11 Best Free GIF Makers of 2023

One of the biggest “trends” on the internet is GIFs. The GIFs are a fantastic alternative whether you have a website or blog or if you just want to have some fun with your buddies. To help those folks, we decided to write this article where we discuss the finest free GIF producers available. However, a lot of people don’t make their own simply because they aren’t aware of which ones are there.

After reading this essay, I think you won’t have any more justifications for not making your own GIFs. Since all of the examples on this list are online websites, you can make them from any location using the top web browsers, whether you’re on a phone or a computer.

You can use free GIF makers to convert photographs or movies into animated GIFs that you can share with your friends and family. Some of our preferred free GIF makers can be downloaded, while others are available only online. However, they are all completely free and take only a few minutes to produce an animated GIF.

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GIF Maker

There is a heck of a lot of customization possibilities on GIFPAL, but we want to emphasize the capability of drawing on and adding text to movies and photos! It allows you to edit your photographs’ brightness, contrast, and fun effects. Each frame of the GIF can even be adjusted and customized.

You may also produce GIFs using the majority of available image editing tools using GIFPAL. Some of these effects will make you feel like a skilled image editor.

2. Make A GIF

GIF Maker

Using numerous photos, a video from your computer, a YouTube or Facebook video, or your camera directly, Make A GIF enables you to produce a GIF.

It’s really simple to change the order of the images when creating a GIF from images because you can just drag and drop them into a different position. Additionally, you can select a unique animation speed and resize every image at once.

It’s also simple to create a GIF from a video because all you need to do is choose where in the film to begin the GIF and how many seconds should be included.

There is a captioning tool provided that allows you to overlay text over your GIF, however, you cannot preview it before creating the GIF or adjust the location of the text within the GIF.

Once made, the GIF can be saved to your computer and located online by copying its URL. You can choose to make your GIF secret, unlisted, or public. Even better, you can link to the GIF file.

3. ezgif.com

GIF Maker

Another website where you can make GIFs is ezgif.com. The fact that each tool is on a different page makes it seem a little odd to use, but it isn’t.

Cropping the images, resizing the entire GIF, optimizing the frames, flipping or rotating the GIF to a specific angle, changing the pace, dividing the GIF back into its original images, and adding text are all options.

You can also give the entire GIF a grayscale, sepia, or monochrome appearance. If you’d prefer to use video instead of photos, ezgif.com features a free video-to-GIF converter.


GIF Maker

The fact that you can use YouTube videos to make your GIFs is IMGFLIP’s major perk. On what is one of the greatest GIF creators, that is actually fairly simple to perform. Simply copy the video’s URL and put it on the website to get started. You may simply make your GIF from that point on.

It’s incredibly helpful because ImgFlip provides a preview of your GIF as you’re producing it. Images, a video URL, another GIF URL, or a video you submit yourself can all be used to create a GIF.

A GIF created from photos can have its animation delay, image order, width, height, and quality changed. In addition, the GIF can be rotated, reversed, cropped, and the play count and background color changed.

Once you’re done, you may download your GIF, share it on a few social media platforms, or make it private to prevent online posting.

All GIFs created at Imgflip include a watermark. A few of the specific parameters for converting a movie to a GIF can only be used with ImgFlip Pro, which is an additional cost.

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5. PhotoScape


A Korean company created the all-in-one GIF creator software called PhotoScape. Compared to many other recommendations on this website, this program is more feature-rich and offers a variety of more sophisticated features, such as an image viewer, an integrated screen capture tool, batch editing, and a number of filters and effects. The editor, viewer, page, batch editor, animated GIF, print, combine, print, screen capture, splitter, and other essential tools are only a few of the available options.

6. SSuite Gif Animator

GIF Maker

SSuite Gif Animator is the best GIF maker program, movie maker, and slide show designer. It runs on all Windows operating systems and is totally portable, allowing for installation on a USB or other memory device. SSuite GIF Animator is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a really straightforward and straightforward GIF animation maker. You can change the frame delay duration and frame location, add or remove images, save a list of images for later use, and more.

7. Picasion


Using photographs you upload from your PC or import from Flickr, Picasion enables you to create a GIF.

Unfortunately, if you’re loading photographs from your computer, you can’t select multiple files at once; you must instead select each one individually. Additionally, there aren’t many modifying capabilities, so you can’t rotate or arrange the photos or add text to the GIF.

A GIF can have a width of up to 450 pixels and an animation speed that ranges from quick to slow (up to 10 seconds).

You can decide whether to add the GIF to Picasion’s web gallery before producing it. Once the GIF has been created, you can email it to a friend, share it on a social media platform, download it, or copy a direct link to where it is hosted online.

After creating your GIF, you can add glitter using a different tool on this website.

8. Imgur


The quickest way to create a GIF from a video is via Imgur, which also offers one of the most widely used platforms for hosting and sharing images in the Imgur gallery.

Simply insert the URL of the movie you want to turn into a GIF, select a start and finish point, and, if you’d like, add some text. The maximum length of a GIF created on Imgur is 15 seconds.

You’ll be directed to the GIF’s specific page once you generate it, from where you can download, distribute, or remove it from Imgur.

Imgur also allows you to tweak the GIF once more. Standard tools like rotate, cut, and resize are offered, but you can also add text and effects, brighten the GIF, overlay stickers, and do a lot more.

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9. Giftedmotion


Another software that needs to be downloaded to your computer is GiftedMotion. However, it differs from GIMP in that it doesn’t require installation and is really simple to use.

You can modify the order and frame delay of the photographs you want to utilize after loading them. Additionally, you can use drag and drop to resize the entire GIF and place the photos exactly where you want them to be.

However, unlike the majority of the other GIF creators on this list, you cannot change the images to certain pixel size.

10. Giphy


You can add images, other GIFs, or movies to Giphy’s GIF maker to create a new GIF file. Videos can be imported from your computer or from websites like Vimeo and YouTube.

It’s quite simple to arrange the files in the desired order, and you can adjust the frame length from 0.1 seconds to 3.7 seconds by sliding the image duration button back and forth.

The GIF must be decorated before it can be created. A caption, stickers, filters, and freehand sketching are available possibilities.

Once you’re done, you must upload the GIF to Giphy as either a private GIF or one with public visibility. The link can then be shared, downloaded to your computer, or embedded on a website.

11. Gickr


And last but not least, there is Gickr. Using this application, you may upload many pictures simultaneously from your computer, Flickr, YouTube, or even Picasa. Additionally, you may alter the size and playing speed, and you can even share to multiple social networking sites at once.

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