15 Best Box Braid Hairstyles for Women

Do you find box braid hairstyles to be particularly captivating right now? Would you like to adopt this newest fashion trend? The most popular box braided hairstyles will then be shown, so stick with us.

box braid hairstyle

The popular hairstyles worn by people of African descent worldwide include box braids. These braids are not only cozy and fashionable but they are also thought to be a way of safeguarding the hair because they resemble a square-shaped box, hence the name. These exquisite hairdos, such as gigantic box braids and bohemian box braids, are nothing less than works of art. Unlike lemonade braids, these are different. See the most popular box braids hairstyles in our box braids gallery to get ideas for your next salon.

1. Jumbo Box Braids

box braid hairstyle

Women who wish to stand out could opt for jumbo box braids. These huge, thick, and boxy-shaped braids will draw attention to your hair because of how impressive it looks. But the braids go beyond being a statement of style; they’re a protective style that will keep moisture in, promote natural hair development, and offer you a break from heat styling.

When worn with jewelry like beads, rings, or cuffs, jumbo braids look beautiful and are quicker and simpler to install. Box braids are a terrific option because they can last up to six weeks, depending on the type you pick and how you take care of them.

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2. Simple Medium Box Braids

box braid hairstyle

Box braids can be as easy as possible. This hairstyle is mostly standard due to the middle section of medium box braids. But what makes it so incredibly appealing and aesthetically charming is its air of sophistication and elegance. It works well as a work-appropriate look and is ideal if you are new to the braiding industry. Another common black hairdo is the box braid.

3. Micro Box Braids

box braid hairstyle

For those who prefer many braids to just a few, micro-box braids are a great option. It might produce a stylish appearance. You can wear your hair down or arrange it in a variety of updos, such as a top bun, or you can choose to wear it loose. Because micro braids are so tiny, only a few strands are put at once, which makes the installation process exceedingly time-consuming and frequently expensive. Additionally, removal will take a long time. The advantage of this look is perfect is that it is lighter and simpler to wear, which is advantageous if you have thin hair.

4. Box Braids Updo

box braid hairstyle

The wonderful thing about box braids is that you can customize the thickness and length to create a style that best suits you. There are numerous alternatives, including working them into an updo or leaving them down. Some women might want to keep things simple with a chic updo. Others use a half-up, half-down style to make a statement.

Try a top bun and leave the rest of your hair loose if you want to stand out from the crowd. If you want a look that will draw attention, you can also experiment with various hues, such as white or grey. This appearance will highlight your neck and face and might be really attractive. The lighter shade will also make your features stand out.

5. Box Braids With Accessories

box braid hairstyle

The appropriate accessories may drastically alter a look. This pair of box braids serves as an illustration. Before, they were just plain gigantic box braids, but after the addition of some golden cuffs and thread, this hairdo was elevated to the level of being fit for the stunning Cleopatra, queen of Egypt. For a gorgeous new haircut, you can also attempt box braids with beads. We discuss 55+ gorgeous hairstyles that feature braided hairstyles with beads for long, short, medium, and curly hair.

6. Box Braids with Headscarf

box braid hairstyle

One of the nicest accessories to check out is a headscarf, which may be a terrific way to add some color to your outfit. You can select anything that best suits you from a wide variety of colors, patterns, and prints. This can be your favorite color or a pattern that has a special meaning to you. Depending on how you choose to wear it, the style may also distract from your forehead and draw emphasis to your eyes.

To frame the face, let some hair hang loose.  For a practical solution that keeps the hair out of your face, pull it all back. It will look fantastic to braid your hair into a headscarf, and it can also give it more protection, particularly if you choose a silk headscarf to reduce friction.

7. Box Braids with Curly Ends

box braid hairstyle

Why not make the ends of your box braids wavy to give them a softer feel? You will discover that as you unravel your box braids, they create a stunning, textured appearance. You might decide to leave the ends undone for a distinctive finish. This is a lovely approach to modify the protective style and give it a personal touch.

Additionally, it is the ideal choice for women with naturally curly hair and will allow you to flaunt this. Box braids may be made in a variety of lengths and densities, but adding curly ends will look best on medium-length braids since they will fall around your face and beautifully frame your features.

