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Bill Burr Net Worth

bill burr net worth

Bill Burr net worth is $14 million dollars as an American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. Bill Burr has been doing stand-up since 1992, although these days he’s perhaps most known to the general public for his roles in television shows like Breaking Bad and The Mandalorian.

Real Estate

Bill spent $4.7 million buying a home in Los Feliz, California, in 2017. He sold a 2,663-square-foot property in Los Feliz that he had bought in 2011 the following year. Interestingly, he was said to still have a one-bedroom apartment in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen district at the time, probably to maintain a presence there for his comedic career.

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Early Life

On June 10th, 1968, Bill Burr was born in Canton, Massachusetts to a dentist and a nurse. From a young age, he was interested in the entertainment industry, and in 1993, he graduated from Boston’s Emerson College with a degree in radio.

Before starting his professional comedy career in earnest, Burr worked several jobs in warehouses. In one stand-up routine about the subject, he said, “If my boss gave me a rough time, I could just get on a forklift and just, like, drive away.” Burr spoke fondly of the freedom those jobs allowed him.

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Bill Burr Net Worth

For his caustic humor and observational comedy, Bill Burr has become well-known. He has been in several HBO and Comedy Central comedy specials as well as late-night talk shows. Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast, a weekly podcast, and a number of albums were also released by him in 2007.

Burr has appeared as a guest on the podcasts of several comedians, including Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist, The Adam Carolla Show, The Joe Rogan Experience, WTF with Marc Maron, and Nobody Likes Onions.

Then, in 2019, Burr launched another podcast, this one co-hosted by fellow comic Bert Kreischer and titled Bill Bert Podcast. Burr has credited several comedians as being his main influences, including George Carlin, Mort Sahl, Bill Hicks, Bill Cosby, Sam Kinison, Patrice O’Neal, and Richard Pryor.

He has also gained a fair share of admirers among other comedians, earning the moniker “comedian’s comedian” in several publications. Rolling Stone magazine referred to him as “the undisputed heavyweight champ of rage-fueled humor,” and The New York Times called him “a cynic and a contrarian who has never paid any heed to political correctness.” In 2013, The New York Times referred to Burr as “one of the funniest, most distinctive voices in the country for years.

Bill Burr has a number of comedic specials available. Among his specials are Walk Your Way Out, which aired on Netflix in 2017, Let it Go, which was taped at The Fillmore in San Francisco and made its Comedy Central debut in 2010, You People Are All the Same, which debuted on Netflix in 2012, and I’m Sorry You Feel That Way. He has continued to collaborate with Netflix like many other stand-up comedians, releasing Paper Tiger in 2019 and the critically acclaimed animated series F is for Family in 2015.

Outside of his own ventures, Burr is a well-known figure among comedy aficionados. He participated in six episodes of the subsequent Comedy Central sketch show Kroll’s Show and was a regular performer in skits on Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show.

Additionally, Bill Burr appeared in the episode “Bill Burr” of the HBO comedy series Crashing, which is set in the world of stand-up comedy and features performances from several real-life comedians. Additionally, Jerry Seinfeld’s interview program Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee requested him to participate as one of the comics.


Burr has made appearances in a number of movies and television programs over his career, despite concentrating mostly on stand-up comedy and podcasting. It all started in 1996 when Burr was cast in the brief ABC sitcom Townies, which ran for a few months as “Ryan Callahan.”

However, his list of accomplishments currently includes roles in Zombeavers, Perfect Fit, Passionada, Twisted Fortune, Date Night, Breaking Bad, Stand Up Guys, Walk of Shame, and The Heat. Additionally, he played a jogger in an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent in 2002.

In 2019, he achieved his most unlikely professional milestone by formally entering the Star Wars universe in an episode of the Disney+ original series The Mandalorian. His Breaking Bad role introduced him to yet another new audience.

Burr was a member of the group of comedians connected to the eponymous radio show, and in 2008, Grand Theft Auto IV featured his voice.

Personal Life

Bill Burr Net Worth

Burr and Nia Hill, a producer, writer, and director, have been married since 2013. They had a daughter in January 2017. Bill is a qualified helicopter pilot who also plays the drums in his spare time. He has spoken about his love of cigars and heavy metal music, the latter of which he shared with Jerry Seinfeld on the aforementioned Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode.

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Who is Nia Hill?

nia hill

Nia Hill was born on June 2, 1978. She is an actor, writer, producer, and director who has appeared in films such as “Lila, Long Distance,” “Did You Look for Work This Week?” and, most recently, “Santa Clarita Diet” on Netflix. Nia Hill is a regular guest on Burr’s podcast, “Monday Morning Podcast,” and it appears that listeners enjoy hearing the duo communicate.

Nia Hill has also done voiceover work for Burr’s animated adult sitcom F is for Family, where she has played Georgia Roosevelt on a recurring basis since 2017. The Netflix series is likely to return for a fifth and final season, but no debut date has been announced. Hill and comedian Marcella Arguello co-created the YouTube series You Welcome.

Nia Hill is a writer and former blogger who has written about feminism and racism issues outside of television and humor. Nia Hill wrote “I Never Thought I Would End Up Here But Here I Am: My Life As A ‘Kept Woman” on the now-defunct site, in which she discussed dealing with her husband as the family’s breadwinner and how she hopes to change that one day.

Nia Hill also wrote an article called “I’m A Black Woman Who Dates White Guys,” in which she advised people in interracial relationships on what to say and what not to say.

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Personal Life

Nia Hill and Bill Burr met, fell in love, and lived together briefly at Emerson College in Boston before heading to Los Angeles for better possibilities in the television and film industries.

Bill Burr and Nia Hill married in September 2013 after dating for a long time, yet the details of their wedding aren’t widely known. In some of his early 2000s stand-up performances, he questions why people marry and complains about not being compatible with the women he encounters. “The day I see a married guy who truly seems pleased,” he claimed, he’ll get married.





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