Best Toiletry Bags For Women 2023

toiletry bags for women

The modest toiletry bag (or cosmetics case, or Dopp kit, or wash bag — name it what you will) may be the most underrated of all bags, yet it may be the difference between a leaky, clothes-ruining disaster and poised tidy elegance.

We all invest time and money into carefully selecting our makeup and skincare products. It only seems logical that we would also put these valuable toiletries in the greatest cosmetic bags.

The finest toiletry bags should be spacious enough to accommodate all of your on-the-go necessities while also being compact enough to fit in your baggage or even travel tote. They must be sturdy, useful (and it’s even better if they have organizational divisions), simple to clean, and fashionable.

Kiss your zip-lock bags goodbye and replace them with one of the stylish carryalls designed for a variety of travel and lifestyle needs that are listed below.

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1. Cuyana Leather Travel Case Set

toiletry bags for women

Cuyana consistently elevates everyday essentials to classic status, creating that coveted union of a luxurious feel, timelessly fashionable design, and perfect functionality. And this popular leather travel case set undoubtedly meets all expectations.

This sleek, multi-purpose travel set by Cuyana shouts refined practicality and sustainable refinement, from the responsibly-tanned leather outer layer to the sumptuous microsuede interior that wipes clean.

It has two coordinating pebbled leather pouches: a smaller pouch for carrying your basics for makeup, jewelry, and small accessories, and a bigger case for holding travel-size toiletries and equipment. The Cuyana Leather Travel Case Set comes in 16 different colors and may be personalized with your initials to add a special touch.

a stylish way to keep everything you need to be organized at home, at business, and when traveling. Pretty and useful. Say no more.

2. Skog Å Kust DoppSåk

toiletry for women

No matter how tightly you lock those lids, if you frequently have leaks and spills, this waterproof travel toiletry bag from Skog Kust might be the finest thing to ever happen to you.

This toiletry bag was built with waterproofing as its main priority. It is constructed of TPU-coated Cordura ripstop material and has an airtight closure, both of which help to shield you from any spills within.

Additionally, it has a cool design. The Skog Kust Waterproof Travel Toiletry Bag has an outdoorsy, athletic atmosphere and is obviously serious about business, especially when it comes to leaks.

It is really simple to transport because of the sturdy nylon strap, and it collapses into an almost noticeable size when not in use. Additionally, the multiple compartments should help you stay organized as you travel.

3. Anya Hindmarch Vanity Kit

toiletry bags for women

Anya Hindmarch, who calls herself the “queen of organization,” created the “Vanity Kit” cosmetics case, which is exquisitely organized to keep your basics spotless whether you’re at home or on the go.

This well-crafted organizer, which is made from a black recycled shell, contains two zipped compartments with lots of slip bags for your beauty equipment and brushes, as well as elastic bottle holders to keep your items upright when traveling.

In essence, it serves as a fashionable and secure home for all of your essential beauty products.

4. NUORI Sideway Travel Case Set

toiletry bags for women

The NUORI Sideway Travel Case Set is ideal for use as your cosmetics case or travel toiletry bag if your personal sense of style is refined, subtle, and practical.

In reality, you’re receiving two cosmetic bags: a svelte solid purse that can serve as a multipurpose clutch or cosmetics bag, and a clear case that can be used separately as an accepted travel liquids container around the world.

The huge toiletry bag has roomy compartments for all of your daily necessities. Your liquids will be kept secure and safe in the smaller bag, which is the perfect size. Because the fabric is water-resistant, spills may be quickly cleaned up without leaving any unattractive stains. Both are created to last a lifetime out of high-quality vegan materials.

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5. Bellroy Dopp Kit

Best Toiletry Bags For Women 2022

With Bellroy’s simple yet well-thought-out Dopp kit, its spacious, water-resistant interior is simple to wipe clean. Or about the extremely practical nylon grab loops for straightforward carrying or the use of fabric that was manufactured sustainably?

