Who is Arionne Curry? Bio, Career, BoyFriend, Net Worth

Nursing is Arionne Curry’s line of work. However, Arionne Curry has recently made news for becoming the mistress of reality TV personality Martell Holt. He gained more notoriety when he and his then-wife Melody Holt made an appearance on the TV show Love and Marriage: Huntsville.

Well, Martell and his wife Melody were still happily wed when the TV celebrity started seeing Arionne Curry. However, it also had a significant negative impact on Martell’s marriage to Melody not long after their romance became public knowledge. The former lovers, who had four children together, are currently legally divorced.

So let’s see if Arionne was the only factor in their breakup. While waiting, find out if Arionne Curry and her partner Martell are still together, about their son, and many other things.

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Arionne Curry Bio

In 1993, Arionne Curry was born. American Dayton, Ohio, is where she was born. She will be 29 years old in 2022. She is undoubtedly an American citizen, as well. She belongs to the African-American race. Since her exact birthdate is unknown, her zodiac sign is unknown.

There is no information about Arionne Curry’s parents’ full names. Additionally, nothing is known about her siblings. However, we can state that she is from a prosperous family. We are aware that she is a member of an American family from Dayton, Ohio. She moved to Alabama with her family when she was a young girl.

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Arionne is well-educated. She earned an honors diploma from high school. The name of the institution she attended is still a mystery. She pursued her education in a similar manner at Alabama University. She works as a nurse and has a degree in medical sciences.

She is reputed to run an online store called Aris shop through her social media profiles.

Who is Martell Holt?

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On January 4th, 1982, Martell Holt was born. His hometown is the American city of Huntsville, Alabama. Martell studied at Alabama A&M University, where he graduated in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in education.

Following graduation, he started working at Sparkman Middle School. For a while, he was an educator. In 2010, he chose to leave his position and pursue a career in real estate.

Among Martell Holt’s pastimes are golfing, deer hunting, and taking leisurely strolls. He was born and raised in Alabama, where he later began working as a teacher at Sparkman Middle School. Before realizing he was suited for other aspects of life, such as entrepreneurship.

Therefore, it only seems sensible that Martell now partners with his ex-wife to run the real estate company Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship LLC. The two have a combined income of over $2 million dollars and are both highly successful.

Martell Holt’s precise height has not yet been disclosed, but based on his photos, we can calculate that he is approximately 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 60 kg. He keeps his body in shape by exercising frequently.

Relationship Between Arionne Curry and Martell Holt

As was previously said, Arionne Curry only attracted significant notice once news of her love involvement with Martell broke in the late 2010s. Midway through the 2010s, the two first connected through Martell’s cousin.

Arionne Curry and her coworker went to his cousin’s BBQ cookout at his Huntsville, Alabama, house. It was there that they first spoke and exchanged phone numbers. Arionne and her new lover first met when she was 24 and he was 34.

They at first became good pals. Their friendship eventually developed into love. Curry revealed to Tasha K in an exclusive interview for UNWINEWITHTASHAK that she just found out Holt was married to his wife approximately a year after they started dating.

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“I found out he was married within those 9 months. But our conversations kept me there. And I was wrong for continuing to deal with a married man. He did not lead me to believe that he was going to leave his wife. He always felt guilty for the situation that he put her in at first.”

Her spouse “didn’t even give a lot of details,” she continued. She also admitted, “it’s my fault for continuing to have a relationship…”

Martell’s marriage to Melody Holt, his longtime wife, also experienced difficulties as soon as news of his infidelity broke in the media. Back in July 2008, the pair exchanged vows in a small ceremony. They spent several years in a contented marriage. But after his adultery scandal broke, things between Martell and his ex-wife only became worse and worse.

Arionne Curry meanwhile claimed that she never intended to cause their marriage any stress. Instead, she claimed that Martell, the then-married man who had been persistently chasing her, was the only person accountable for all that had occurred.


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Melody, a reality TV personality, filed for divorce from her spouse in 2020, claiming that their marriage had “irretrievably broken down” and there was no chance of them getting back together.

The Love & Marriage: Huntsville actress, 36, said that her husband’s continuing adultery scandal wasn’t the only factor in their marriage’s demise. She explained to HollywoodLife what exactly drove her to take this decisive action, “For me, during that time there were certain statements and comments that were made that showed me that he had not matured at all.”

She continued, “That showed me that he was still at step zero and hadn’t even gotten to step three, four, or five.”

Martell Holt Admits He Couldn’t Choose Between His Wife and Arionne Curry

Despite the fact that Martell and his wife Melody are now divorced, they remained close even after she learned of his deceit. He truly struggled about whether to move further with Curry or Melody once everything became public. During the Season 3 reunion of the show, his ex-wife spoke with Carlos King, the host, and said, “What I feel is that Martell couldn’t leave either of us alone. He was still there [with me]. If I hadn’t have left, he still would have been there.”

Additionally, Melody remembered her husband’s attempt to break off his friendship with Curry. But the reality star always made it back to her somewhere along the road.

Arionne Curry’s Refusal To Apologize To Melody Holt

Arionne Curry, who was absent from Love & Marriage: Huntsville, claimed that Melody isn’t really to blame for Martell and Martell’s breakup. When asked if she would apologize to Melody for having her relationship with her husband, Tasa K responded in the same conversation. She claimed that there were numerous negative events that occurred behind the scenes and that they are still fresh in her mind. She won’t ever express regret to her.

She continued, “brought her hairstylist and friends to my home. She says she wasn’t trying to fight, but who brings three people to your house?”

Arionne Curry said that because Melody was following her rather than inspecting her own man, it was quite wired.

“You know your husband. So, you need to always check your husband.”

However, she stated at the conclusion of the conversation that she would only apologize to Melody if she received a reciprocal apology.

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Arionne Curry Son

With her boyfriend Holt, Arionne is the mother of one son. She experienced one miscarriage and one abortion in the past.

Melody and Martell both got pregnant at the same time while Melody was carrying their kid. Martell apparently begged her to have an abortion at the time, but she flatly rejected his suggestion.

Martell, her companion, also has four children with his ex-wife. Maliah Selene, Mariah, Martell, and Malani Holt is their offspring. In January 2020, Malani, their fourth child, was born.

Despite the fact that matters between him and his ex-wife were very ugly, they now each enjoy joint legal and physical custody of all of their children.

Curry has a daughter from a prior relationship in addition to her son with Martell. She frequently posts pictures of her daughter on Instagram, but she hasn’t said anything about the father of her child.

Are Arionne Curry and Martell Holt Married Now?

Martell has maintained his relationship with Arionne after divorcing Melody. However, they have largely kept their romance a secret.

arionne curry

She claimed that her partner never left her side in one of the stories she submitted to The Shade Room. Regarding whether the two have wed or not, have a look. It appears that they have not yet exchanged vows.

Arionne Curry Net Worth

Arionne Curry is now working in the medical field. She is therefore without a doubt earning a solid life from her career. Curry has always maintained the privacy of her personal life, despite her ex-celebrity lover. She hasn’t really talked about her wealth with anyone. In light of the fact that she is also an entrepreneur, we peg her net worth at about $1.2 million. She makes investments in Alabama real estate.

Arionne Curry Instagram

@_arionne_ is her username on Instagram. She posts photos of her daily activities to her vast group of approximately 70,000 followers. She also has a YouTube page, although it is now empty. Due to her relationship with a wealthy married man, Arionne Curry has had to deal with online haters. The fact that she tried to quit the relationship multiple times but was unsuccessful because the man kept coming back to her is irrelevant to her detractors.

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