Best Sites for Liquidation Auctions in 2023

If you own a retail or online business, buy in bulk, or just want to save money, liquidation auction sites are a terrific resource. Wholesale liquidation businesses handle products for businesses that are closing. Companies can generate revenue for debt repayment by “liquidating,” or selling off, assets on a specialist website, where purchasers can also find some amazing bargains.

Merchandise that customers return but that can’t be sold in stores because of defective packaging or other problems is frequently auctioned off on liquidation websites. Contestants should be aware that product conditions can change.

1. Bulq Liquidation Auction

liquidation auction

Bulq is a wholesale organization that specializes in liquidations and works closely with the best suppliers and retailers in the country. Online lists and updates of the fresh liquidation pallets and stockpiles are available (three times a day). A 48-hour auction is used to sell some wholesale liquidation pallets, while a set price auction is used to sell others. Additionally, a crew from Enterprise constructs customized truckloads for buyers that purchase in bulk.

Anywhere in the contiguous United States that Bulq ships to. However, each case requires a $30 shipping fee. The dimensions, weight, and distance of the ultimate delivery address are taken into account when determining the freight shipment cost for pallets.

You can view the clearance lot and the available pallets without creating an account on the website. You must create a Bulq account, though, if you wish to make a purchase. Returns and exchanges are not permitted here, although the team will look into the claim if there is a difference of more than 2% between the item ordered and what was delivered.

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2. BidSpotter Liquidation Auction

liquidation auction

Through BidSpotter, a website that only offers online auctions for commercial equipment, you may buy and sell the industrial, commercial, plant, and machinery equipment. Sellers are experienced auctioneers, and they typically have companies on hand to ship your stuff to you once you win.

Auction Technology Group, which had 3,600 auction houses using its technology and listed 14 million lots in the fiscal year 2021, is the owner of BidSpotter. One of the biggest online auction platforms in the world, it sells eight billion dollars’ worth of goods each year.

Since there is no entry fee and you just pay for the item you win, it is the ideal online auction site for business equipment. Even shipping arrangements might be made for you by the auctioneers.

Although it costs nothing to open an account, in order to sell, you must be licensed as an auctioneer. If you’re a regular customer, you can still consign your things with one of BidSpotter’s Premier Auctioneers.

Live webcast auctions, live online-only auctions, and timed-only auctions are among the possible auction kinds. Winners will be sent an invoice to pay the auctioneer directly after the bidding has ended rather than BidSpotter. Bidding is free, however, in addition to sales tax, the auctioneer may also want a buyer’s premium and/or a deposit.

3. Quicklotz Liquidation Auction

liquidation auction

One of the most dependable wholesale businesses in the US is QuickLotz. Quicklotz’s appeal to small businesses and shops may be attributed to both its vast assortment of distinctive products and its top-notch customer service. They are able to offer the highest-quality goods at the most competitive prices thanks to their exclusive connections with a variety of stores.

The distinctive feature of Quicklotz is that they don’t hold any auctions; instead, they sell items at set prices. Amazon truckloads, cartons, cases, and pallets are available for purchase here. Shipping is free for purchases containing fewer items (within the United States). However, a flat delivery charge may be applied for the final payment for large orders. Boxes can be obtained at the nearby warehouse as well.

4. B-Stock Liquidation Auction

liquidation auction

One of the greatest wholesale liquidator businesses in the US, B-Stock provides each customer with a variety of items and advantages. The website for this business is the most user-friendly, allowing you to easily choose liquidation pallets, finish the transaction, and track your order.

Your needs as a customer are given the full attention of the customer service team. This organization offers products from Home Depot, Amazon, Target, Nordstrom, Walmart, Whirlpool, and other brands through a huge network of online wholesale liquidation.

It stands out from other liquidators because it never steals inventory. Customers buy products directly from the shop, and revenues from each sale are given to B-Stock. The procedure is streamlined by this technique since it creates a direct link between the customer and vendor.

At the moment, B-Stock offers three primary purchasing options: supply, auctions, and private markets. This enables the customer to select the most cost-effective method of purchasing items.

5. Via Trading Liquidation Auction

liquidation auction

Another liquidator with a presence in Los Angeles, California, is Viatrading. It obtains the products from client returns and wholesale overstocks. Before reselling them at a reduced price, the company verifies that all the things are in good condition.

The National Flea Market Association lists Viatrading as a recognized vendor (NFMA). This wholesale corporation serves all of them, from owners of small businesses to individuals and flea market vendors. There is no minimum purchase quantity when it comes to purchasing things.

The nicest thing about Viatrading is that they give you a valid invoice with a breakdown of your payments and calculations of your savings and profit. This business has effectively operated the liquidation market for over 15 years with more than 40,000 devoted consumers thanks to its transparency and customer assistance. This business also offers no membership fees, affordable delivery, and a nearby pickup location.

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6. Copart Liquidation Auction

liquidation auction

Copart is the best online auto auction site since you can buy cars completely online, whether they are for parts or in drivable condition, and have them transported to you. Since many of its postings don’t require a dealer’s license to purchase, regular customers can place a bid on a car.

