Alpha Male: 10 Best Ways To Become It

Do you want to learn how to be an alpha male? We’re here to assist you! This step-by-step tutorial will help you become the alpha male you’ve always desired.

Do you ever come across guys for whom everything just seems to work out? They’ve got the most attractive, accomplished relationships, they’re in excellent shape, and their work lives are always on fire. It’s tempting to believe they’ve discovered a wish-granting genie, yet dominant males are viewed as alpha males in our society.

Alpha Male: 10 Best Ways To Become It

What Is An Alpha Male?

The popular impression of “alphas” and “betas” males is based on the belief that alphas are dominating in a social hierarchy. Although this may be true in animals, even the author of the renowned wolf research that originated the term “alpha” has since revised his mind.

Men who portray themselves as combative alphas are usually bullies who refuse to compromise. The first thing to realize is that alpha status has nothing to do with confrontation or conflict; it is earned via command of one’s own life.

A beta man, for example, will follow the wind wherever it leads him.
He goes to work at a job that he doesn’t enjoy since it pays the bills and feeds the family.

He marries a lady he loves obediently but not passionately, and he meticulously monitors his 500k, dreaming of the day when he may retire when he’s old and life has passed him by.

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What Can You Do To Become An Alpha Male?

1. Discover Happiness Through Purpose

What are you doing if you don’t have a purpose in life? What are you building toward if you only go to work to get money to spend on vices and leisure?

Are you happy to work like a robot for the “luxury” of pursuing disconnection with your time off? Find a reason to live and follow it with zeal until you can turn it into a job.

2. Rest Isn’t Something To Be Fearful Of

All of these adjustments may seem overwhelming at this point, and they will be if you’re used to beer, Netflix binges, and the status quo.

That’s fine, since, as vital as it is to push yourself, it’s as critical to relax and replenish. Get a massage (or use a massager), check your sleep hygiene, and know when to say “no” to taking on more.

3. Look after yourself

Salads, sleep, hygiene, and flossing aren’t enticing, yet we do them because they keep us healthy.

Taking care of yourself entails more than simply going to Crossfit a couple of times a week; becoming an alpha also entails managing your stress and emotional wellness.

A man who has complete control over everything except his fury is still subject to his hormones and emotions and will never be fully alpha.

4. Make a donation

Alphas strive to improve their society from the ground up, beginning with their own neighborhood. Find out how you can help by going to your local breadline or homeless shelter.

While providing money is good, giving your time is far superior.
Because time is a limited resource, getting out and helping others develops character. Join social groups that conduct volunteer work, coach, work in a community garden, provide music lessons to impoverished kids in your neighborhood, or go grocery shopping for your elderly neighbors.

5. Get Rid of Your Fear

This is not to suggest you shouldn’t be afraid; it’s nearly impossible to be completely fearless. Alphas are still afraid, but they go ahead and do what they’ve planned. An alpha male’s defining characteristic is the ability to assess risks and be confident enough to deal with the consequences of a decision.

6. Stop hoping that someone will come to your rescue.

Nobody gets where they are in life by themselves; all truly successful people, including alpha males, have received some type of assistance. This, however, is not the same as hoping for success from someone else.

You’ll always be a beta male if you’re continually holding your hand out, waiting for someone to give you money. This still holds true when it comes to waiting patiently for a raise or promotion at work. If you actually want to advance in your job, go out and find it, rather than wait for someone else to help you.

7. Promises should not be broken.

When it comes to your children, one of the most important things they remember about you is whether or not you keep your promises.

Nothing is more painful than being betrayed by someone you love and trust, so only make promises you can fully fulfill.

8. Keep fighting to a minimum

Fighting isn’t productive, whether you’re on the verge of a fight with your partner or you’re out at the pub, and someone rams into you. A man with alpha male traits recognizes this.

Always try to figure out why someone is angry or dissatisfied with you.
This doesn’t mean you have to comply with their expectations, but reflection can be difficult, despite the fact that it is critical in all aspects of your life.

9. Take care of yourself

Men don’t have to shave with a straight razor in a mountain stream while a grizzly roars in the background as part of their self-care routine.

Using skin care, sexual health, and hair care products is acceptable.
Self-mastery leads to confidence, and self-mastery includes self-care practices.

Get rid of the heteronormative gender biases you’ve been taught and realize that tiny acts of self-care are beneficial.

10. Use Your Voice Properly

Everyone tends to believe that their voice must be heard, even if it is backward, especially with social media. While it’s simple to dispute on the internet, sticking up for what’s right in person is a whole different story.

Alphas develop the ability to speak up in difficult situations, regardless of their location. Take a stand for yourself and those around you and notice how your self-perception shifts.

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Alpha Male: 10 Best Ways To Become It


It has nothing to do with how other people perceive you and everything to do with how you perceive yourself. You’ll never become an alpha guy if you’re not confident, following your own goals, and looking internally for guidance.
However,  it is easy, beta men go with the flow and follow the herd. They are reluctant to rock the boat because they are enslaved by vice.

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