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8. Classy Braided Bob

box braid hairstyle

One haircut that never goes out of style is the bob. It has been present for a considerable amount of time and will remain. It is now seen in a variety of forms. Look at this one, please. This bob features medium box braids. Who said that only long, flowing box braids are attractive? Your perception of box braids will change after seeing this braided bob. We also adore the color chestnut brown.

9. Box Braids Top Bun

box braid hairstyle

A lovely alternative that works well in a variety of settings is the box braid top bun. Wear it to a festival, or on a date, or keep it stylish and formal for business. You can wear a top bun practically everywhere. Make sure you have a lot of thick braids for a full top bun. Use smaller braids if you choose to keep them smaller and more understated.

If you want your hair to stand out, add highlights or choose vibrant hues like red or platinum blonde; the more natural-looking, however, the more options you’ll have. You’ll not only feel and look fantastic but your hair will also be protected in a way that keeps moisture in and promotes hair development. Box braids can be worn in a variety of styles and help decrease friction and breakage.

10. Cornrows with Box Braids

box braid hairstyle

Close to the scalp, tidy rows of hair are braided into cornrows. They are extremely versatile and may be made in different sizes and with braids. Hairstyles with box braids and cornrows have intriguing textures. There are numerous ways to try this style, but the most popular is to choose box braids in the back and cornrows at the hairline.

To display the various textures, wear them up or halfway up. Both of these protective styles assist keep moisture in while cutting down on daily grooming time. This encourages natural hair growth and makes it less likely to break. Add hair accessories, strong color streaks, or highlights for dimension to give your hairdo even more flair.

11. Messy Top Bun with Box Braids

box braid hairstyle

A fun approach to experimenting with your hairdo is using top buns and box braids. It is the ideal choice for more formal situations because you can draw them up and away from your face. This is also a great alternative if you live in a hot area or during the warmer months because it might be a cooler method to wear box braids because it keeps them off your neck. You can shape your top bun to appear untidy and undone to create a more laid-back appeal. This exudes a delicate, feminine vibe. To allow your braids to frame and emphasize your facial features, you can pull them back on either side of your face.

12. Pink and Dark Blue Box Braids

box braid hairstyle

Due to their complementary color palettes, pink and blue are two hues that frequently go together. Due to this, this mixture is ideal for the split-dye hair trend. The E-Girl style is one reason why this coloring method is so well-liked right now, but it’s also hugely popular since it allows you to express yourself and have fun with your appearance.

Women are becoming more and more attracted to hairstyles that truly express who they are. This is the option for the entertaining and daring woman. However, it can be difficult to pull off wearing your braids in these colors, and might not be appropriate in many situations. This is something to think about in advance if you work in a more conservative setting or if there are tight grooming standards at your place of business.

13. Half Up Half Down Box Braids Lob

box braid hairstyle

The lob is quite similar to the bob but longer. This cut is much more adaptable thanks to the increased length because it may be worn in a variety of ways, like at fascinating angles. It can be modified to fit different hair textures and is highly flattering for ladies of all ages. You can also create a lob with your braided hair. The lob is just long enough to let you experiment with different updos, like the half up, half down hairstyle, without being too long that it becomes challenging to maintain. This is a quick and simple method to keep hair out of your face. It is also a great choice for more formal events and will appear elegant with the correct attire and makeup.

14. Long Box Braids

box braid hairstyle

Look no further than long box braids if you adore long hair and desire braids that are highly adaptable because they can be fashioned in a variety of ways. Box braids look great in a variety of lengths and densities, but keeping them very long gives off a really feminine vibe. Although they require more time and effort to complete and you might have to sit for longer during installation, the final result is striking. You can style your braids into the ideal updo or wear them loose. Just be mindful when putting in your braids that this might not be the ideal choice if you have naturally thin or fine hair. This is due to the possibility that the braids’ weight will tug at your scalp and produce strain.

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15. Short Box Braids

box braid hairstyle

For women who prefer to keep their hair basic and controllable or use their natural hair, short box braids are fantastic. To rock box braids, you don’t need to have enormous braids or extremely long hair. This protective style’s grace is that it looks excellent in all lengths. Shorter braids will be lighter as well and maybe a suitable alternative for people with thin hair since they won’t harm the roots. Box braids are a great method to switch up your hairstyle and shorten daily grooming time because they can last up to six weeks, depending on how you take care of them.

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