10 Best Spelling and Grammar Check Apps

Anyone can write. It could be a text message, a status update, a brief blog post, or an official email. At some point, writing is required.

On the other hand, spelling and grammar errors can detract from the quality of your work. You run the risk of losing readers or having your credibility compromised.

There are a number of top-notch grammar checkers. Without spending a lot of time or effort, these applications are effective enough to check for grammar mistakes and propose corrections.

Here are the best spelling and grammar check apps for multiple platforms and devices.

1. Grammarly

grammar check

The most well-known grammar checker on the market, Grammarly, provides real-time spelling and grammatical checks to help writers write better. In order to gain insights based on these goals, users can define writing goals that include information about the target audience, emotion, intent, style, and domain.

It is simple to use online or as an add-on to Google Chrome, Gmail, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Salesforce, and many other well-known programs thanks to its AI-powered writing assistance and user-friendly design.

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Additionally, Grammarly is available as a desktop program for Mac and Windows and a mobile app for iOS and Android. Checkers for grammar, style, tone, and plagiarism are other helpful resources.

A basic version of Grammarly with suggestions for spelling, grammar, and punctuation is available for free. Additionally, a premium edition is available with additional features including advanced suggestions, fluency, word choice, readability scores, plagiarism detection, formality level, and inclusive language. Additional benefits come with the business edition.

Grammarly is used on a variety of platforms, including mobile apps, making it accessible to users wherever they want to write. It offers a free edition that only contains the most basic recommendations.

Compared to competing solutions, premium versions start at an expensive $29.95 per month, but Grammarly offers significant discounts for paying quarterly and annually.

  • Across a variety of platforms
  • Available apps for mobile
  • The free version is available
  • Costly compared to alternative options
  • Offline editing mode is absent
  • The free version only has a few features

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2. Ginger Software

grammar check

A leading supplier of AI-driven writing tools is Ginger Software. More than 10 million individuals everyday use Ginger’s sophisticated grammar and spell checker. By using its AI-based sentence rephrase, you can easily rectify spelling and grammar issues while also enhancing the style of your writing with the touch of a button.

Ginger technologies are accessible through an API, standalone desktop, iOS, and Android tools, and browser extensions as well as Office add-ons. Anyone may write more quickly and precisely with the help of this program, including professionals and students.

Although Ginger has a free version, it has a weekly usage cap. Once that threshold is reached, users must make corrections themselves rather than having the application do it. Although the standard monthly cost of $29.96 is high, there are discounts available when paying annually and biannually: $12.48 and $9.99, respectively.

  • The free version is offered
  • Refund policy for paid plans
  • Discounts for plans of one and two years
  • Limited auto-correct with free plans
  • High monthly cost

3. ProWritingAid

grammar check

The advantages of a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor are all combined in ProWritingAid. It looks for cliches, repetition, ambiguous language, redundant clauses, long sentences, passive voice, too complex phrases, excessive reliance on adverbs, and other writing problems that have an impact on the readability, flow, and accuracy of a text.

To avoid writers from losing their reputation as a result of spelling and grammar faults, the program’s editing engine automatically proposes hundreds of style enhancements and corrects inaccuracies. A contextual thesaurus and word explorer are also included to assist users in finding the right words when learning, editing, and eradicating bad habits.

ProWritingAid interfaces with almost every type of device, including browser extensions for popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, desktop programs for Windows and Mac, and full integration with the entire Microsoft Office Suite. It contains two paid packages with sophisticated capabilities in addition to a free version that can only be used online.

ProWritingAid provides a free online version and a 14-day trial. There are two paid versions with more features as well. 500 words can only be entered at a time in the free version; in the paid editions, this limit is unlimited. 50 annual plagiarism checks are included with Premium Plus plans as well.

