7 Best Beat Making Apps

You’ll find making fresh sounds much simpler if you get your hands on the greatest beat-making software. Beat making app offers more than just beat production, but it is still a significant portion of what they have to offer. It also includes music mixing and sound clip editing.

With this software, you can start from zero or work with ideas to build up new creations, such as working on a new loop or generating a drum beat. You can create something that sounds incredibly rich and lively by incorporating MIDI instruments to close the gap between software and the real world.

Apple Logic Pro is at the top of the list because it is, as the name implies, powerful enough for professional use while yet being simple enough for beginners to use with some practice. Alternatively, if you want to start out slowly and save money, buy a free choice like Waveform Free, which is actually a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), meaning you have access to a ton of capabilities.

Getting beats can be crucial while speaking of free. In order to show you which services will have you covered and which ones require you to budget extra money to purchase licensed music, we have taken into account your access to free audio. To learn about further websites that provide free audio to use, look below.

Do you wish to continue? Look at the finest audio editing software(opens in new tab) and the best music notation software(opens in new tab), both of which could assist you in creating a musical masterpiece right on your computer.

1. Ableton Live 10 Intro

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Ableton Live 10 Intro

  • Multitrack Audio recording
  • Unique Session View for nonlinear composition
  • Up to 16 tracks and 8 scenes per project
  • 1500+ sounds (5+GB) and 29 effects and 3 instruments

If you’re just starting out in production or DJing, Ableton Live 10’s Intro version makes a perfectly good understudy to the normal version. For a fair price, you receive a substantial portion of the functionality of the normal version a genuine steal given what you get.

The principal trade-offs? Only 16 audio and MIDI tracks are available, so if your music is extensive, you might need to pay for the complete edition. The MIDI capture and learn features are still available, however, there are now just 4 audio ins and outs total.

Interestingly, the remaining figures aren’t really that low. You get 1,500 (5 GB) of sounds, four software instruments (only one fewer than the full version), 21 Audio effects, and eight MIDI effects with the software’s Intro edition (the same as the full version). So, if you enjoy the looping, grid-style interface of Ableton but can live with a considerably lesser feature set and fewer tracks, this might be the program for you.

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2. Komplete 11 Beat Making App

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Komplete 11

  •  Over 155 GB of instruments and effects
  • Transforming the space between sampling and synthesis

Native Instruments doesn’t require an introduction when it comes to plugins. They have long provided some of the most recognizable synth sounds with Reaktor in addition to their Komplete line, which is effectively the umbrella collection that incorporates most of their plugin software. Although Komplete 11 has a ton of functionality, the cost is high.

We’re talking about 45 unique, excellent plugins, more than 13,000 sounds, and more than 150GB of effects and samples. Reaktor 6 is included for all of your synthesizer needs, along with many other favorites including Kinetic Metal, Una Corda, India, and Replika, all of which offer incredible value for your obviously costly investment. The ideal melody or chordal bed can be laid down here by adding synth plugins to your DAW.

3. Apple Logic Pro

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Apple Logic Pro

  • The accessible writing style that puts an expert mentor at your side
  • Downloadable real-world, professional Logic projects

Despite being an Apple-only tool, Apple Logic Pro is the best option for making beats and comes in first place on our list. Affordable pricing provides a lot of value for your money. This elevates Apple’s free GarageBand, which is already great, to a professional level.

You can compose music entirely on your own using a sizable virtual instrument collection. In fact, you may design your own set of virtual drums to create the ideal beats for whatever you’re doing. With the assumption that you want to record a melody first, Logic’s virtual drum plug-in employs an AI algorithm to adjust a synthetic drummer to the type of music you generate.

The transport controls are conveniently located at the top of the workspace window in Logic. Up to 255 audio and MIDI tracks can be made, which is more than enough to enable you to construct a complex arrangement and continue to add new ideas to a song. You can add up to 15 insert effects and 8 sends per channel using the flexible mix window.

4. FL Studio 20 Beat Making App

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FL Studio 20

  • Digital Audio Workstation
  • EDM Production

From the moment it was introduced as FruityLoops, FL Studio has been well-known in the hip-hop community. Since then, it has significantly improved and is now frequently the choice of professional producers. This is made possible by aspects like how well multiple arrangements function together and how simple it is to use time signature markers.

Since FL Studio 20 is a full DAW, it functions as a complete production system in addition to being used to create beats. It’s perfect for short and simple work because it comes with 500 tracks by default. Separate workflows make it simple to maintain control without the UI appearing cluttered.

Although it is now simple to use, this is still complicated and catered to the more upscale end of the music production industry. This DAW is maintained by the Belgian firm Image-Line, and the studio is dedicated to ensuring sure you never have to pay for any upgrades. A frequency splitter, an instrument tuner, and several layout changes are recent additions.

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5. Reason 11 Beat Making App

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Reason 11

  • Digital Audio Workstation
  • Sequencer
  • Music Production

Professional DJs and beat producers frequently cite Ableton as their go-to piece of beat-making software when asked. However, a smaller, devoted group will direct your attention to Reason 11. The complete edition is quite reasonably priced and has all the essential premium features. You’ll get all 10 of Reason’s tried-and-true software instruments with the complete edition, including the Subtractor Synth, the Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer, and more.

The RV-7 Digital Reverb, PH-90 Phaser, and BV512 Vocoder are just a few of the exclusive effect plugins that come with the loaded edition. Of course, you’ll also have access to an infinite number of audio and MIDI tracks, VST (virtual studio technology), and ReFill support, as well as anything else you’ll need to create top-notch expert tracks.

6. Waves Diamond Plugin Bundle

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Waves Diamond Plugin Bundle

  • 43 state-of-the-art processors
  • A comprehensive collection of audio processing tools
  • Tools for tracking, mixing, mastering, sound design, audio restoration, and more

There are a few things to take into consideration while purchasing plugins for your DAW. What plugins are already available in your software, to begin with? If you find that it’s insufficient, it could be time to splash out on plugins to round out the features that come with your workstation. And in that scenario, it’s advisable to pay a little extra money in order to receive a valuable package.

Waves is a high-end manufacturer of mastering and effects plugins that focuses on combining its goods to offer the best price. The Diamond Bundle, which is a significant improvement over their Mercury Bundle, is our pick in this instance.

More than 65 options are available for mixing and mastering, including EQs, reverbs, pitch correction, pitch bending, spatial imaging, dynamic plugins (such compressors and exciters), and dynamic plugins. In order to replicate some of those vintage hardware devices in your mix, they have even modeled some of them.

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7. Magix Music Maker

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Magix Music Maker

  • The built-in Mastering Suite makes every song sound perfect
  • From within the program, you can upload your songs directly to almost any social network
  • You can easily write notes using the mouse

One of the many programs provided by a business that specializes in this field is called Magix Music Maker, and it’s an economical way to make beats and other types of music. The functionality you receive for your money is therefore very high. A staggering 25 virtual instruments are available right away in addition to the 425 free loops that are offered.

Everything is simple to use, making it user-friendly for beginners while also being comprehensive enough for more seasoned creators. An intuitive interface is used for controls and effects, and it interacts with MIDI instruments like keyboards and drum pads to produce beats. Additional virtual instruments can be purchased as add-ons, or you can upgrade to acquire more functionality.

A tool that can even write beats for you is available if you subscribe to one of the “plus” or “premium” plans. All you have to do is choose a combination of templates, sound pools, and instruments, and the program will create your song. Even if it may not be a piece of genius, it can serve as a solid foundation for beatmakers who are just getting started.

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