Anna Strout: What To Know About Jesse Eisenberg’s Wife

Jesse Eisenberg, who played Jesse in Now You See Me, is married to Anna Strout. Strout and Eisenberg have been partners since the beginning of the new millennium, and the two are parents to a son. Anna Strout is an activist that promotes awareness for those who have experienced domestic violence. Additionally, she has a few movie credits.

Anna Strout Jesse

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Early Life

On December 30, 1983, in Boston, Anna Strout was born. Her mother has experience working in education, while her father is a doctor.

She had two brothers named Chris and Matt when she was growing up, and she named the nonprofit group “Friends of Matt” in their honor. The organization’s mission is to use technology to help youngsters become better readers. Brown University granted her a diploma in 2006 when she graduated.

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Anna Strout worked at the Boston Consulting Group after beginning her career as a consultant at Bain & Company. She then started her own business, “A-S Solutions,” which offers small enterprises business strategy consultancy.

Through her husband’s contacts, Anna also had a job in the film industry. She served as his “Now You See Me” film’s assistant director and as a screenplay supervisor for the 2015 movie Irrational Man.

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Personal Life

She wed American actor, dramatist, and voice actor Jesse Eisenberg in 2013.  The couple’s kid “Cal,” who was born on December 31, 2015, resides with them in New York. The Friends of Matt Foundation, a nonprofit established by Anna Strout, strives to use technology to help kids enhance their literacy abilities.

Toby Strout, Anna’s mother, began working for the Middle Way House in 1984. She assisted numerous victims of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and human trafficking.

She frequently took Anna with her to protests, gatherings, neighborhood gatherings, and news briefings at city hall. Her kid would witness personally how her mother fought for services for victims of sexual assault or domestic abuse while she was doing this.
Anna continued to help and raise money for the Middle Way House even after her mother passed away.

Unlike her husband Jesse Eisenberg, who has Facebook and Twitter accounts, she is not active on social media.

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Who Is Jesse Eisenberg?

jesse eisenberg

American actor Jesse Adam Eisenberg was born on October 5, 1983. Numerous honors have been bestowed upon him, including two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two BAFTA Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and two nominations for Academy Awards.

His Early Life

Jesse Adam Eisenberg was born in Queens, New York. Jesse grew up in East Brunswick, New Jersey, where he was raised by parents Amy Fishman and Barry Eisenberg as a Jew.

Eisenberg transferred from East Brunswick High School to the Professional Performing Arts School in New York after completing his sophomore year there. While still in his final year of high school, he landed his breakthrough part in the independent movie “Roger Dodger” in 2002. He couldn’t enroll at New York University because of his role in the movie. Instead, Eisenberg studied liberal arts at The New School in Greenwich Village.

Jesse struggled to fit in at school because of an anxiety issue, so he turned to stage acting as a coping mechanism at a young age. He started performing when he was just seven years old and played Oliver Twist in a kid’s performance of “Oliver!” Up till the age of 16, he kept acting in different theatre shows.

By the age of 16, Eisenberg began penning screenplays, some of which were attracting the interest of big motion picture studios. Jesse was not happy with how little power he had over the scripts after they were sold off, though.

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His Career


Following his appearances in “Get Real” from 1999 to 2000 and “Lightning: Fire from the Sky,” a made-for-TV film, when he was 18 years old, Eisenberg made his television debut in 2002 with “Roger Dodger,” which brought him his first taste of international acclaim. He subsequently received the San Diego Film Festival’s Most Promising Actor prize.

He would appear in a variety of independent films from 2005 to 2009, including Wes Craven’s “Cursed” in 2005, “The Squid and the Whale” in 2005, and “Adventureland” in 2009.

Jesse Eisenberg’s big break wouldn’t come until the 2009 box office sensation “Zombieland,” in which he starred with Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin. After appearing in David Fincher’s critically acclaimed movie “The Social Network” in 2010, his fame only increased. Later, Jesse was nominated for Best Actor at the Golden Globes, BAFTA Awards, and Oscars. He received the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures’ Best Actor Award.

