Google Pixel Watch And All You Need To Know About It

The rumored Pixel Watch, which Google has been teasing for a few solid months, is reportedly getting close to making an appearance. Google’s first Wear OS-powered wrist wearable, though, might not alter how we perceive smartwatches. Instead, The Pixel Watch might contribute to the continued popularity of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 series.

Amazing Facts About Google Pixel Watch And All You Need To Know About It

The internal hardware of the Google Pixel Watch won’t be as advanced as that of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series. While Samsung switched to the more modern Exynos W920 chip, which was created exclusively for wearables, Google’s initial smartwatch uses the older Exynos 9110 chipset from Samsung.

What day will the Google Pixel Watch debut?

You can probably guess that this is a rather tricky issue when it comes to a definite release date. Google just stated that the watch would make its debut this fall. At I/O 2022, Google had the ideal chance to introduce the Pixel Watch alongside the Pixel 6a, but that plainly did not happen.

Historically, Google has introduced new Pixel phones in the first few days of October. Our best estimate is that the Pixel Watch will be introduced along with the already revealed Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Notably, the Pixel 7 is reportedly set to go on sale for pre-order on October 6 and to be released to the general public on October 13 instead. The launch window for the Pixel Watch might be comparable.

google pixel watch 2
  • Brand: Google
  • Model Name: Pixel Watch
  • Style: LTE
  • Color: Polished Silver case with Charcoal Active band
  • Screen Size: 41 Millimeters
  • Special Feature: Text Messaging, Activity Tracker, Always On Display, Notifications

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What features and specifications will the Pixel Watch have?

The Google Pixel Watch has some official information as well as some leaks and rumors that give us a good picture of what to anticipate from the wearable.


Amazing Facts About Google Pixel Watch And All You Need To Know About It

The Pixel Watch’s design is consistent with earlier leaks and rumors. Its circular front will go against Apple’s rectangle design tenet. On the right side of the device, there are at least two buttons visible. Although the flat button may have that capability instead, the central crown appears to be rotatable for navigation and could potentially operate as a dedicated voice assistant button.

On stage, Google also stated that the watch will include exclusive bands. This means that you won’t be able to use bands that you already own or purchase from third parties, which is a little frustrating. However, Google has confirmed that there will be a limited number of color options.

Additionally, according to a recent leak, Pixel Watch purchasers will have access to up to seven strap options right now. This could come with a steel mesh band, two leather alternatives, a link band, as well as fabric and silicone options, according to 9to5Google.

The largest design leak occurred before Google actually unveiled the Pixel Watch, and it took the shape of a purported prototype that was discovered abandoned in a Chicago restaurant. The leaked smartphone resembles the official rendering Google showed us quite a bit.

The wearable was packaged with a box that claimed that it was for “internal testing and development only,” according to the unnamed source who discovered the watch. The claimed Pixel Watch prototype was then uploaded alongside photographs of an Apple Watch and a Galaxy Watch by the leaker.

The prototype, according to the leaker, has a 40mm diameter, a 14mm thickness, and a 36g weight. The visible screen measures 30mm, and the bezels are fairly thick.

Specs and Features

The watch will initially support Google Assistant, the Google Home app, and the recently unveiled Google Wallet. Users can tap to pay with this function, which also keeps cards and papers including student IDs, boarding permits, vaccination cards, and more. Users will be able to use these capabilities without a phone nearby because an LTE version of the Pixel Watch will be available.

Additionally, Google stated that the Pixel Watch will have “deep connectivity with Fitbit,” which would likely include the standard SpO2 sensor and heart rate monitor. Google may incorporate an EDA sensor or an ECG for stress and heart health monitoring if it manages to win over more ardent fitness enthusiasts. But according to a recent Business Insider story, the watch will only have the most fundamental fitness tracking capabilities.

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According to reports, the Pixel Watch may use a Samsung Exynos chipset instead of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 series in terms of computational power. According to a source who spoke with 9to5Google, the Samsung Exynos 9110 SoC will power the Google smartwatch. Samsung introduced this SoC in 2018. It was once thought that the gadget would use the Exynos W920 seen in the Galaxy Watch 4.

The Pixel Watch would therefore ostensibly have access to a low-power Arm Cortex-M55 processor for low-power operations, LTE compatibility, and GNSS support for more precise tracking of outdoor activity. The Exynos 9110, in contrast, is a 10nm chip with two Cortex-A53 cores that is comparable to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus.