  • Free trial available
  • Monthly subscription or a one-time purchase
  • Limited features on the free version
  • No mobile apps

4. WhiteSmoke

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An all-inclusive English writing tool including grammar, spelling, style and punctuation checkers is provided by WhiteSmoke. Additionally, it has built-in templates and dictionaries that can be customized and translated into more than 50 other languages. Any text program or browser can use this software, and a single click displays potential mistakes and ideas for improvement. It assists in drafting, editing, and translating English texts for both native and non-native English speakers.

To identify a larger range of phrase and phrasing issues, this tool combines Natural Language Processing with artificial intelligence, complex statistical methods, and machine learning. A web-based solution, a premium desktop version, and mobile apps for iOS and Android are all provided by WhiteSmoke.

Grammar mistakes are highlighted in green, spelling mistakes are highlighted in red, and punctuation and style mistakes are highlighted in blue. Users may work anywhere, including in online browsers, Microsoft Word, Outlook, and other editing tools, thanks to many platform support and connectors.

WhiteSmoke supports all platforms, but the desktop software does have a character limit. It offers a free sample and flexible pricing, with monthly, annual, and three-year payment terms available for both the essential and premium plans. Prices for three-year subscriptions have been reduced, going from $5 per month to $3.47.

  • Free demos and flexible pricing offered
  • Available in 55 languages
  • Works with all devices
  • The character limit on the desktop app

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5. Hemingway Editor

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Hemingway Editor is a grammar checker only; it does not include a spelling checker. It uses color coding to draw attention to errors such as difficult-to-understand sentences, passive voice, bad adverb selections, and difficult-to-understand words and phrases. As opposed to emphasizing proper punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure, its objective is to generate a cleaner writing style.

To avoid copying and pasting, Hemingway Editor lets users import from and export to Microsoft Work and other well-known word processors. With a one-click connection, users can easily publish content directly to WordPress or Medium.

Additionally, it contains formatting options and a readability grade. It offers a free online version, or for a one-time cost, you can download the desktop version to use it offline wherever you are. Each time a new version of a desktop app is released, an update is offered without charge.

In lieu of requiring a monthly subscription, Hemingway Editor offers both a low-cost desktop version and a free internet version. It lacks common features like a spell checker and is not a fully functional grammar checker.

  • No monthly subscription required
  • Offers free version online
  • Not a full-featured grammar checker
  • No spell checker

6. LanguageTool

grammar check

A grammar checker called LanguageTool is designed for professionals who must review documents in several different languages. Numerous other languages are supported by this application, including Spanish, Russian, French, Polish, Italian, and German.

It distinguishes itself from other grammar and spelling tools with a customizable dictionary that enables users to add frequently used words from all the supported languages. Additionally, it has a text editor, contextual spell checking, style checker, and spell checker.

To interface with well-known programs like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and Google Docs, LanguageTool offers browser extensions and plug-ins. It also features a desktop version that may be used independently offline. Users can select between a free version with 20,000 character limits per check and a paid premium version with 40,000 character limits per check.

More than 20 languages are supported by LanguageTool, which also provides a paid edition with additional capabilities in addition to its free online version.

The cost of the premium plan is $19 per month, however, it only costs $4.92 per year if you subscribe. The software doesn’t feature a plagiarism checker, and free versions have a 20,000-character limit for every check.

  • Free version available
  • Deep discount for the premium edition when paying annually
  • Multi-language support for 20+ languages
  • Limited punctuation checker
  • No plagiarism checker
  • Limits on the free version

7. PaperRater

grammar check

A free grammar and spelling checker called PaperRater uses AI and data science to enhance writing, and it also has a paid edition with more sophisticated features. The user does not need to register, log in, or download anything in order to have their online inputs assessed in real-time and receive findings in a matter of seconds.

With automated proofreading, PaperRater software carefully examines syntax and sentence structure. Other tools consist of:

  • Detection of plagiarism with an originality rating
  • Automated essay grading that approximates grade scores
  • The vocabulary builder offers definitions and example sentences for terms.

Additionally, it offers writing education and feedback with a variety of reporting and data, such as vocabulary usage, passive voice detection, sentence length and variability, readability statistics, phrases to avoid, and analysis of sentence beginnings.

