Best 10 Calculator Apps for Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad

Apple’s basic iPhone calculator apps are quite simple and easy, while the iPad still lacks a calculator. There are several choices on the App Store that give more features and possibilities, yet it’s fine for minor tasks (and even contains a few scientific functions).

Perhaps you require sophisticated scientific features, are searching for novel approaches to finish your assignment, or are just tired of the way Apple’s calculator feels and looks. You may possibly be at a point in your studies where you require the best calculator that is readily available.

The stock calculator app on your iPhone is useful for basic calculations, but it is deficient in more sophisticated capabilities and features. If you frequently need to perform complicated calculations, such as when you’re a student, accountant, scientist, or working in the business. Exploring different choices is a smart idea. Fortunately, there are a lot of great options among these top calculator apps for the iPhone and iPad.

You can get solutions to all of your (math) problems in the App Store.

Here Are some of the best calculator apps for the iPhone, iPad, and even the Apple Watch.

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1. PCalc

calculator app for ios

With a price to match, PCalc bills itself as the “best calculator” available on the App Store. If $10 sounds a bit excessive for a math program, think about how much a scientific calculator that performs all the functions PCalc does would cost.

It functions on both the iPhone and iPad, and there is also an optional Apple Watch app. “Scientists, engineers, students, programmers, or indeed anybody looking for a feature-rich calculator” is the target demographic for the software. This is the benchmark calculator in the App Store if the reviews are to be believed.

The app’s customization and capacity for quick number input are noteworthy. Numerous operators, constants, functions, graph support, and other features are available. Nerds who love calculators, rejoice: you’ve found it. Even Reverse Polish Notation is supported (RPN).

2. Calzy

calculator app

With Calzy, you can hardly go wrong. For your iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch, this is a fantastic calculator app. One of the nicest features of the software is the Memory Area, which lets you drag and drop multiple values into it to reuse them across any session.

The date and time of a computation can be added as a bookmark so you can access it later. The capability to spell out calculations in English and 65 other languages is another excellent feature.

Instead of rotating to landscape mode to switch between a simple and scientific calculator, you can do it with a long tap on the screen. Additionally, a large number of other buttons provide Haptic Touch with rapid access to extra functionalities.

You can also rearrange the keypad buttons in a way that better suits your preferences for a more personalized experience. And by going to the Today View on your iPhone or iPad, you may quickly calculate due to the app’s widget. If you enjoy this, be sure to check out some of the top iPhone widgets as well.

3. Numerical2

calculator app

A colorful and cost-free method of performing the calculations you require is Numerical2. There’s no need to stress about pressing the same key twice. Ask a question and instantly receive a response. When entering equations, brackets are also automatically added.

Equations can be quickly accessed later in the History list. You may access the list on another iPhone or iPad thanks to iCloud sync.

For more challenging computations, there is a complete scientific keypad available. The program supports split-screen multitasking on an iPad in addition to supporting landscape on an iPhone. Additionally, the program works with external keyboards.

Additionally, you can choose from 16 different themes to completely customize the calculator. You can also create your own by using a theme creator.

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4. Calcbot 2

calculator app

The highly regarded Twitter app Tweetbot is also produced by Tapbots, who also create the “intelligent calculator” software Calcbot. Calcbot 2, which is currently in its second version, is a free download with two noteworthy features that are only accessible through in-app purchase: unit conversion (including real-time currency rates) and the capacity to add your own unique scientific constants.

The app is also free to use and features the same sleek and attractive design as the rest of Tapbots’ products. Its basic iOS calculator from Apple is surpassed in terms of functionality by a few small design flourishes like a history tape that captures all of your computations.

The emphasis is on simplicity, so features like an “expression view” that shows all of the text you’ve typed on a single screen, the ability to save favorite computations, and iCloud sync across devices that keeps your history tape up to date are all important. Not to mention that it has bespoke animations, one-tap actions, and a beautiful visual and tactile design.

5. Photomath

calculator app

In comparison to the other apps on this list, Photomath adopts a unique strategy. You may use the camera on your device to take a photo of your math problem in the real world and immediately get the solution. It works with both the iPhone and iPad.

Since it includes step-by-step instructions on how the result was obtained, the app really shines as a teaching tool. While there is a minor chance that it will make your assignment a little too simple, when used appropriately, it could be a priceless teaching tool.

Photomath features a standard calculator that can handle arithmetic, trigonometry, fractions, decimals, roots, quadratic equations, and more in addition to handwriting recognition via the camera. Even better, it comes with a graphing tool.

6. Desmos Graphing Calculator

calculator app

With the Desmos Graphing Calculator, graphing is easy. There is no restriction on the number of expressions you can employ, regardless of the type of graph you select. On an iPhone or iPad, sliders let you change values interactively while developing intuition and other skills.

With a two-finger pinch motion, both axes can scale simultaneously or independently. To get the best graph possible, you may also manually adjust the window size. For more math issues, you can use a scientific calculator. Since the program may function without an internet connection, there is no requirement.

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7. Tydlig

calculator app

For the iPhone and iPad, there is an alternative calculator app called Tydlig. You can add the many components that best fit your needs to the app’s blank canvas, which is how it starts out. Instead of having to make each change manually, all the different results will immediately update when any number on a canvas is changed.

To create a connection on the line below, choose a result. To create a link, you can drag a result from anywhere on the canvas. The outcomes below will then update automatically. You may also add text labels to any number to assist make your computations easier to understand.

Select any number when it’s time to graph it, then use the slider to modify the outcomes. Additionally, the graph will update automatically.

This calculator tool can be used for more complex calculations as well. Any number on the canvas may be long-pressed to create an “X,” and then you can tap the graph action to create a graph.

8. Archimedes Calculator

calculator app

The iPhone and iPad can now use a graphing calculator thanks to the Archimedes Calculator. The result is automatically calculated by the calculator app in both precise and numeric versions. Switch between both options by simply swiping horizontally.

The app also saves your calculation history; scroll up to see previous answers. If the calculations were linked together, changing the original calculation will automatically alter all the others. Constants and automatic unit conversion are also built-in. Both the metric and imperial measurement systems are supported by Archimedes Calculator.

The ability to immediately interact with plots by merely dragging your fingertips across the screen is unlocked via an in-app upgrade, along with an integrated formula library, automatic unit handling, and these other features.


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