Other rumored specifications indicate a 32GB internal storage capacity and lots of RAM. Given that the Galaxy Watch 4 now has 1.5GB of RAM, the Pixel Watch could have up to 2GB of RAM since it will allegedly have the highest RAM of any Wear OS watch in use. For those who enjoy multitasking, this would be a terrific addition.

Of course, the need for more processing power can reduce battery life. The Pixel Watch needs a daily charge, according to sources cited by Business Insider. According to reports, charging speeds are also way too slow. Notably, the Galaxy Watch 4’s battery life is one of its biggest weaknesses.

Daily charging wouldn’t be a big deal for Apple Watch floor-crossers, but it would be for those who now use a Garmin or Fitbit. According to a more recent charging leak, the Pixel Watch may use USB-C charging to recharge a 300mAh battery pack. Notably, that would be a far lower battery pack than the 361mAh cell included in the base Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

The Pixel Watch’s battery life is also hinted at by another feature that can be seen in the Fitbit app. The Pixel Watch should be charged to at least 30% in order to record sleep, according to a sentence in the app that was found during an APK deconstruction.

It’s interesting to note that the Pixel Watch might include an LTE feature that no other smartwatch has. Rohan is mentioned in the Google Fi app, according to another APK deconstruction carried out by 9to5Google. In case you missed it, this is the Pixel Watch’s codename.


No surprises there because we already know that the Google Pixel Watch will debut with only Wear OS. However, we haven’t yet taken a close look at the Pixel Watch’s operating system. But according to a recent video, we can see the operating system that the Montblanc Summit 3—the first wristwatch that isn’t powered by Samsung Wear OS 3—uses.

Then, what can we infer? Starting off, there are a few gesture differences between Samsung and Montblanc. The Wear OS 3 notifications screen is opened by swiping up on the Montblanc’s face. Tiles, a more effective design than Samsung that will probably also be included on the Pixel Watch, is opened by swiping left or right.

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There aren’t many surprises in Wear OS 3’s user interface. One tap on Montblanc’s crown launches the applications list, two taps launches Google Wallet, and a long press launches the power menu. The Pixel Watch’s crown might function similarly in the future.

FastPair, a technology that enables customers to swiftly pair their watches with an Android phone, is another feature of the gadget. This technology might possibly be present in the Pixel Watch.

Of course, there are occasionally some discrepancies between Wear OS gadgets. The Montblanc videos do offer us a rough understanding of how Wear OS 3 works, but the Pixel Watch will have some unique features.

What else do we know, except Wear OS? In any case, information unearthed by 9to5Google suggests that Google is also seriously considering creating a “next-generation Assistant.” This redesign would have computing capabilities similar to those found in Google’s Pixel devices. This implies that Google could need to concentrate on the Pixel Watch’s computation capabilities while simultaneously limiting power consumption.

Meanwhile, new information discovered by 9to5Google points to the possibility of a special “Google Pixel Watch” app for the Pixel Watch.

Another possibility is that the Pixel Watch will work well with iPhones. The Montblanc Summit 3 will ship with support for the iPhone. This hints that Apple devices may be natively supported by Google’s OS. But it’s not obvious if Google would take Montblanc’s position of agnosticism.

The Wear OS 3 feature known as Nearby Unlock, which enables the Pixel Watch to be unlocked when in close proximity to its host smartphone, may also make the Pixel Watch one of the first devices to use it. Additionally, users can lock their phones using their watches.

What will the cost of the Google Pixel Watch be?

Finally, what will the Google Pixel Watch cost and when will it be available for purchase?

The Verge’s sources claim that the Pixel Watch will “cost more than a Fitbit,” although that is a rather ambiguous claim.

Yogesh Brar, a frequent tipper, stated that the smartwatch may cost between $300 and $400, citing a “relatively new source.” The Apple Watch Series 7, the Garmin Venu 2, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series will all be in direct competition with it as a result.

Brar also mentioned in his tweet that the wristwatch might only be released in a few markets, similar to how the Pixel phones only launched in a few markets.

Three Pixel Watch models could be on the horizon. Recently, three alternative model numbers for a Google wearable were added to the Bluetooth SIG website.

