Bill Jordan Net Worth, Marriage, Career, Age and Achievements

Bill Jordan is known as the creator of the Realtree brand and every other associating brand. He is also the host of the monster bucks video series and the Reality Outdoor television show. Bill Jordan’s net worth stems from his passionate efforts in sports and his unrelenting efforts at creativity. 

Bill Jordan net worth is an incredible sum of $10 million. This is an accumulation of his earnings from his brands – Realtree and Advantage brands of camouflage. More of his earnings come from his roles as a TV host. 

Bill Jordan’s Background

bill jordan net worth

Bill Jordan grew up in a rural home outside of Columbus, Georgia. He was the youngest of his siblings. His father, Leon Jordan, owned a boat dealership close to Lake Oliver, from which he made some money to sustain the family.

As he grew up, Jordan developed an interest in sporting activities. After elementary school, he attended Columbus High School, where he finally dived into his sporting career intensely.

How Bill Jordan Started His Sporting Career

During his time in high school, he became a star athlete. He was excellent in track races, playing basketball, and excelled as a footballer. Many describe him as a ‘natural,’ one who can adapt to any new sport quickly.

He received a scholarship for football from the University of Mississippi during this time. Jordan honored the scholarship and proceeded to study at the university for years. He finally graduated in 1973.

During his time in college, he found Ole Miss quite appealing. This was because good hunting and fishing were not so far from this place. He was already developing an interest in hunting as well.

On graduating, he was determined to pursue his sporting career more intensely. However, he could not attain a professional career in sports due to several injuries he had sustained in the early times of his career.

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Bill Jordan’s Career As An Outdoorsman

In 1986, Bill Jordan began his artistic career as an outdoorsman when he designed camouflage patterns. To do this, he tried to imitate the bark pattern from a giant oak tree on his parent’s front lawn. This became his breakthrough in the industry of design.

In an attempt to bring this career to life, Bill ensured he got featured in the SHOT show, where well-known figures in the hunting field were opportune to set eyes on his designs. Though Bill lacked funds, equipment, and foundational knowledge on how to handle it professionally, he launched into his profession.

Luckily for him, some prominent figures came by his works and examined them. They instantly ordered the shipment of his products, but Jordan was in no suitable position to handle it. He didn’t even have a licensing agreement.

After an interview session with the men, they deliberated ways to bring Bill to the spotlight. They finally marked out an agreement with Walls and Bill’s textile industry. They changed the name of the company and came up with Realtree at last.

Who Is Bill Jordan Married To?

Bill presently lives in his hometown with a happy family. He is married to Shannon, with whom he has three children – Tyler, Graycen, and Colton

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His Achievements

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Bill is presently an icon in sports and, most especially, in the field of hunting. He has been recognized around many countries for his talents in wild sports.

He was inducted into the Chattahoochee Valley Sports Hall of Fame in 2005 to recognize his athletic achievements at Columbus High School and the University of Mississippi. After several years, he was inducted into the University of Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame for his overall accomplishments.

That same year, the Ole Miss Chapter of the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame honored Bill with its Distinguished American Award. This makes Bill one of the people who have used the lessons learned from their life as footballers to impact the community.

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Other Endeavors

The Realtree Outdoors TV show began airing on the TNN nationwide in 1992. The company also sponsored the Richard #31 cars in the mid-’90s. Mike Skinner drove the car. In later years, they also took part in sponsorships of other vehicles and merchandising deals, including Dale Earnhardt #3 and Kevin Harvick’s #29.

Bill is the founder of the Immersion Graphics Corporation. Founded in 1991, the company utilizes a hydro-graphic film process when applying camouflage. They also created several decorative patterns for a variety of hard goods like guns and bows.

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