7 Basic Tips on How to Talk to Girls

We all know that a girl is the opposite gender of a boy and that a girl is feminine as a boy, and in between a girl and a boy lies a relationship, these relationships might differ, some of which the relationship towards the girl might be her father, her brother, her uncle, her cousin, or even her husband or boyfriend. These people are very important in girls through her own perspective.

How to Talk to Girls

However, our focus today would be on how a girl should be approached especially by a stranger [boy]. This is a topic that is mostly dedicated to the teenagers

As a boy talking to a girl can be really challenging, especially if you have no hint of what you’re doing and why you are doing it. So in this situation, this article might make things a bit easier, and more comfortable for you as a total stranger to approach a lady you should advisably follow the below sequential steps

In the case whereby you are admiring a girl and have no idea how to approach her. what should you do? you definitely won’t approach a girl with your head blank, deciding her you should take note

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1. Have confidence in yourself

2. Establish your feeling: Ask questions like, why do I admire her, what do I particularly like about her, is she who I really think she is? would she accept me? you should always question yourself, preferably out loud, and provide your answers. This should literally be the first stage of talking to a girl, once you are satisfied and have an idea about your crush, naturally she’s not a complete stranger, perhaps ake you’ve been seeing her around your house, workplace, school or so, at least you know the road she always takes, or the store she always goes to, or even the restaurant she loves, the moment you know this then I bet you can move to the next step


Developing interest counts a lot when planning on talking to a girl, most of the words you would use rely deeply on how you are interested in her, if by any chance there’s no answer to your question, what feeling am I actually having for her?, then you are qualified to talk to her, you don’t want to look sheepish or awkward, then you should develop self-confidence and have it in mind that, it’s easy, I can do it or rather ask every guy does it why can’t I?

learn to say things with confidence: There’s no shy boy in a girls list, its always a confident guy or nothing, the very moment a girl notices any awkward move from a guy, then it spelled ruined, she wouldn’t want to listen further, once you get attention, that’s a golden opportunity so you must bring and so you must display the best out of you.

mingle with girls: as a guy, you must associate with a lot of people, in this perspective, you must mingle with a lot of feminine genders, whenever you find it comfortable to interact with girls freely at work, school, clubs, or elsewhere, develop more interest in girly personalities, that is a girl likes and dislikes, always practice on them, ask them some basic question.

How to Talk to Girls

3. Approach her, done with stage one, then you move to the next stage which is probably approaching her, already you’ve self-trained yourself

  • Always ready yourself: if you want t get the result f impression from a girl, the very least you can do is control your behavior and hygiene. these are very delicate and important factors every guy should take note of
  • keeping up daily hygiene: Naturally, it’s a good sign of a responsible guy fellow to look descent, a girl mostly prefers good scent, always wear deodorant, clip your fingernails regularly
  • Dress your best outfit, wear a neat outfit for remembering her first attention relies on your external body entirely, your dressing code would tell who you are, so that should be an important thing you must consider
  • be on your best behavior: this is another important criterion you must never ignore, you should sound rude or aggressive, or harsh, and you must limit your jokes and sarcasm

4. Make your approach: this is the next step of talking to a girl, whoever an opportunity of talking to your crush comes, do it. doesn’t matter if it’s in-crowd or not, find courage, and get her attention, either by calling her name or waving and smiling at her. then you meet her especially if she is far from you, you approach her with a moderate smile, her facial expression would determine your next move or words, if she looks dull you can try to enlighten the moment if it works then you are good to go if it doesn’t then she probably isn’t interested

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5. Real talk; at this stage, you are halfway assured of getting your crush, if you didn’t know your crush before you can start the conversation by introducing yourself slightly, definitely at this point, she would get more comfortable, and you should always say things you can say in front of your girlfriend or wife if in case you have any, in other words, don’t say anything sexual, off point, abusive, or harsh that would make her feel uncomfortable instead, keep things light and natural. always stay positive, n negative thinking, again there shouldn’t be any serious topic between both of you, it might ruin the moment

6. Ask for her number say nice things, and praise her, tell her it was great talking to her, and that you’d to meet her again, then politely ask for her number, asking for her number might not be the best thing to do, but depending on how you want to take things

7. Say goodbye; not permanently, just for the moment, you hope to see her again, tell her you’d call her soonest, and leave with a big smile and wave



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