Ideas for Beautiful Ash Blonde Hair Color and Highlights in 2023

ash blonde hair color

Ash blonde is now one of the most favorite hair colors, due to how edgy and trendy it seems,  It is a light blonde with silver and grey tones and no brassiness. People with naturally light hair and cool, fair complexions look best while wearing the cool hue. It can, however, be altered to your taste and added to the hair in a variety of ways.

Balayage and babylights are great if you desire a delicate look, or you may be daring and combine ash blonde with vivid colors like purple and blue.

There are several shades obtainable, from light colors that draw attention, lighten your hair, and enhance your appearance to darker ash blondes that frequently have a more natural finish. For ideas for your next trip to the salon, keep reading.

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1. Light Ash Blonde

ash blonde hair

A light ash blonde is the best choice if you like brighter colors. This lovely shade, which has silver and grey tones, looks especially lovely on people with cool complexion tones. You can use highlights or lowlights to give the hair color depth and dimension to keep it from seeming flat.

Additionally, you can find intriguing ways to blend it into the hair, such as concentrating on the ends or choosing statement highlights that frame the face. Also, keep in mind that the light ash blonde may need you to switch up your makeup, choosing a bright style.

2. Ash Mushroom Blonde Hair

ash blonde hair

A neutral shade that combines brown and grey is called mushroom hair color. Ash-blonde can be used to brighten mushroom, which is a chilly colors. As a result, an intriguing combination of lowlights and highlights will be created, giving the hair depth and texture.

Additionally, you can focus the ash-blonde color on the ends just to get a lovely, low-maintenance ombre or balayage effect. Women with naturally darker hair can experiment with ash blonde without the inconvenience of dyeing their roots.

3. Ash Blonde Balayage

ash blonde hair color

Cool blonde, or ash blonde, can be imparted in a number of ways to hair. You can use ash blonde balayage to give darker hair more depth and dimension or to modernize your naturally light hair and make it feel more contemporary. The hand-painting of highlights onto the hair is known as “balayage.”

Instead of using standard foil highlights, the outcome seems much more natural. Due to the fact that you are not concerned about root regrowth, it requires less time and upkeep. It is ideal to choose a shade that is just one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color if you want to attain a soft, sun-kissed shine.

4. Ash Blonde Ombre

ash blonde hair color

Ombre hair is a fantastic method to highlight the hair, particularly the ends. It is a method of coloring that combines two tones one light and one dark. It may be made in many different colors, including ash blonde. Ash-blonde should be added to a darker base color to brighten the hair’s ends and give it depth and character for the best results. For a natural result, your hair color should only be one or two shades darker than the ash blonde.

If the color is darker than this, you can create a high-contrast look that can be cool and edgy. Ombre is a popular choice for when you want to change color because it is very adaptable and little upkeep.

5. Ombre Ash Blonde Balayage

ash blonde hair color

Both the ombre and balayage coloring techniques give the hair depth and dimension. Balayage gives you a very natural appearance by hand-painting the color onto your hair in sweeping motions. The hue stands out more when combined with ombre, which blends two colors, one bright and the other dark, starting in the middle of the hair and getting lighter toward the ends.

Since root growth is not an issue, many coloring processes require little care. The chilly undertone in ash-blonde makes the hair appear silvery and is a fascinating alternative to warmer blonde shades. Without being too harsh, it is a great technique to brighten and lighten black hair.

6. Medium Ash Blonde

ash blonde hair

A medium ash blonde is an excellent choice if you want to try ash blonde but think the lighter shades are too striking. It still has cool undertones and all the advantages of the lighter shades, but because it is not as bright, it appears more subdued and can flatter a wider range of skin tones. Additionally, you are less prone to seem washed out. This color is appealing because it feels new and contemporary and offers a unique contrast to traditional blonde tones.

7. Ash Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

ash blonde hair highlights

Ash-blonde highlights are a perfect choice if you want to give your black hair more depth and texture. A wonderful method to lighten the hair and brighten your appearance is to use the contrast between light and dark to create an eye-catching appearance. Blonde on black hair can seem difficult to pull off because of the extreme contrast, but you can work with your colorist to get a style that you like.

For a hairstyle that controls attention, this might be thick, chunky streaks or subtle babylights for a splash of color. Additionally, you can strategically position the highlights on your face to draw attention to your features.

8. Ash Blonde on Curly Hair

ash blonde hair color highlights

Although ash blonde looks wonderful on all hair textures, curly hair can appear especially stunning in this shade. Your curl pattern will be highlighted by the lighter color, which will make it stand out even more. Ash-blonde can emphasize the texture because ash is a light color that stands out much more than darker colors.

This has the drawback of potentially highlighting any dryness or frizz, so before lightening your hair, make sure it’s in the greatest condition possible. You can also play with the color addition technique, concentrating on a balayage or ombre appearance for a more subtle look.

It’s easy to create contrast by contrasting dark roots with light tips. Due to the fact that you do not have to bother about touching up the roots, it is also a low-maintenance alternative.

9. Ash Silver Blonde

ash blonde hair color

The silver and grey tones of ash blonde are what make it so beautiful. The cool color ranges from light to dark ash blonde, and you may also draw attention to the silver coloring to make it appear more silver-blonde. It is a remarkably adaptable color that has a contemporary and edgy vibe.

All hair types and lengths can have it added, but it may require more maintenance than the darker ash-blonde hues and call for frequent touch-ups. In order for the color to take if your hair is naturally dark, you will also need to bleach it. Always seek the assistance of a professional colorist as this can be a time-consuming and damaging procedure.

10. Asian hair with Ash Blonde

ash hair color

Asian hair can range in density and texture but is typically thought of as thick and straight. The hair seems straighter because it has more cuticle layers that are denser, thicker, and wider. The majority of hair will be naturally black, so adding ash blonde is a welcome change. Ash blonde is a versatile color that works well with all hair textures and can be added in a variety of ways to the hair.

It works best with naturally light hair hues, but when mixed with dark roots, it can produce a striking contrast. Alternative: Before applying the color, bleach the entire head of the hair to produce a lighter base tone. It is always recommended to seek the assistance of a professional colorist for any coloring procedure, particularly bleaching.

11. Ash Blonde Face Framing Highlights

ash hair color

Ash blonde is an adaptable shade that may be used in a variety of ways, including highlights. You can play about where you want your highlights to be placed. However, one of the most striking looks involves carefully positioning the highlights in a face-framing pattern, which can be quite appealing.

This will draw attention to your face and emphasize your facial characteristics. It can be applied to darker hair to create contrast or to lighter hair for a more subdued, sun-kissed appearance. Additionally, you can choose babylights, lighten only the ends, or go bold with thick, chunky streaks for a statement look.

12. Dark Brown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

ash blonde hair

Ash-blonde highlights on dark brown hair are a great technique to add depth and complexity. Your black hair can become lighter and brighter, creating a lovely contrast. There are several techniques to add highlights to the hair, such as all over or by concentrating the color towards the face for a striking appearance that draws attention to the face’s features. Depending on the quality you want to achieve and how apparent you want your color to be, you can also choose between chunky, thick highlights and delicate babylights.


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