Bellroy’s Dopp kit has practically everything you could ask for in a toiletry bag and more.

Two inside mesh pockets are included in the main compartment so you can easily find your basics for beauty, and the strong zips offer exceptional longevity.

6. BOACAY Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

toiletry bags

The Premium Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag by BOACAY is a wonderful option if you just want a spacious yet small toiletry bag because it is made with premium materials and incredibly durable zips.

No matter where you are, you can enjoy the luxury of a beauty cabinet thanks to the metal hook that makes hanging it up simple.

You can easily organize your brushes, tweezers, and combs and imitate the organization of a Hollywood makeup artist thanks to the interior’s numerous leakproof pockets (a total of 18), 2 sizable zipped pockets, a tall mesh portion, and an abundance of useful elastic loops. Even better: This toiletry bag has a foam layer for added bottle protection, and is waterproof, machine washable, and collapsible.

The tall front pocket can actually accommodate a mini iPad if your notion of necessities is a hairbrush and a tube of Burt’s Bees lip balm. So, transport your essentials in the BOACAY Premium Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag.

7. Lermende Toiletry Bag

toiletry bags for women

With their TSA-approved Clear Toiletry Bag, Lermende has you covered for all of your carry-on toiletries.

Both you and TSA can easily see what’s inside thanks to the translucent PVC, and the waterproofing will prevent spills during your journey.

Given that it slides into your suitcase effortlessly and yet leaves enough for a ton of in-flight reading material, it might be the finest toiletries bag for carry-on luggage. Additionally, the strong zip guarantees continued use on flights.

You can carry as much or as little as you desire with the three-piece set of the popular Lermende Clear Toiletry Bag from Amazon.

8. Away The Dopp Kit

toiletry bags for women

Look no further than The Dopp Kit from luggage superbrand Away for the height of minimalist style.

The classically fashioned toiletry bag has a clever design that is distinctly Away; it opens wide so you can easily access whatever you need without making embarrassing fumbling. It is enormous in size and has several inside compartments, including one with a zip closure in the center, as well as mesh and transparent pockets. Therefore, you are free to organize as much as you like. A useful exterior zip compartment for grab-and-go necessities is also included.

Leakages are kept from going out and are kept from getting in thanks to the covered wipeable interior. That kind of team is what you require when traveling.

The Dopp Kit by Away is designed to go along with the company’s line of luggage, but because to its subdued color palette, it will go well with practically any bag or travel backpack. Choose the lesser size if you’re only taking a brief journey.

9. TUMI Voyageur Madina Cosmetic Bag

toiletry bags for women

The TUMI may become your new favorite travel partner, whether you’re traveling on a weekend city getaway, a week in the Bahamas, or a rural getaway.

We adore hanging travel toiletry bags, especially when they can lay flat and fold up so well like this Tumi Voyageur Madina Cosmetic Bag.

It’s remarkably versatile for a sleek appearance, and navigating is made simple by the hanging “cabinet.” It has four distinct compartments in all, three of which are transparent and one of which is a removable nylon pouch for smaller goods.

This multipurpose, lightweight toiletry bag is made of wipe-clean nylon and is spacious enough to serve as both a makeup bag and a Dopp kit.

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10. Bagsmart Toiletry Bag

toiletry bags

Bring your entire shampoo and conditioner (plus space for your hair masque) in this extra-large toiletries bag rather than inferior, never-big-enough travel-sized necessities.

The Bagsmart Toiletry Bag might be the latest addition if you’re the one in charge of packing for your family. You can designate one of the four spacious (and usefully transparent with zip closures) compartments for each member of your clan or arrange stuff into categories like hair products, skincare products, and medications.

Since each compartment is composed of water-resistant polyester, any leaks in one compartment won’t spread to the others. It transforms quickly into a hanging toiletry bag for effective space-saving, so you can just pin it up wherever comfortable and save the hassle of unpacking.

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