Best 12 News Aggregator Sites of 2023

Every day, millions of people use news aggregators to stay up to date on current events, but which ones are actually worthwhile?

news aggregator

What is a content aggregator site?

A content aggregator website gathers content from several websites and posts it in one place for users to view. Using RSS feeds, the subjects are developed around various keywords. To dispel accusations of plagiarism, content aggregator websites frequently include attribution and a link to the source page.

You can follow your favorite publications on some news aggregator websites as well. By doing this, you may ensure that your feed contains more content from the sources you trust. However, in order to be found on a news aggregator website, a publisher must have a profile there.

An aggregator site can function in a number of different ways, but they often don’t create original material.

Additionally, content creators have the option to pay to have their work pooled and distributed across more popular websites. The reason why syndication is such a well-liked economic model for news aggregators is that it relieves publishers of the burden of negotiating and securing distribution.

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What are the benefits of content aggregator websites?

Since it eliminates the tiresome process of searching, clicking, and searching again, users like aggregator websites with several sources. Nothing is more satisfying than being able to skim through a variety of perspectives and narratives in one spot.

My favorite illustration of this is how the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes benefits users by compiling ratings from across the internet.

Here Are The Best 12 News Aggregators:

1. Panda


Anyone who works as a web designer, developer, or entrepreneurial spirit would benefit greatly from using Panda. Due to the fact that it follows Dribble, Behance, Product Hunt, and GitHub, it stands out among aggregator websites.

Compared to the majority of the other news aggregator websites on this list, its UI is more visually appealing. You should expect some adverts as Panda is a free program with a polished appearance and feel, but the price is fair.

2. Pocket

news aggregator

In addition to being a terrific tool for maintaining lists of items you want to read later, Pocket is also a great location to find stories. All you have to do to find a range of hot items on the Pocket network is click the Recommended or Explore links. There’s a decent possibility you’ll find something that matches your interests because recommendations are partially based on prior articles you saved.

The ability to store and share your favorite articles is made simple by the availability of Pocket for mobile and online browsers, as well as its integration into more than 500 applications.

3. Flipboard

news aggregator

Another interesting news aggregation website is Flipboard. You get the impression of reading a real magazine thanks to its UI. You may thoroughly filter the topics in your feed to only view information that is pertinent to you, making the platform incredibly versatile.

One of the best news aggregator websites is without a doubt Flipboard because it allows you to follow as many international topics and publications as you like. You can also search for your nation or area and add it to your subjects if you only want to see local news in your feed.

This content aggregator’s excellent feature allows you to choose between general and incredibly specialized niche themes.

Flipboard also allows you to engage with the content. The social networking links are clickable and shareable. You can read news on your smartphone using an Android or iOS device’s web browser.

4. Google News

news aggregator

Although Google Reader is no longer available, the internet giant still offers Google News, a well-liked news aggregator. It gathers hundreds of items from reputable online news sources, blogs, and magazines, just like the other applications on this list, and presents them in a professional manner.

You can select to receive a personalized briefing from Google News that updates throughout the day with pertinent stories, or you can opt to receive comprehensive coverage of a topic that includes a range of viewpoints, a timeline of important events, and more.

Google also makes it simple to subscribe to newspapers and magazines with just one swipe, allowing you to support the media outlets you love.

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5. Fark

news aggregator

For news of a stranger kind, Fark is a good resource. Community members regularly contribute forthcoming news items to the website, which Drew Curtis founded in 1999. The Fark team selects approximately 100 of these articles to appear on the homepage. The categories Awkward, Creepy, Ironic, and Florida are used to group articles.

Fark is further divided into a number of tabs for topics like politics, sports, and entertainment. Additionally, iOS users can download the Hey! On mobile app. Android users must, however, continue using the website’s mobile version for the time being.

6. TechMeme

news aggregator

The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are only two of the top international news sources featured on Techmeme. Additionally, there are pure-tech news outlets like 9to5mac as sources.

It excels at using contextual advertising to direct visitors to the websites of its advertisers while making sure that the readers are shown adverts that are pertinent to them. Few other websites achieve this.

Offering sponsored content, contextual ads, event listings, job notifications, and podcast ads, Techmeme has a strong revenue strategy.

Prices for various ad layouts range from $2,900 to $20,000, which will provide a sizable return for any website that depends on adverts for revenue.

7. Apple News

news aggregator

If you have an iPhone or iPad and want to catch up on the news for the day, Apple News is an excellent place to start because it comes preloaded on every iOS device. Readers are guaranteed a positive reading experience on any platform thanks to the app’s clear layout, lovely photography, and articles that are optimized for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Apple News offers a large selection of news outlets and independent publications, and the company claims that as more people use it, it will become more adept at identifying its interests. A daily, curated digest and the option to save articles for offline viewing are also included.

A more efficient search engine was added to Apple News with the iOS 14.5 update to make it simpler for you to find the subjects, channels, and stories that interest you.

8. AP News

news aggregator

While many news organizations have their own mobile apps, AP News is the best source for factual information. The Associated Press is a nonprofit, impartial news organization that contributes articles to various outlets. 52 Pulitzer Prizes have been earned by the organization since the award’s inception in 1917.

The app is clean, readable, and full of stunning photo galleries from the AP’s award-winning photojournalists, despite the fact that it isn’t as fancy as some of the other apps on this list.

9. Reddit

news aggregator

Reddit is known for hosting some of the worst online stuff, but there is also decent content there. It’s worth checking out if you’re searching for a mix of amusing memes, news, and community interaction.

Subscribe to several subreddits to customize your news feed, or add your own images, memes, and stories. Reddit’s community is rather active, so there’s always something to read or talk about. Additionally, the official app has some fresh features including a night mode and community group chat.

10. SmartNews

news aggregator

According to SmartNews, millions of articles are analyzed daily in order to provide the top trending news stories from around the world. It emphasizes exploration above personalization and presents “all sides” of the most recent hot subjects. The user can then select how frequently they want to receive headlines as notifications from channels, which are groups of articles organized by publishers or by topics like politics, science, or entertainment.

The app’s UI is straightforward but vibrant, and its SmartView mode, a useful feature for those with slower connections, promises to block out distractions and enhance readability.

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11. InoReader

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A growing community of content curators, Discovery mode, user-created subscription bundles, and other features are available in the RSS reader Inoreader.

It provides a free service that allows users to access limitless news feeds and folders on any device. Additionally, you may save articles to third-party applications like Dropbox or Evernote, search and archive all of your subscriptions for free, and read them in day and night reading modes.

Paid upgrades to the Pro plan come with push notifications, offline mode, article translation, and other features.

12. Feedly

news aggregator

You may subscribe to content feeds from websites covering a wide range of topics, from sports to politics to entertainment, using Feedly, which is available for browsers, iOS, and Android. It offers a variety of layout choices, tagging, keyboard shortcuts, and other features. You can fine-tune your feeds by hiding unpleasant topics or phrases using the mute filters tool.

The best part is that thanks to its cloud syncing feature, you can store articles and read them on several devices or share them on social media, ensuring that you always have something to read whether you’re at home or on the move.

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