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Bernice Burgos net worth is estimated at $2 million as an Instagram model with more than 6 million followers and she has stunning looks and a curvy physique. The slender African-American has appeared in numerous Rick Ross and J. Cole music videos and high-profile fashion events.

bernice burgos net worth

She has also been in the well-known MTV program “Wild ‘N Out.” She is also anticipated to appear in the reality TV program “Gold Diggers.” She is a businesswoman who enjoys fashion and is the owner of the sleepwear line “Bold & Beautiful.” Bernice is no stranger to controversy; she frequently makes news on the celebrity gossip circuit for her extramarital romances and horrific beating of a young child.

Bernice Burgos Age

Bernice Burgos age is 42 years as of April 2022.

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Early Life

Bernice Burgos is of Puerto Rican heritage and was born on April 17, 1980, in the Bronx, New York City. She was raised in a commuting suburb and community in the tri-state region between New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Due to an unanticipated pregnancy, she was forced to drop out of school, and at the young age of 15, she gave birth to Ashley, her first child. Despite the fact that she never married Ashley’s father, a 19-year-old serving time in prison, she briefly resided in his mother’s house after being evicted by her own grandmother.

She acknowledges in an interview the struggles she faced in those times, when she had to raise a girl as best she could while cleaning and cooking for the home and enduring an abusive relationship with her partner. She is extremely discreet about her own family for such a well-known person; she withholds all information about her parents or siblings. Sarai, a second daughter she has, is also a female, although the father’s name remains unknown.

Bernice Burgos Career

Following her high school dropout, Bernice began working as a bartender. She also experimented with modeling on the side, which paved the way for her future as a video vixen. Photographers and magazine editors fell in love with her right away because of her charisma and gorgeous body. She began her career by appearing in publications like SHOW and XXL.

She made her first appearance in a music video for the song “Work Out” by J. Cole. She made an appearance in Rick Ross’ Diced Pineapples video three years later. Bernice continued to work as a bartender and earned a sizable income from it despite her popularity as a vixen and model. The Breakfast Club was informed by Bernice that she worked as a bartender on Sundays and occasionally made up to $8,000.

When Bernice came into the public eye, many began to wonder if her physique was real or if she had undergone surgery. Questions were raised following the appearance of a picture of a younger, slimmer Bernice. Bernice was proud of having undergone surgery and didn’t try to disguise it. She was inspired to get in shape after visiting a strip club and admiring the strippers’ performances. Bernice admitted to The Breakfast Club that her initial treatment for body augmentation wasn’t safe or legal.

She stated, “It is illegal… It was in a basement, but she had it set up real nice. It was a house though. It was so many years ago… That was the first thing I did, right after I had my second daughter. I already has an ass. I just wanted to fill my side dents. She hooked it up real cute.” She immediately had the chance to walk the runway for fashion designers due to the positive attention her young and attractive appearance received.

Even after experiencing some measure of success, she kept up her down-to-earth approach while working as a server and bartender. She made several appearances in TV ads at this time. She appeared on several magazine covers for males because of her appeal and seductive appearance, which grabbed the attention of the general public. She was featured in numerous periodicals, including “Show Magazine,” “Eye Candy,” “KING Magazine,” “The Source,” and “XXL.”

She also appeared in videos created by “Hot New Hip Hop,” “Black Men Magazine,” and “Wild ‘N Out,” the popular “MTV” television program. The popular film “Notorious B.I.G,” which tells the life and death of Brooklyn rapper Christopher Wallace, a sensation in the rap music industry, also featured Bernice as an actor. Starting a clothing business was an idea that Bernice’s daughter had.

The phrase Bold and Beautiful was created by Bernice and Ashley, and it worked wonderfully for the mother-daughter team. “She designed it and she was like, ‘Ma, we could do this. Let’s do this together.’ Even though me and her we bump heads sometimes, she’s my child. But, it’s just going so well.” Bold and Beautiful is a clothing business that specializes in clothing for ladies, she continued.

Burgos claims that her girls are her primary source of business inspiration on the website for the apparel company; “It’s important for me to teach progression to my daughters. Bold and Beautiful provides me with an opportunity to grow a business with my daughter and satisfy a need in the fashion industry for sleepwear that makes a woman feel sexy and comfortable at the same time.”

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Bernice Burgos Personal Life

bernice burgos net worth

Bernice Burgos has been in relationships with Young M.A, Meek Mill (2018), Quavo (2017 – 2018), T.I. (2016), Drake (2014 – 2015), Trey Songz (2013 – 2014). The two daughters born to Bernice Burgos are hers. Both of her daughters, Amarie and Ashley Burgos, were born into abusive relationships with their boyfriends and bear her names. The daughter of Bernice Burgos is currently 25 years old. She is the first daughter and goes by the name Ashley.

There are always affairs and talk of relationships in Bernice’s life. She has garnered notice for her romantic associations with well-known figures, to put it briefly. She began dating Suge Knight, a licensed football player, in 2012. Suge King served as the CEO of Black Kapital Records and Death Row Records, two well-known music labels.

Ashley Burgos and Amarie Burgos’ mother, Bernice Burgos, are happy with her two daughters. Ashley Burgos, her older sister, is a well-known media personality and model who is known for dating Bubba.

Despite spending time together, the couple’s romance ended after a few months. However, they were not seen together. There are also allegations of a romance between Bernice Burgos and Sharife Cooper. Bernice is 25 years older than Sharife Cooper.

At the age of 39, Bernice became a grandma when her daughter had her first child in March 2018. After the birth, several of Bernice’s followers attacked her for sticking with her field of work. Bernice, however, fought back and said that the remarks of others would not stop her from continuing.

She revealed to Hollywood Unlocked, “I don’t really pay them no mind. I really worry about the people that be around me, that’s my main concern, because your own closest friends could be the ones that’s hating on you and those be the ones that hurt me the most. That’s why I try to be careful who I bring around my circle.”

Bernice Burgos Height And Weight

Bernice Burgos height is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and her weight is around 121 pounds (55 kg). 35-25-40 inches measure her breast, waist, and hips (91-64-102 cm). Her eyes are dark brown, and she has black hair.

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Bernice Burgos Net Worth

According to certain web sources, Bernice Burgos net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2022, which is a staggering sum. Bernice has amassed a modest wealth via her labor and hard work as a model and Instagram celebrity. With her online clothing business, Bernice also makes a fine living. A $2 million estimate has been made on Bernice’s net worth.

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