Top 11 Best Female Badminton Players In the World 2023

Badminton can be regarded as a casual outdoor game that involves the use of racquets and shuttlecocks. A racquet is used to hit the shuttlecock across the neck. It can be played individually or in double against one another.

Female badminton players have made ways for themselves by acquiring the right skills to make them experts in their fields.

Knowing how to stroke, spin, or even position the shuttlecock has also given them an edge over other players. This article will list some of the best females in badminton.

Top 11 Best Female Badminton Players In the World 2022

Here we have the list of the best female badminton players, their history and every other thing you need to know about them.

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1. Carolina Maria Marin Martin
Carolina Maria Marin Martin

She was born in Huelva Andalusia, Spain on the 15th of June, 1993. Marian was a flamenco dancer from a young age before she was introduced to badminton by one of her friends. She started her career in badminton at the age of 8 where she played in IES La Orden in Huelva. She left her hometown, family, and friends to start training at the national training center in Madrid.

She became the first Spanish to emerge as the silver medal champion in 2009 at the European junior championship, she also bagged the gold medal at the European U – 17 championships the same year. She won her first major title at the Irish international tournament where she defeated Rachel Van Cutsen from Netherland. In 2013; she won her first European championship and a grand Prix gold title. She also emerged as the winner of the world championship title in 2014 at the age of 21 to become the youngest European to ever win the world championship.

In 2015, she won the All England Open which was her first super series premiere and defended her title as the world champion. She became the first non-Asian to win gold at the Olympic badminton women’s single. She won her fourth European championship in 2018 consecutively. She took a break in 2019 due to injury and resume in 2020 to continue with her career. She also won the Thailand open super 1000 in 2021 and she is currently preparing for the 2024 games in Paris. 

Despite being left-handed Maria is an Olympic champion, three-time world champion, and a five-time European champion. She is popularly known as one of the greatest and most achieving women in badminton. She is a brand ambassador for football major la Liga and Melia hotels international. Her net worth is about 3.5 million dollars.

2. Tai Tzu – Ying (Chinese Taipei)
Tai Tzu – Ying Chinese Taipei

Tai is a Taiwanese badminton player born on the 20th of June, 1994 in Kaohsiung city of Taiwan. Tzu started her career in 2007 when she participated in the Vietnam international tournament. At the age of 15 years, Tai has learned to perfect her skills to become an expert in badminton.

Her first-ever win was a silver medal at the Asian junior championship and a bronze medal at the East Asian games in 2009. in 2011, Tai became popular by winning against one of the top best players Zhu Lin, Lu Lan, and Sayaka Sato to win her first-ever international title at 17 years old. She participated in the 2014 Asian games and she earned her country its first badminton medal by winning a bronze medal.

She reached the peak of her career by ranking the first top player in the world and made history as the first athlete to ever qualify for the final super series thrice. She won the Asian championship in 2018 and 2018 consecutively. she won 31 matches without a loss to become an athlete with the longest winning streak unseating Li Xuerui of the Chinese team.

Some of the games won include England open, Asian championship, Malaysian and Indonesia open, BWF world championship uber cup, and many more. Tzu was named the BWF female player of the year 2020, she was the winner at the England 2020 and won at the three tournaments Asian leg. She won a silver medal during the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

Her style of playing is strong and versatile. She is known to have a good shooting ability. Her net worth is about five million dollars and she is present on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4. Saina Nehwal
Saina Nehwal

Saina is one of the best professional badminton female players in the world. The Indian player was born on the 17th of March, 1990 in Hisar, Haryana which is a town in India.  Saina picked her interest in badminton from her parents who both play badminton.

She started her career in badminton at the age of eight when she relocated from Haryana to Hyderabad with her parents. She attended Gopichand badminton academy to upgrade her skills in 2014. Saina is the only athlete from India to earn a medal in every event majorly the Olympics game.

And then she has won India’s many first which include first and youngest females from India to champion the first tournament star, first India to win the commonwealth games two times, and many more.

She is married to Parupalli Kashyap who is also a badminton player. One of her dreams is to open an academy to train children in badminton. She is also into politics belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party and she is being sponsored by Yonex sports brand, Bharat petroleum, Fortune cooking oil, Herbalife nutrition, Vaseline, and many others.

She has an institute named after called Saina Nehwal institute of agricultural technology. Saina has been featured on several shows and has a story narrated in books and movies.

5. Akane  Yamaguchi
Akane Yamaguchi
2019 Badminton World Championships – St. Jakobshalle Basel, Basel, Switzerland – August 20, 2019 Japan’s Akane Yamaguchi in action during her second round singles match against Singapore’s Yeo Jia Min REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

Akane is a professional badminton player that belongs to the Japanese badminton team. Akane is presently the world champion after earning a gold medal in the women’s single at the BWF world championship in 2021. Akane was born on the 6th of June, 1997 in Katsuyama, Japan. 

She started her career in 2010 when she emerged as the winner of Japan’s national junior championship. She earned a gold medal in 2013 to become the youngest athlete to win the BWF Series games, after which she was awarded the most promising badminton player of the year.