Basic functionalities are provided by free plans, however premium packages with no advertisements enable users to submit longer documents and benefit from improved plagiarism detection.

When paying for a subscription annually, PaperRater gives a discount, bringing the monthly cost down to $7.95. Users are limited to 50 submissions, five pages for each submission, and ten checks for plagiarism every month in the free edition.

In contrast, premium accounts allow 200 submissions each month, 20 pages per submission, and 25 checks for plagiarism per month.

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8. Scribens

grammar check

Over 250 different types of typical spelling and grammar errors are caught and corrected by Scribens’ powerful syntactical recognition algorithm, including typos and problems with nouns, pronouns, verbs, prepositions, punctuation, homonyms, and more. Additionally, it looks for stylistic aspects like run-on sentences, repetitions, and redundancies and offers synonyms for each word. Online alterations come with explanations to aid users in honing their English writing abilities.

In addition to offering extensive statistics like word, phrase, and paragraph counts as well as a readability indicator, Scribens also includes an integrated dictionary and thesaurus. It interacts with numerous platforms and browsers, including Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. It also works with other important programs.

Data transfers are secure thanks to SSL encryption, and sent text is not retained on the company’s servers. A text checker, integrations, and an ad-free platform are all included in the free edition of the service along with corrections, explanations, dictionaries, and a style checker.

A free version with various restrictions is available from Scribens, however, the Premium plan has a cheap monthly cost that is further reduced when paid quarterly or annually. It is solely an English grammar checker, however, due to the lack of language support, the absence of a plagiarism detector, and the absence of customer assistance.

  • Free version
  • The low monthly subscription fee
  • Compatible with various platforms and browsers
  • No customer support
  • No plagiarism checker

9. SpellCheckPlus

grammar check

SpellCheckPlus is a spell checker that scans text for hundreds of grammatical faults as well as difficulties with punctuation, space, words that sound the same, and capitalization. It also points out typical mistakes that speakers of second languages make.

To see highlighted errors, users merely need to copy and paste their text or write it directly into SpellCheckPlus’ main window and click the Check Text button. A popup box that appears when the pointer is over faults shows pertinent feedback. At the bottom of the screen, a thorough overview of the faults and grammar grades is also provided.

Any computer can access SpellCheckPlus, and it is constantly updated. There are four languages of content: English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin. The maximum word count for the SpellCheckPlus free version is 500.

There is no cap for SpellCheckPlus Pro, which costs $14.99 annually and comes with a number of other benefits like text archiving, full-screen editing, and the absence of advertisements.

SpellCheckPlus has a somewhat little 5-day trial period, but it also provides a free version with restrictions and a modest annual fee, making it more cost-effective than many other premium solutions. It does, however, save entered material on its server for scholarly research, which may be a security risk.

  • Free trial available
  • Low yearly cost
  • Provides a grammar score
  • Short trial period
  • Text saved on the server
  • The free version has ads

10. Linguix

grammar check

Linguix offers AI-based writing assistance that can correct thousands of grammatical errors as well as spelling and stylistic difficulties. Additionally, the application has an integrated lexicon and thesaurus and assists in correcting 9 million of the most frequent errors. Users have the option of installing MS Office add-ins, mobile keyboards for iOS and Android, web apps, and desktop software for Windows and Mac.

Linguix offers over 20 essay and other content templates, suggestions for synonyms, personalized language learning with the Writing Coach tool, and ideas for vocabulary improvement. Additionally, users have access to a paraphrase engine and are given access to clever shortcuts for repetitive material types.

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Although Linguix has a free online version, it only includes a few functionalities. Additionally, it has a premium version with a somewhat expensive monthly fee of $18.95; however, this cost can be reduced to $12 monthly when paid quarterly or $8 monthly when paid annually.

  • Free version available
  • Deep discounts for paying in advance
  • Third-party integrations
  • No markups in the Linguix document editor
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