himself appear less responsible; he understands that his hard work and perseverance will eventually pay off, so he doesn’t mind admitting his faults.

Alpha Male vs Sigma Male

8 Best Ways Not Being An Alpha Male

Alpha males derive their power and status from the social dominance order, whereas sigmas reject the hierarchy entirely, preferring to live as lone wolves. Due to sigmas being challenging to manage, they can be problematic for alphas.

As a result, alphas are hesitant to trust them. Some alphas despise the existence of sigmas since they exist outside of the hierarchical framework.

Alpha Male vs Omega Male

Omega males, like sigma males, don’t have a niche in the dominance structure where they can be productive. Omegas, unlike sigmas, do not pick this course voluntarily. They’re men who have attempted but failed to assimilate.

Women dislike them. They are despised by other males. They are certainly society’s “rejects.” Many true omegas take the black pill, give up on women, and lose faith in life, sex, happiness, and the hierarchy as a whole.

Some alphas take omegas under their wing, attempting to teach them how to successfully integrate into the hierarchy as deltas. However, in some instances, it’s safer for the alpha to advocate for the omega’s exclusion from the ranking entirely. This prevents his victim mentality and black-pill thinking from wreaking havoc on the rest of the tribe.

Being an Alpha Male Has Its Advantages

Being an alpha male has numerous advantages. More money, a higher reputation, better access to higher-value women, an abundant sex life, and respect and admiration are typical manifestations.

Alpha males have more power, rank, and tribal benefits than their counterparts. This is the type of man that other men aspire to be, and that women aspire to date

This is beneficial to the alpha. People want to impress him and make friends with him since he is the boss. There are numerous advantages to being linked with the alpha male, as well as numerous advantages to dating him. This means that in every social environment, he has his pick of friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and female company.

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Perhaps, you’ve gained a better understanding of the alpha male archetype as a result of this article. Just keep it in mind. The idea is to keep improving to become a better man today than you were yesterday. We’ll inevitably achieve our objectives if we keep leveling up and improving.

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