Beats Studio Buds: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Noise-Canceling Earbuds

With its brand-new, completely wireless headphones, dubbed the Beats Studio Buds, Beats by Dre is making a comeback. Beats has seen a significant transformation as a business in the last ten years, going from an iconic brand in the industry to one that is now owned by Apple.

Beats Studio Buds

Its smallest set of headphones, the Beats Studio Buds, are priced reasonably enough for you to be persuaded to buy one. They are not flawless, despite the fact that we have a lot of positive things to say about them. So let’s examine each of the Beats Studio Buds’ benefits and drawbacks.

1. Budget-Friendly Noise Cancellation

You might be tempted to dismiss these earphones as just another pair of AirPods-like headphones when you see their $149 price tag. You might be shocked to learn that the Beats Studio Buds have active noise cancellation. This is a great deal when you consider that Apple’s standard AirPods without ANC cost $159 each.

Additionally, you have access to the Transparency mode, which enables you to hear everything around you clearly without taking off your headphones. You would need to spend an additional $100 on the AirPods Pro in order to obtain these capabilities with the standard AirPods.

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2. Lightning is replaced by USB-C

Given that Beats is a brand owned by Apple, it makes sense that these headphones would have Lightning ports. Instead, a USB-C connector is present on the Beats Studio Buds because Beats wants its new headphones to be available to iOS and Android customers.

The Powerbeats Pro’s Lightning port is no longer present, which is a huge shift. You may therefore use the same cord to charge these headphones if you own an Android phone or even an iPad Pro.

3. One-Touch Pairing for iOS and Android

If you’ve ever envied the one-touch pairing that the AirPods have with Apple devices, you’re going to be over the moon to hear that the Beats Studio Buds will support the same function on Android devices. That’s correct, just unlock your phone, pop opens the case, and wait for the pop-up. If you opt to connect, you will be prompted to download the Beats app.

Using its Beats brand to introduce universal earphones, it appears like Apple is attempting to win over the Android community. You are the customer here, even though it’s a smart business decision. What about it?

4. Availability of Find My Service for Apple

Although this shouldn’t come as a surprise given that Apple owns Beats, the Beats Studio Buds do have access to the Find My network. If you ever misplace them or have difficulties finding them at home, this will make it easy for you to find your earphones.

You might be thinking about how this functionality will benefit you as an Android user. As a matter of fact, any device with a web browser can access the Find My service. To find the location of your headphones, all you have to do is go to

Beats Studio Buds

5. Eight hours or more of battery life

On a single charge, the Beats Studio Buds last longer than Apple’s more expensive truly wireless headphones. You can listen to music for up to eight hours with active noise canceling off. You’ll get about five hours if ANC or Transparency mode is activated, though.

In contrast, five hours of listening time without any active noise cancellation are provided by the AirPods Pro.

With ANC enabled, the case’s combined battery life can last up to 15 hours and can be used to charge your Beats Studio Buds several times. A short five-minute charge with the Fast Fuel charging technology enables you to listen to an hour of music.

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6. Unlike the AirPods, there are several color options

Buying the Beats Studio Buds will get you the closest you can right now to owning a set of matte-black AirPods if you’ve always coveted a pair of them. There are three colors for these headphones, which is a blessing. In the future, we hope Beats will continue to release more colors as they always do.

7. Lack of wireless charging

The Beats Studio Buds are marketed at an appealing $149 price point, but costs have been kept low by making compromises. It is not possible to charge the battery for these earbuds’ cases using a Qi charging pad because it does not enable wireless charging.

Some Android users who enjoy charging their gadgets with their phones’ reverse wireless charging capabilities may find this to be a deal-breaker. Others may not find it to be a problem because cable charging is already quicker.

8. No Apple H1 Chip

Given that one-touch pairing is a feature of the Beats Studio Buds, one would assume that they would have the Apple H1 chip. Instead, Beats employs a custom chip to implement this capability. The business probably did this to enable one-touch pairing for Android devices.

You won’t be able to use iCloud pairing with your Beats Studio Buds or smoothly transition between Apple devices because the H1 chip isn’t present. In light of this drawback, if you’re an Apple user looking to buy these headphones, proceed with caution.

However, Android users don’t need to worry because all platforms offer a uniform listening and connectivity experience, so they won’t be affected by the H1 chip’s absence.

9. Does not have Automatic Ear Detection

If you’re thinking about replacing your first or second-generation AirPods with a new pair, automatic detection is another important function you’ll be losing out on. To support in-ear detection, these headphones are missing the necessary sensors.

In other words, whether you insert or remove the Beats Studio Buds from your ears, the music won’t start to play or cease automatically. It isn’t a significant drawback even though this capability is so useful to have.

studio 1
  • The custom acoustic platform delivers powerful, balanced sound
  • Control your sound with two distinct listening modes: Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and Transparency mode
  • Three soft ear tip sizes for a stable and comfortable fit while ensuring an optimal acoustic seal
  • Up to 8 hours of listening time (up to 24 hours combined with a pocket-sized charging case)
  • Industry-leading Class 1 Bluetooth for extended range and fewer dropouts
  • High-quality call performance and voice assistant interaction via built-in microphones
  • IPX4-rated sweat and water-resistant wireless earbuds

Experience AirPods Without the Apple Tax

Nearly every need for a genuinely wireless pair of headphones under $150 is met by the Beats Studio Buds. In essence, it’s an Apple product that seeks to win over Android users by offering a similar user experience across both platforms. An extremely wonderful feature to have on an Android device is one-touch pairing and access to the Find My network.

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Additionally, if you use an iPhone, you can get superior battery life, Transparency mode, Spatial Audio, ANC, and other features for a lot less money than the AirPods Pro. Ultimately, it’s a win regardless of the platform you use.

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