7 Best Camera Straps of 2023

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There are a huge variety of camera straps available. It can be challenging to determine which accessory is best for your camera among holsters, clips, and the classic neck strap. But you can focus it by, for example, taking into account your needs as a photographer.

If you don’t carry your camera on lengthy walks or extended shooting days, you can definitely get away with a less cushioned camera strap. But you’ll need something that can withstand some abuse if you frequently travel or hike into the woods with your gear.

When traveling with a camera/lens combination that costs as much as a small vehicle, nylon or leather straps are strong and have the extra advantage of being challenging to cut through.

Consider your aesthetic choices last. Do you want things to be understated and practical, flamboyant, or even vintage? A nice camera strap gives you the chance to express your personal style, whether you like a modest design or something similar to the subtlety of a high-visibility construction vest.

Read on to see some of the best camera straps we could locate if you’re tired of the branded strap that came in the box with your camera.

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1. Peak Design Slide

camera strap

Peak Design’s Slide Camera Strap takes the top spot on our ranking. There are straps with more flash, but the Slide forgoes flash in favor of a beautiful design. If you wish, you can use it as a sling strap or wear it around your neck.

Peak Design’s unique connectors also make it very simple to attach and remove the strap from your camera body. The strap can be easily tightened or loosened with the supplied adjusters.

The Slide comes in a few different neutral colors and is built with non-slip grips and cushioning for comfort, so it will go with just about anything you’re wearing to that wedding gig or event photo. However, you should consider other straps if you don’t want to use leather.

You may use one of these to move your gear, whether it is mirrorless or DSLR; according to their website, the Slide can hold up to 200 pounds. Although we really don’t advise that, you could if you wanted to walk around with a complete person on your neck.

photo 106

Peak Design SL-BK-3 Slide, Camera Strap, Black

  • 3 straps in 1.
  • With quick connectors.
  • Quick connecting buckle included.

2. Artisan & Artist ACAM-316G

camera strap

The Artisan & Artist ACAM-316G straps are beautifully crafted by hand in Japan using silk and colorful thread. These straps are both comfortable to wear and sturdy enough to support heavy DLSR cameras, even for extended periods of time, thanks to the silk fabric.

The ACAM-316G costs more because it’s a handcrafted specialized item, but if you can afford it, it’s a good investment.

However, because it works best with a lightweight setup, this strap is not intended for wedding photographers seeking a double-body holster. Instead, mirrorless photographers seeking a stylish strap may consider this Artisan & Artist strap.

photo01 46

Artisan & Artist ACAM-316G Silk Camera Strap

  • Lightweight
  • Strong And Reliable

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3. Think Tank Camera Strap V2.0

camera strap

Slim, robust, and functionally designed The Camera Strap V2.0 from Think Tank accomplishes its job and does it well. It works well for a lot less money than identical camera straps from other manufacturers, costing roughly $30.

The Strap 2.0 is compatible with other Think Tank accessories, and because it is made entirely of nylon, you can count on it to last for a while. It has gripping silicone strips on both sides, so your camera won’t move around a lot.

Since this strap doesn’t have much padding, it’s suitable for quick sessions or brief excursions for street photography. This is purely a camera strap; nothing else has been attached.

This strap’s design is standard black and grey, a color combination that goes with just about anything. Although it’s not exactly a unique or impressive-looking strap, Think Tank created this item for value and usability, so it’s not unattractive either.

photo 107

Think Tank Photo Camera Strap V2.0 (Black/Gray)

  • Non-slip material on both sides of the strap
  • Metal rings provide attachment points
  • Easily compressed for travel

4. Peak Design Slide Lite

camera straps

The Slide Lite is a slimmer version of the traditional Slide strap that offers the same comfort and adjustability as the bigger version. Due to its thinner appearance, this is preferable for mirrorless cameras, yet it can still support heavy DSLRs with attached lenses. This strap is rated for up to 200 pounds of weight, much like the Slide.

On long excursions with a lot of walking, the silicone grip on one side ensures that the strap won’t move around until you want it to. The Slide Lite is additionally tough and comfortable enough to wear all day in the woods because of its nylon construction and silky fabric.

Depending on what is most comfortable for you, you can wear this strap sling style, over the shoulder, or around your neck using the closure system that is included.

Having said that, if your setup is hefty, you might want to think about using a bigger strap. If you’re sporting a NatGeo nature lens, you might want to consider the original Slide instead of a thin strap because they tend to dig in when worn for prolonged amounts of time while attached to hefty cameras.

photo 109

Peak Design SlideLITE SLL-1 Camera Strap for Mirrorless Camera (Black)

  • Camera Strap for Mirrorless Camera
  • 1.25-inch wide unpadded webbing
  • 2 durable aluminum quick-pull adjuster

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5. Standard 53 by Lucky Camera Straps

camera straps

Standard 53, the company’s signature product, is a quality leather strap that is affordable. This strap was handcrafted from premium nubuck leather by a small business in Australia and is rated for up to 110lbs of weight. It also features a quick-release system so you can easily take it off your camera.

It is available in a variety of attractive colors, and with use, those colors will take on that incredible aged appearance. This item is something to think about if you enjoy the old style.

This strap works well for traveling as well because it’s difficult for would-be thieves to slash through it and steal your belongings thanks to the slash-proof webbing and sturdy leather. Standard 53’s branding is aesthetically modest, but it may be personalized with things like initials or a logo.

photo 110

Standard 53 by Lucky Camera Straps

  • Best Quality

6. Peak Design Clutch Camera Hand Strap CL-3

camera straps

Sometimes wearing a large neckstrap is unnecessary or unpleasant. This is where Peak Design’s Clutch Camera Handstrap comes in. The Clutch, which is not overly bulky, wraps around the hand and can be adjusted with a clip exactly like their other camera straps.

It is made to look attractive and work well, and it has just the right amount of padding to protect your hand. When moving, pull it tight to keep it attached to your hand; when you need to reach the controls, loosen it again.

However, if you use a Sony camera, you might want to stay away from this strap. It has been reported by Sony customers that this particular hand strap doesn’t work well with their full-frame mirrorless cameras or smaller cameras in general. The Slide camera strap could be more appropriate.

A wrist strap might be more your style if you prefer a little more flexibility with your hands. Gordy’s is a tiny company that offers reasonably priced personalized leather wrist and neck straps that have received excellent reviews.

photo 111

Peak Design Clutch Camera Handstrap CL-3

  • Compatible with any DSLR
  • Tripod Compatibility
  • Quick adjusting

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7. BlackRapid Classic Retro RS-4

camera straps

The Classic Retro RS-4 from BlackRapid is a straightforward strap with a subtle style that is ideal for folks who want something well-made and discrete that will keep their camera safely out of the way.

Large cushioned shoulders enhance comfort when worn across the body sling-style, and the strap itself is easily adjusted for the ideal fit. There is a small gear pocket integrated into the pad, and a quick-release carabiner makes it simple to separate the strap from your camera without the hassle of comparable arrangements.

Although not everyone prefers sling straps, this one offers a level of comfort and usefulness that might persuade you otherwise. Since the camera is hanging upside down, it is simpler to grab the grip and instantly begin shooting.

If you need to carry your camera with you all day, a sling is an excellent option because it distributes the weight of the device across the shoulder rather than the neck for more comfortable wear.

photo 112 scaled

BlackRapid RS-4 Retro Classic, Original Camera Sling Design

  • Easy front adjustment
  • 100% Nylon
  • Comfortable
  •  FR-5 FastenR Breathe
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