Benjamin Mascolo: About His Early Life, Girlfriend, Net Worth

A member of the musical duet Benji & Fede, Benjamin Mascolo is an Italian pop vocalist. Mascolo, a native of Modena, first became interested in music when he was very young. In May 2008, he started uploading his songs to his own YouTube channel, which bears his name.

In December 2010, he developed an online relationship with Federico Rossi, with whom he later started working as a YouTube cover group. Their debut song, “Best Song Ever,” was released in 2014. Following the publication of their breakthrough track, “Tutta d’un fiato,” the duo became well-known in Italy the following year.

The ITA granted platinum certification to “20:05,” their debut studio album, which was made available through Warner Music Italy in October 2015. Since then, Benji & Fede has released two additional platinum-certified albums, “0+” and “Siamo solo noise,” and is today one of the most well-known musical groups in their nation of origin.

For his connection with American actress and singer Bella Thorne, Mascolo has recently captured the interest of the world’s media. He uses social media very frequently. On Instagram, he has amassed over a million followers, and on Twitter, he has amassed more than 400,000 followers.

benjamin mascolo
Benjamin Mascolo

Benjamin Mascolo Early Life

On June 20, 1993, in Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, Benjamin Mascolo was born. His family and childhood are largely unknown. He started singing when he was quite young. On May 14, 2008, he started his own YouTube channel, to which he later started uploading music too. All of those videos were afterward deleted. The channel has over 40.000 subscribers, and over two million views overall, and is mainly dormant at the moment.

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Benjamin Mascolo Career

Mascolo and Rossi met online on December 10, 2010, and they went on to form the band Benji & Fede. The earliest video on the group’s YouTube channel, titled “Benji & Fede – She Will Be Loved / One More Night (Maroon 5),” was posted the day after the channel was created, on February 2, 2013.

In those early years, they only recorded covers of well-known songs by other artists. They struggled, but not without success. Numerous doors were shut in their faces, including those of Sanremo Music Festival 2015 during the 2014 selection process, and they experienced numerous rejections. To interact with their fan base and grow it, they used social media.

They were invited on a trip by a radio station. A Warner Music Italy talent scout saw them at one of these concerts and offered them a record deal.
They received favorable reviews for their 2015 single “Tutta d’un fiato” release. They received a gold certificate for it and it became their breakout single, peaking at number 75 on the ITA music chart. Following that, they were given the opportunity to perform at the Coca-Cola Summer Festival’s second iteration.

Their debut studio album, titled “20:05,” was made available on October 9, 2015. There were nine songs on it, including “Tutta d’un fiato,” “Lettera,” “Luned,” “Senza tu,” “New York,” “Fino a farmi male,” “Tempo di cambiare,” “Stroboscopica,” and “Prendimi per mano.”

During the third evening of the Sanremo Festival, 2016, Benji & Fede as well as Alessio Bernabei made an appearance. The 31st of March saw the release of their autobiography, “Vietato smettere di sognare.” They worked with the Spanish musician Xriz on the remake of his song “Eres ma” in June.

They released their second studio album, titled “0+,” on October 21, 2016. This 11-song album reached its top on the Italian music charts as well. Three of the songs on it were written by the duo in conjunction with other pop performers. They collaborated on “Traccia number 3” with fellow Italian musician Max Pezzali.

Additionally, they collaborated on the songs “Tutto per una ragione” by Italian singer Annalisa and “Forme geometriche (addicted to you)” by English singer Jasmine Thompson.

On March 2, 2018, their third album, “Siamo solo noise,” was made available. It had 12 songs, including the hugely popular “Moscow Mule” and “Buona fortuna,” which made it another top-charting album. Benji & Fede’s single “Dove e cuando” was made available on May 31, 2019.

Benjamin Mascolo Personal Life

Actress Bella Thorne, known for her role in Dirty Sexy Money, is presently dating Benjamin Mascolo. In February 2019, the couple began dating. Benjamin recently informed Bella of his engagement on Instagram in March 2021. He tagged his cherished companion, Bella Thorne, in a photo with the message “She Said Yes” and a ring emoji.

Who is Bella Thorne?

benjamin mascolo
Bella Thorne

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In American television, Bella Thorne is well-known. In the television drama “My Own Worst Enemy,” she played Ruthy Spivey, for which she is best known. In the 2003 movie “Stuck on You,” she made her acting debut in an uncredited role. On October 8, 1997, Bella Thorne was born in Pembroke Pines, Florida. She has three older siblings. All of them are actors.

In 2007, Bella’s father perished in a motorcycle collision. American horror author and best-selling author Tamara Thorne is her mother. As a child, Bella received a dyslexia diagnosis. She conquered it with practice and effort. She was harassed at school as well. She also serves as a spokesperson for Neutrogena goods.

In the second season of the television show “Dirty Sexy Money,” Bella was given a significant break when she was chosen to play Margaux Darling. She took over for Jolean Wejbe on HBO’s “Big Love” in 2010, which gave her another significant role. Bella’s most prominent part in the Disney Channel series “Shake It Up” was Cece Jones, for which she is most known. She played a determined dancer with dyslexia.

The Disney Channel is well known for its realistic storylines, and Bella Thorne’s CeCe Jones from the hit television show “Shake It Up” is no exception. Being diagnosed with dyslexia herself in first grade, Bella was able to play the driven, dyslexic dance prodigy on screen with a great deal of realism.

Bella Thorne was bullied in school, which is one of the less well-known things about her, and as a result, she spent some time being home-schooled. She now frequently speaks out against bullying and inspires many people to do the same, drawing on her early experiences. Her compassion for dyslexic children off-screen is equally admirable.

Bella Thorne participates in numerous philanthropic endeavors and charitable endeavors with groups like “,” “TjMartell Foundation,” and “Friends of El Faro.” She also supports welfare campaigns. She has also campaigned to raise understanding and awareness of dyslexia. When questioned about it, she replies, I have to work extra hard because I am dyslexic. People said that I couldn’t be an actress, but I’m proving them wrong. Acting has helped me overcome the challenge.”

The Sudden Breakup Between Benjamin Mascolo And Bella Thorne

After a year of engagement, Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolor are reportedly no longer together. In a statement to People, a source both confirmed the breakup and offered some details on it.

They spent a lot of time apart due to their competing schedules, which finally led to their breakup, but they did so graciously.
A lot of people are shocked to learn of their split. Benjamin just celebrated Mother’s Day with his soon-to-be wife. Happy Mother’s Day to the mother of our kids! he wrote as the caption for the two-image carousel post. Bella even commented, saying in the comments, “Ur so freaking cute” and “I love you.”

In March 2021, after dating for two years, the ex-couple announced their engagement. Bella shared a video on her Instagram Story showing off the stunning diamond engagement ring Benjamin gave her. The Italian singer adopted this practice and posted a video on his Instagram Story. In it, he gushed, “Thank you for being amazing, baby. I love you so much. Yay, we’re getting married. Celebration in Italy and America both.” Also in an in-feed post, he announced the good news. He noted, “She answered YES,”

Days after she split up with Mod Sun, who she and Tana Mongeau were having an open relationship with, there were first whispers about Bella and Benjamin’s possible romance in 2019. Bella and Benjamin have not formally announced their separation.

benjamin mascolo
Bella And Benjamin

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Benjamin Mascolo Net Worth

In 2022, Benjamin Mascolo is expected to have a fortune of $2 million. Along with a respectable income from album sales, he also makes a sizable sum of money via the Benje & Fede YouTube channel. According to sources, the channel earns more than $500K every year.

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