Copart is an international online auto auction marketplace with more than 175,000 vehicles available. The fact that individuals, companies, and dealers can purchase and sell used, wholesale, and salvage cars, exotics, trucks, boats, ATVs, and SUVs earns it the title of top site for auto auctions. It’s even possible to buy and sell freighters. The website offers both clean and salvages titles.

Detailed descriptions, images, and information about each vehicle’s condition are included in each listing. A calculator is also available to estimate delivery costs to your location. Although it is unclear where Copart will ship, there is a good probability that you will need to arrange for 3rd shipping or pickup.

If you’re a Basic member, the deposit you make must be equal to 10% of the bid amount you want to place. Your deposit is only $400 if you have a Premier membership. Basic members have $1,200 worth of purchasing power, while Premier members have up to $100,000 worth of purchasing power per day.

The ultimate purchase price determines the buyers’ and sellers’ fees, which cannot be seen unless you are a member. According to our study, they begin at $1 and can reach 12%. Fees for large vehicles might reach 20%.

7. Sotheby’s Liquidation Auction

liquidation auction

One of the oldest and biggest auction houses for fine and collectible objects is Sotheby’s. It has strict quality standards and, through its financial services branch, provides internal financing.
Sotheby’s, which was founded in 1744, holds 600 auctions a year and employs specialists in 40 different nations.

Since you may purchase and sell in over 44 different categories, including antiquities, jewels, wine, modern art, and old master paintings, it wins the title of finest auction website for luxury and collector products. There are hundreds of items that can be bought at list price in addition to its auction site. If you require financing, Sotheby’s also provides it.

Sotheby’s allows anyone to sell, although they are picky about the products they accept. With your estimate request, you must include images, measurements, the item’s history, and any supporting paperwork. You should receive a response with an estimate in seven business days. This estimate takes into account commission, insurance premiums for liability and damage, and expenses for promoting the product.

The fees Sotheby’s charges to publicly sell your things are not disclosed. Although estimates are free, you may check how much it will cost to list an item before deciding to do so. Sotheby’s receives no fees from buyers.

Each listing additionally contains the language in which the item is located, expert images, and a thorough description of the item in English. For instance, you will get a description in both English and French if the Paris division is managing an auction.

8. A.M.L Liquidation Auction

liquidation auction

Amlinc has been in the industry for more than 25 years and is also known as American Merchandise Liquidators. Truckloads, lots, cartons, and wholesale liquidation pallets of overstock, closeouts, and customer returns are all things they specialize in selling. Their selection spans many different categories and is both affordable and real. As a result, it is advantageous for both small marketers and resellers as well as individual consumers.

In addition, Amlinc offers financing to the purchasers. Filling out a form on the internet will reveal your credit score, and the business will then offer an appropriate financing solution based on this information to assist the buyer to run their business without any problem.

The inability of buyers to make online purchases is one of the limitations of this wholesale liquidation. Your liquidation pallet must be picked up at the nearby warehouse or corporate office. Considering that most liquidation businesses have a simple online approach, this is a significant drawback. The ability to examine the product’s quality before making any payments is one advantage of making an offline purchase, though.

9. GSA Auctions Liquidation Auction

liquidation auction

You want to purchase surplus government things from a reliable website, not one that is just pretending to be associated with the American government. On the government website GSA Auctions, you may purchase artifacts from the NASA Shuttle and Hubble as well as boats, helicopters, high-end cars, and medical equipment.

Since it is a legitimate government website maintained by the General Services Administration, GSA Auctions is the best online auction platform for excess government property. You aren’t giving a website that claims to be associated with the government a markup. Even if you are the highest bidder, you might not win the auction because each ad has a minimum reserve price.

You will not be aware of the reserve price because GSA Auctions strives to maximize revenue. GSA Auctions pays out profits to the Treasury and federal departments. While some products might demand a deposit to bid on, there are no buyer fees. This website is exclusively for government property, so you cannot sell anything there.

10. Mid Tenn Wholesale Liquidation Auction

liquidation auction

One of the best-selling wholesale liquidators in the nation is Mid Tenn Wholesale. This business provides top-notch goods at the lowest costs in a variety of sizes, from tiny lots and pallets of wholesale liquidation merchandise to truckloads. You can purchase things from a variety of categories, including sports equipment, clothing, furniture, electronics, houseware, and more.

The primary objective of this business is customer service. According to your specifications, they locate products and guarantee 100% manifest accuracy with a complete return policy. For this reason, they have a special email list system where you may get in touch with the seller, give them your list of needed things, and only pay for those items. The best pricing range for all buyers is likewise provided by this discreet technique.

Reverse logistics is the term used to describe this approach in the wholesale liquidation industry. The merchant may offer each customer a distinctive discount thanks to this method while still maintaining a high level of privacy. It is one of the best techniques to safeguard the quality of the offered products’ brands.

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From the convenience of your home or workplace, you may sell products and place bids on items through online auction platforms. Real estate, jewelry, office supplies, autos, and gadgets are just a few items you can buy or sell. The majority of websites that conduct online auctions give protection to both buyers and sellers.

Since it is cost-free for buyers, has affordable fees for sellers, and has a very user-friendly platform, we suggest eBay as the greatest online auction website. Furthermore, it provides a defense against deceptive and false listings for both consumers and sellers.

Affiliate Disclosure: Purchases that are made using our links may earn us commissions from affiliate partners such as Amazon and other retailers.

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