Jesse appeared in the animated smash hit “Rio” in 2011, which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song. He also appeared in the heist comedy “30 Minutes or Less” that same year. In 2012, he then made his acting debut in a few films, including Woody Allen’s controversial films “Why Stop Now” and “To Rome With Love.”

In 2013, Jesse Eisenberg collaborated once more on-screen with Woody Harrelson when he appeared in the magician heist movie “Now You See Me” with Isla Fisher and Mark Ruffalo. The independent drama “The Double” was yet another noteworthy movie from that year. He joined the cast of the action-comedy “American Ultra” two years later, which also starred Kristen Stewart, an indie favorite.

Jesse had a busy year in 2015 since he published his first collection of humorous short stories, “Bream Gives Me Hiccups.” In “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Eisenberg played Lex Luthor, one of his more contentious portrayals, in 2016. The movie received largely negative reviews, and the majority of viewers didn’t enjoy the way he played the part. Over the ensuing few years, Jesse continued to work on a few sequels, returning his J. Daniel Atlas character in “Now You See Me 2” and joining the cast of “Zombieland: Double Tap.”


The Rattlestick Playwrights Theater produced “Asuncion,” Eisenberg’s debut piece, in 2011. Jesse not only wrote the play but also performed in it alongside Justin Bartha and Camille Mana. In 2013, Eisenberg declared that, in addition to maintaining his film career, he would write and perform in plays. He premiered “The Revisionist,” his second play, that same year.

His third play, “The Spoils,” which had its off-Broadway debut at The New Group Perishing Square Signature Center Alice Griffin Box Theatre in 2015, followed this up. The play later won the Theatre Visions Fund Award from the Irving Laurie Foundation. Jesse now sits on the Playing On Air podcast and radio program’s board of advisors.

In 2015, he wrote “A Little Part of All of Us,” a play for the show in which he also acted. Eisenberg played the lead in his play “The Spoils,” which premiered in London’s Trafalgar Studios in 2016. The film adaptation of his book “Bream Gives Me Hiccups” is now in production.

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In the #MyYoungerSelf project, which entails “each day in May a renowned individual will speak to his or her younger self about growing up with a mental health or learning disability,” Eisenberg worked with Child Mind Institute. In a video that was released on May 2, he discussed his childhood anxiety and OCD. Eisenberg like cats and has experience with animal fostering. He has given presentations at several of Farm Sanctuary’s galas and is affiliated with the organization. He declared, “I’m like 95% vegetarian,” in 2015.

Jesse Eisenberg announced in September 2015 that starting in November, he will match donations made up to $100,000 made to Middle Way House, a domestic abuse shelter in Bloomington, Indiana, until April 3, 2016. All donations went to the organization’s mortgage payment fund, which was matched by a group under Eisenberg’s direction.

Jesse Eisenberg praised the group, calling it “It’s an incredible collective,” Eisenberg told a reporter. “It’s the kind of place where the residents go through their wonderful program and end up working there. It’s saved so many lives.”  So many lives have been saved thanks to it.” Jesse  Eisenberg claimed to have raised close to $1 million for the shelter in a March 2018 interview with Variety.

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His Personal Life

anna strout jesse eisenberg

From 2002 through 2012, Jesse Eisenberg dated Anna Strout. They first connected on the set of The Emperor’s Club, when Anna Strout was Lisa Bruce’s assistant. Following that, he dated Mia Wasikowska, his The Double co-star, from 2013 until 2015. He later picked up their romance again, and in 2017 they wed. In April 2017, their son Banner was born. Up until June 2016, when Hallie and her boyfriend Owen Danoff relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, Eisenberg lived in New York City with Hallie and Danoff. Since he was eight years old, Jesse Eisenberg has had a passion for playing the drums. Ween is his favorite band.

In 2007, Jesse Eisenberg and his cousin, a Facebook social design evangelist, launched OneUpMe, an online wordplay website. Instead, they relaunched the site in 2010 with a framework tailored just for Facebook members. Eisenberg does not use social media, despite playing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in one of his most notable cinematic roles, he declared in 2016 “I’m terrified of that stuff. I live inside a bubble on purpose.” He said that he “signed on for, like, 20 seconds one time”. when asked if he used Facebook to practice for his role as Mark Zuckerberg.

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