Best Smart Lamps: Moonside Neon Lighthouse and Lamp One

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Use the adaptable Neon Lighthouse and Lamp One smart lamp from Moonside to create an immersive glow in each space. Your world will be brightened by the Moonside Neon Lighthouse and Lamp One smart lights, which will also fill your house with dazzling color.

Have you been trying to find the ideal lamp for your house? We are positive that we have, and it just so happened that we came across Moonside, a company that makes some stunning smart lamps that will undoubtedly change the way your home looks.

Not only are they vibrant, but they also light up in a fascinating and magical manner. We guarantee that if there is a Moonside lamp in the space, you will be stealing looks at it constantly. The Lamp One is quite adorable, while the Moonside Neon Lighthouse looks absolutely gorgeous.

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The Moonside Neon Lighthouse

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The Moonside Neon Lighthouse is a magnificent lamp. This specific lamp was designed to resemble a lighthouse since it is tall and bright if the name hasn’t already been made that clear. It boasts a contemporary design that has won over a large number of customers all around the world.

It has a simple structure that resembles a lightsaber. These lamps will appear far better than the sabers given how entertaining the Lighthouse’s lights are.

Now that we’ve had some fun with the lamp’s design, it only makes sense to emphasize that you can set it on a stand to prevent it from tipping over and breaking. The stand is available in a variety of hues, including silver, black, green, blue, and pink. It is genuinely designed to blend in with any home and any client.

The cylinder-shaped smart lights are rather durable because they are constructed of acrylic material. The 16 million colors produced by the Lighthouse’s RGB LED lights inside should be sufficient for you to choose a color scheme.

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All of the lamp’s pixels can be individually controlled, as was previously described. These pixels total 90 potent LEDs, each of which can have customized settings. The 90 LED pixels have a battery life of 50,000 hours each, which is equivalent to around ten years of continuous operation, so they will survive for many years.

The Moonside Neon Lighthouse offers greater customization than any other smart bulb on the market, with more than 16 million different color options. Find the ideal color scheme for your room by combining and contrasting colors to your heart’s desire.

This one can be on your nightstand, but you can also place it behind your computer monitors, close to your TV, and in other places. It’s up to you whether you want them to light up your room when you’re trying to unwind in the evening or whether you want them to create the right atmosphere for the game you picked out for the game night. Due to the reactive lighting effects, it can even coordinate with your favorite song and provide an incredible light display.

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The actual lamp, the smart controller, two USB Type-C cables, a 15W USB power adapter, and a manual are all included in the box for the Moonside Neon Lighthouse. If you wish one for added stability, the aluminum base holders are available for purchase separately.

Although the Neon Lighthouse normally sells for $96.90, it is now only $67.90. It will cost you just over $61 when you use our discount code. The base is an additional $19.90, but this one is also available with a 10% discount!

The Neon Lighthouse will bring vibrant smart lighting into your home, letting you relax with dim lighting or bring the partying experience home with fast-pulsing lights that sync to the music.

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Lamp One

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Another incredibly cool-looking lamp from Moonside is Lamp One. It won’t take up much space on any desk because it isn’t particularly large. If they lit up, of course, the shape would be similar to older Amazon Echo devices.

The Lamp One can be placed anywhere, but it looks particularly stunning on a bedside table or even as a nightlight in the kids’ room. Of course, you may buy one for each room and experiment with them, giving each lamp a different color palette. They may greatly brighten the environment because they are brilliant and lovely (pun intended).

Lamp One is 6.5 inches tall and less than 4 inches wide. It doesn’t have a battery, but if you use a power bank in its place, you can use it without an electrical outlet. The Lamp One comes with a USB-C cable, allowing you to connect it to any available source.

Whatever use you may have in mind for this product, we are confident it will be effective. Although the Moonside Lamp One normally sells for around $99.99, you can presently buy it for around $69.90 before applying the MUO coupon code for an additional 10% discount.

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Moonside Lamp One Smart Table Lamp, Alexa Voice Control Smart Lamp, Google Home Control, Moonside Smart Light App Control on iOS and Android, Dynamic RGB LED Zones

  • Bluetooth + Wi-Fi Control
  • Dynamic Multi LED Color Zones
  • Endless Color Effects, Customizable Lighting Themes

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With the Moonside App, find the right vibe.

Although Lamp One and the Moonside Neon Lighthouse are amazing, they wouldn’t be as pleasant without the specific mobile app. You may download the Moonside App for both Android and iOS devices, so whichever ecosystem you prefer, you’ll be OK.

You have complete control over every aspect of your Moonside lamp using this specific app. If you have more than one, you can manage them separately and allocate them to particular rooms.

However, you’ll first need to sync your lamp with the app using Bluetooth. The entire procedure is quite simple and is comparable to almost any pairing you’ve ever done between your phone and another device, whether it be headphones, a smartwatch, or a smart home device.

Your Moonside lamp can be controlled by turning it on and off, selecting a color, and selecting a color intensity.

Then, you can advance things by downloading one of the various lighting effects that are readily available. Although the app already has a number of them, you may download more themes to give them all a try.

You are welcome to explore the Drawing feature if you’re feeling creative. What will you be tasked with? You have a roughly grid-shaped space that you can color whatever you choose.

You are free to create a pixelated Pikachu for your child’s room. You can even draw a crimson heart if you want to. You may put anything that motivates you onto that grid and then displays it on your lamp. It’s such a sweet approach to let you personalize the Moonside lamp.

You can connect your Moonside lamp with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and SmartThings for more entertainment and convenience. In the near future, the business plans to integrate with Matter as well as Apple’s HomeKit.

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Whatever Moonside lamp you have your heart set on, we are confident that you will enjoy exploring with it. There is no reason why you wouldn’t fall in love with the lamps because they are so adaptable and you can completely customize the lights because they offer unlimited dynamic lighting effects.

Additionally, because the lights are already on sale, you will pay less for them. The greatest case we can imagine is that you’ll save even more by using the discount code: MUO.

So go ahead and illuminate your surroundings with smart lights from Lamp One and Moonside Lighthouse.

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