What We Hope to See From the Google Pixel Watch

On the wrist, a classic Google experience

The Google Pixel Watch will be primarily a smartwatch, thus in order to compete with wearables like the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, it will need to provide something wholly distinct.

At I/O 2022, Google’s Rick Osterloh stated that the Pixel Watch will utilize the best of “Google’s ecosystem,” dropping hints that well-known services like Maps, Google Wallet, and Assistant will all be included. Google can undoubtedly provide more in this aspect, though.

The company has access to a lot of user data that might completely change how information is shown on its wearable. Think about a device that streamlines your life by using this contextual data.

For instance, let’s imagine the Pixel Watch could more precisely modify trip timings depending on current walking speed and physical exertion measurements or automatically adjust a Nest thermostat’s temperature based on skin temperature readings. That would be a totally distinct feature set for a smartwatch.

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The top Fitbit health-tracking features

The Pixel Watch is, after all, a wristwatch, but even smartwatches come with a ton of technology for tracking one’s health and fitness. The Pixel Watch will have “deep” interaction with Fitbit, according to Google, but it didn’t specify how.

Given that Google now owns Fitbit, it wouldn’t be out of the question for it to use the company’s products. A sensor array similar to the Fitbit Charge 5 has been seen in pictures of the Pixel Watch’s back. It would essentially have a skin temperature sensor, a stress sensor (EDA sensor), and a heart-health monitor (ECG).

This trio, combined with the standard heart rate sensor and SpO2 monitor, gives you a watch with a strong foundation for exercise tracking. This combination is crucial to keeping the Pixel Watch competitive with Samsung and Garmin’s products.

However, hardware is useless without software, so what should we anticipate? For measuring core fitness, we’d prefer to see Google employ the Fitbit app. Even better, the premium Pixel Watch ought to include Fitbit Premium. Since the Inspire 2 currently includes a year-long trial period, we would anticipate the same from what would ostensibly be the most expensive Fitbit product.

A firm updating pledge with benefits

In the past, Google has kept Wear OS immature and fragile. The fact that the firm now has a flagship for the OS does not guarantee that it won’t make the same mistakes again.

Wear OS 3 is expected to be added to a number of smartwatches from Fossil and Mobvoi in a subsequent update, but Google has not yet announced a specific release date. If anything, we’ve had to rely on Samsung to reveal its own Wear OS 3 watch upgrade program. The Pixel Watch might see a sporadic support period with upgrades if it is the handling of Wear OS 2 is any indicator.

Google must present a clear software support plan for the Pixel Watch in accordance with its commitments to other assets and gadgets. Given that it is called a Pixel, we would also anticipate that, like Pixel smartphones for Android, the watch will serve as a testing ground for Wear OS innovation.

Battery life that gives you peace of mind

The best technology, materials, design, and software in the world won’t help a smartwatch much if its battery life is barely a few hours.

Rumors of all-day battery life have us concerned. In 2022, that will just not do. The device will need to have a longer battery life than simply 24 hours if it is to withstand the demands of Assistant requests, fitness monitoring, Maps use, on-device calling, and sleep tracking in the evening. But it’s far easier said than done. Devices running Wear OS typically have terrible durability. Additionally, the Wear OS 3 devices aren’t given much hope by the Galaxy Watch 4.

Rumor has claimed that Google may incorporate a more effective core to offload some of the tedious chores of the CPU, although it’s not obvious how this would actually assist users.

Google might improve the battery life of the Pixel Watch by offering rapid charging, but customers who don’t worry about running out of juice are more likely to use all of the device’s capabilities than those who do.

A reasonable cost based on value rather than exclusivity

What will the Pixel Watch’s final price be given that we already know it will be a high-end product? Well, speculations suggest a price of little more than $400, and in comparison to its potential rivals, that may seem reasonable. However, given that the Pixel Watch is a relatively new product, Google might wish to take into account the huge Wear OS elephant in the room.

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The Galaxy Watch 5 costs an additional $30 over the $249 starting price of the Galaxy Watch 4. It sets the bar for Wear OS smartwatches, perfectly integrating design, health-tracking technology, and useful functions. It will be the competitor to the Pixel Watch now that Google Assistant has been added.

We are aware that Google won’t be selling the Pixel Watch in every country or region. The tablet will only be available in a few markets, just like the rest of its hardware lineup. Although the price may increase due to the exclusivity, it’s critical that Google recognizes that in the wristwatch market, value takes precedence over branding.

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