She won the Asian junior championship and all England open in 2014. She championed the super 300 women single, Japan Open, and won the Asian championship. in 2019. Akane is the second player to win the champions in Japan.

Akane is a patient player and she tries her very best to avoid mistakes. Her net worth is about five million dollars which are meant to grow by 35% after three years.

6. Nozomi Okuhara
Nozomi Okuhara

Nozomi was formerly ranked first in the BWF ranking for women single. She was born on the 13th of March,1995 in Omachi, Japan. She started her career in 2002 and made her debut in the Osaka international challenge.

She was the youngest woman single to participate in the Japanese national championship. She won the world junior championship and grand Prix title in 2011. she took a break in 2013 due to an injury she sustained.

In 2015, she emerged as the winner of the super series and earn two grand Prix gold titles. She was the first Japanese woman to be in the all England open for 39 years and Uber cup since 37 years ago.

She was ranked the number one best player in 2019, she also won a world tour title the same year. She won England open for the second time in 2021. Nozomi has moved at a fast pace and can compose herself very well. She has a record of 325 wins and 103 losses.

7. Ratchanok Intanon
Ratchanok Intanon

Ratchanok is a professional Thailand badminton player. She was born on the 5th of February, 1995 in Yasothon, Thailand. She is the first Thai woman to ever be in the women’s single. She is being addressed as balletic which is because of her light footwork and hitting motion.

She started her career in 2008 when she was just 13 years old. Her first international debut was the Laos international series, she won the first title in the Vietnam international challenge at 14 years old. At 14 she was the youngest champion to ever win the 2009 BWF world junior championship in Malaysia. She again won the BWF world junior championship in 2010, won the Vietnam open grand Prix and Indonesia Grand Prix the same year. At the age of 16, she has won the world junior title for three years consecutively, earning her the best female athlete in Thailand.

Intanon won the super series in 2013 which was her first in the game, also she was the youngest athlete to ever win the series. She is the first Thai woman to win the women’s single since 1984. She was ranked number 1 in 2013 after she became the youngest world champion. She had an injury in 2014 but she was able to recover in 2015.

She won a gold medal at the Southeast Asian Games and Grand Prix gold tournament in 2015 and 2016 respectively. She was the first singles player to win the super series thrice in a row. she won the Malaysia masters super 500 and failed the drug test in 2019. – She has bagged several royal recognition which includes the order of Direkgunabhorn in 2012,2013 and 2014. Her net worth is about four million dollars.

8. Pusarla Venkata Sindhu 
Pusarla Venkata Sindhu

She is popularly referred to as P.V Sindhu, she is an Indian badminton player. Sindhu was born on the 5th of July 1995 in Hyderabad, India. Her parents both play volleyball and Sindhu picked interest in badminton from someone who inspires her. Her first international debut was the 2009 Sub-junior Asian badminton championship where she won a bronze medal in Colombo.

Sindhu is the first and only badminton champion from India. She is also the first Indian to reach the Olympic finals and win two Olympic silver medals. At the age of 17, Sindhu was ranked among the top 20 of the BWF world ranking in 2012 while she ranked number 2 in 2017.

She won the 2018 BWF world tours final to become the only India shutter to claim a title at the finale. She is a brand ambassador for Nokia, Panasonic, Gatorade sports drink, Bridgestone tyres, and many more. She has bagged many awards and honours with the latest one being the Padma Bhushan Award, the third-highest civilian award in India, in January 2020. 

9. An Se – Young
An Se – Young

An Se who plays for the South Korean badminton team, was born on the 5th of February,2002. She was the most promising player of 2019 by the BWF ranking and she is currently the 4th ranked badminton player in the world.

She recorded 175 wins and 42 losses in her career. Some of her wins include the uber bronze cup at the Asian Games, the BWF World Tour title at the Super 300 New Zealand Open, and many others.

10. He Bingjiao
He Bingjiao

The Chinese badminton player was born on the 21st of March,1997. She started her career in badminton at the age of seven and made her first international debut at the Vietnam open in 2013. She emerged the third position at the world junior championship and Asian junior championship girl single in 2013.

She won the world junior championship and youth Olympic games bagging the gold medal in 2014. Bingjiao earned the BWF world tour title and won bronze and silver at the Asian championship in 2017 and 2019 respectively. She won the bronze medal at the 2018 world championship in Nanjing.

11. Pornpawee Chochuwong

The Thailand athlete was born on the 22nd of January,1998 in Thailand. She gained recognition in the junior badminton category. She won the silver medal in 2015 at the Asian champions and world junior champions.

She was part of the team that won the South Asian Games in 2017 and 2019. Chochuwog defeated Marin in 2020 to win her first world tour title in the 2020 Spain Masters. she was ranked 10th badminton player in 2021.

There are many skilled female badminton players but the ones listed above have proven to be the best through their skills and techniques in badminton games. Theis players have served as an inspiration to the younger generations on what it takes to achieve dreams and aspirations.

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